Hallo, I make games.
I'm a mapper/writer and try to escape all other aspects of dev as much as I can.
My pastimes include consuming unhealthy amounts of manga, yaoi pr0n and begging people to work with me so I don't have to event or do gameplay.

Also expect HOARDS of typos from me. And rants. Much typoed rants.
In Search of Immortality
The Alchemy Guild sends an expedition to retrieve the Elixir of Immortality from the sage Tarneu's tomb.



[RMVX ACE] (Mapping) Need to beautify a large number of maps

I've got a mapping commissions topic you can check over here if you like:

Mapper for Hire! (Limited time offer avaliable)

Appreciated ;)
If you mean the ones NOT linked in the album but straight on the topic, it's Nekura's, they sell pretty hefty (in content) tile packs.

Mapper for Hire! (Limited time offer avaliable)

(This is a duplicate of the original post over at RMW).

Indrah's Mapping Workshop​

Comissions OPEN!

The short of it: I’ll make for you, for money. I’m pretty confident about being good at it and got plenty of references.

February 2022 update:
I’ve changed all my prices to be in EURO (€). Why? Because the currency exchange Paypal does when I try to retrieve the money is pretty bad on my side.
Note that if Euro is not your currency that’s fine, Paypal will convert it for you.
I've also put prices as per tile, instead of per 20*20 map. It was confusing.


Commission prices (updated February 2022)
There are 4 “tiers” of work, depending on complexity:

Tier 1 - Simple
Work from tileset sheets exclusively as provided by commissioner (must provide pre-made project if uses any non-default tiles). No edits or adjustments to the files will be made, only in-editor mapping. (Pre-made custom tilesets accepted, I just won’t do any graphic editing work).
Editing Price: FREE
Price per tile: 0.02€ (or 0.025€ for towns/complex maps)

Tier 2 - Basic
Work from tileset sheets as provided. Small editing touches to the sheets will be done as necessary (minor arrangements, repositioning or simple edits).
Editing price: 20€
Price per tile: 0.02€ (or 0.025€ for towns/complex maps)

Tier 3 –Advanced
Work from tile style specified (RTP/DS/any custom set) but I will make the sheets custom for your needs. Great option if you don’t want to be bothered with all the graphic editing work.
Editing price: 50€
Price per tile: 0.02€ (or 0.025€ for towns/complex maps)

Tier 4 – Custom
Work from tile style specified (RTP/DS/any custom set). Will create heavily customized tileset and new styles from available materials (example: editing existing pieces heavily to create new pieces). Includes very heavy editing. Just please keep in mind I can only edit, not create tiles from scratch (some similar material to what you want must already exist for me to adapt it).
Editing price: 100€
Price per tile: 0.025€ (or 0.03€ for towns/complex maps)

tl;dr: If you provide all the materials it's cheap, but if you don't want to handle the tilesheet making or want something more custom you can order it too.

>These are prices per TILE. To find out how much a whole would be, just multiply the width by the height.
Example: a map that’s 20 tiles wide and 20 tiles high is 20x20=400 tiles.
A map that’s in Tier 1 of that size would be 8€ (400 tiles x0.025€/tile).

>On all tiers, there will be an added 5% to cover the Paypal transaction fee.

>As stated in the prices, areas like places with elevations, town exteriors, or other complexities will always be a bit more expensive.

>The "Editing price" is what you pay by default no matter how many maps you order. It takes into account tileset assembly work depending on tier (graphic editing, mainly). Just add it to the end after calculating the map price. Example_

>Here's a few more examples of pricing:
Tier 1 Forest, 3 20*20 maps:
20x20map= 400 tiles each map x 0.02€/tile= 8€ *3 maps =24€ total.

Tier 3 Town (Advanced), single 50*50 map:
50*50map= 2500 tiles x 0.03€/tile = 75€ + 50€ editing fee = 125€

>As for editing and revisions: per map, I allow 2 free revisions at the layout phase and 2 times on completed maps if they don't involve changing large swathes of the map, but anything past that would invoke a 1€ fee for each time. (Of course, any input I actively seek to make choices do not count for this).

Rules and order info: (please read before contacting me, a lot of easy questions are here)

>Payment must be via PayPal or Revolut, with half the commission price paid in advance. (Full price in advance also accepted). Other payment methods may be considered at request, but I can't promise agreeing to them.
>Keep in mind when I say “1 map” I’m referring to a 20x20 tile space. A 40*40 space zone would count as 4 maps.
>Tricky map areas like town exteriors, heavily elevated cliffs or huge maps will have their Map price replaced to 9$ (Tier1-2) and 10$ (tier 3-4), as they take much more time to work on (discussed beforehand).
>If the order includes any non-rtp default tile, user MUST provide the tileset/tiles in a pre-made project (it can be empty of content). This is the only way I can make sure you actually own the resources.
>Pricing is split among theme areas. Example: if you order a forest and a town, they will be priced separately (this also means you can order different complexities for different areas).
>No real limit to commission sizes, but I will not accept more than 20-30 maps at a go (simply for matters of time and availability). You are free to commission me multiple times (and I’ll give you a reserve spot if you’re a good customer, of course). This applies mostly to offers to map entire games. I’ll do it, but I’ll need time.
>The Editing Price and what is considered heavy editing or customized assets will be discussed beforehand and negotiated.
>I reserve the right to refuse requests or do severe editing with certain sets.

Order form:
PM me with your message, and please include the following details:
>Area type: (forest, town, etc)
>Map # requested: 5,6, what size each, etc. If you don’t know, we can talk it out.
>Tier wanted: 1 (simple), 2 (basic) 3 (advanced) or 4 (custom).
>Map details or instructions: Any features or gimmicks you want. Example: it has a lake in the center, one of the side routes has to loop back into the main road, the boss is at the end, etc. Any details.
>Tile type/style: (MV RTP, custom sets, etc. Remember you’ll have to provide any non-default tiles).​

Other facts you may want to mention in the order are:
>If you have a rough layout prepared I can work off that (pictures are ok).
>If it’s an urgent job (less than a week or two) please tell me beforehand so I can consider it.
>If you are NOT okay with me streaming the mapping of your commission or showing screenshots of the work, please tell me beforehand so I don’t do it.
>You can order multiple themed zones at a time (forest+town, for example), but I’ll work on them one after the other.​

FAQs and some other misc information:

•Engines accepted: RPG Maker MZ, MV, ACE. Older engines or others negotiable.
•Maps in TileD negotiable (maps alone or included into RPG Maker MZ)
•You can contact me via other places (twitter/email) if you wish.
•Map delivery is usually within 1-2 weeks unless it’s a large project.
•It’s totally fine if you’re not too sure what you want, but I need SOME basic guidance. Example of simple: “I need a forest, roughly 7 small maps, with a boss room at the end”. You can also give me your budget and we can discuss what it can cover.
•In general I keep in contact during commission for clarifications and similar. Don’t be afraid to ask me anything, I don’t bite.
•I own a good amount of the tiles from the shop, but if you ask for a set I don’t own, you’ll have to pay for my copy of the materials.
•I do not do parallax mapping as a rule, though I can accept work in TileD.
•I will not event or invent puzzles for dungeons and similar. You may ask to reserve space for them, but I will not be doing the eventing for them.
•I do not event the maps (npcs, etc). At most I will provide the connections between maps and necessary notes or suggestions for treasure spots.
•World map commissions will only be accepted if all the elements are properly listed, I will not make them up entirely (they are too dependent on the game).
•The process is: contact and we discuss the commission, first half of the payment, I show you the finished results as screenshots, payment second half, and I will send the project to you.

-Will you make me some maps for free?

-Will you give me a discount?
No. I’m poor. Sorry.

-Do you take art/work trades?
Probably not at this time.

-Can you make me new tilesets from scratch?
No. I’m not an artist, I can’t draw from scratch. I can only edit.

-Why don’t you do parallax maps but accept TileD?
Parallax is simply not my skill. At most I’ll parallax very specific building or complex areas as a last resource, but I always put them in as tiles and plop them in the editor. On the other hand, TileD already comes with grid support and some mode of handling autotiles.

-Can you fix my maps?
For a price. We can discuss it.​


Work Examples:
The old samples I had are still over at the RMW topic, but there were so many it was getting clunky, so I just made a bazillon screenshots of my work, in no particular order, and slapped them in an album:

That's all. There's further details in the RMW topic linked at the top if you want some quotes or more samples.

EnmxDev & Using Our Games

Just reported our two games (Abyssal Opera and Abyssal Shine). Got an email receipt that mentioned takedowns don't get a message response from google (they'd remove it and that's it) and that repeat offenders may get banned (we can but hope).
For anyone who wants to report: you'll just need the link to the stolen game, the link to the legit game (rmn page) and a screenshot. There's a space where you have to add a description of the "item" stolen where you can write as you like (i took the chance to write it all out).
To start the report process from PC, go down in the app page and select the link under Report: "Flag as inappropiate" and follow along.

What do you think of 'Girly Runs' and other such motions?


What do you think of 'Girly Runs' and other such motions?

J-J-Jesus, Indra - YOU SAVAGE...!

I'd hate to meet you in real life and put something like that in my game and show it to you face to face, all proud and stuff, thinking that nothing bad will happen, only to get punched in the nose and figure out what the hell I did wrong, Lol.

Worry not, you would not have to wonder, i would tell you XD
In this context, he specifically asked, so i answered. In a game, i would automatically asume the dev has a sexist view of women and that i dislike the character, or similar. It doesnt make or break a whole game, but it sure can color it.
Also i straight up despise the helpless useless cute princess stereotype characters so...

What do you think of 'Girly Runs' and other such motions?

Go ahead and use it as you want. Just be aware people may, like me, if we see that in a game, immediately think the dev is an idiot, a weeb or a sexist ass. No offense but thats the image it gives off.
That motion is usually set for fanservice, either moe or rhe boing boing kind. It automatically sets your character with that expectation, and what i dont like in anime, which definitely has enough sexist issues as it is, wont endear itself to me in a game.
The only reason i would respect that motion in a character is if hat was n act she put on to set a specific mood or to pass as an idiot, and she actually ran normally otherwise.
Even the picture of a black and white actress you put on was not that dunb, you can see her hands are much more loosely held, with elbows not pointing streight down but to the sides.
I suggest you actually try running like that, see if u can hold it. Or even walk with hands clasped behind your back for walking, as you said. Pretty sure you got that wrong btw, clasping behind your back is more old man, the demure standing variant is clasped in front of you. And even thatotion is way, way less offensive than the run.
Cheers man. Do as you like, but accept people will find plenty of fault with it. If the question is what we think babout this, i say it sucks, i hate it, and automatically think way less of the game.

Here for the competition.

Do you even listen to yourself?
People who start by saying "OH IT'LL BE SATIRE HEHE" are exactly the people who don't know how it works and are just being asses. So I have exactly 0 faith in your statement.
Also "breeder" is totally a porn term and I'm pretty sure it's flagged you in the eyes of most a lotta people, aside from everything else. A lot of warning bells going crazy here, I can't possibly be the only one.
With some luck I'll be wrong, but man from what you say I don't expect it.
Heres the thing: it sounds like you're projecting shitty hater views and trying to pass it as satire. And plain shouting "IT AINT SO" isn't going to help at this point because a shitton of your statements sound that way.

Cheers. I hope I'm proven wrong.

"On Let's Plays" - Dev expresses plight over how LP's have impacted his game's sales

Also people watch PEWDIEPIE playing I am bread. That doesn't translate to wanting to play it.
Heck, of all kinds of games physic non-plot based like those are the ones that have LESS to fear, so moot point.

"On Let's Plays" - Dev expresses plight over how LP's have impacted his game's sales

I THINK this has not been said, but for LPs I find a LOT of people don't look out for specific GAMES, but rather follow youtubers whose content they generally enjoy and come across games this way. It's my case for sure, and it's thanks to them that I decided "Hey that looks cool. Imma get it too."

I don't count LPs as a loss of sales. As I see it (and I could be wrong)there are multiple outcomes to seeing a LP:
>You decide it's not your thing and stop watching, and it ends there.
>You decide it's neat and keep watching.
->Early in the LP or at the end you decide that sounds really fun and go get the game yourself.
->You watch the LP but don't get the game because:
-->You don't feel like you'd enjoy actually playing it or just wanted to spend more time with the particular youtuber's commentary.
-->You want but can't get the game (for money or avaliability reasons).

None of those are harmful to the developer, and I don't buy into the argument at all much. The most extreme cases of linear games with low interactivity could be a problem, but we enter the tricky part of "maybe don't make it a GAME then?" it's hard to judge.

The thing I feel is the most mismatched here is thinking that people SEEK OUT the game rather than come across it BECAUSE someone I already followed decided to play it. I can count the times I've seeked a specific game's LP with the fingers on one hand. I usually just check out what my subscriptions put out.
And yes, I ABSOLUTELY have watched LPs ONLY because I wanted to hear the commentary and had no real interest myself in the game. Hell, it's the most common case as I don't follow many youtubers who do longplays or ANY LPs of RPGS.

tl;dr I can't see LPs as harmful and a handful of tricky cases don't make me want to change the system as it is.

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