Hallo, I make games.
I'm a mapper/writer and try to escape all other aspects of dev as much as I can.
My pastimes include consuming unhealthy amounts of manga, yaoi pr0n and begging people to work with me so I don't have to event or do gameplay.

Also expect HOARDS of typos from me. And rants. Much typoed rants.
In Search of Immortality
The Alchemy Guild sends an expedition to retrieve the Elixir of Immortality from the sage Tarneu's tomb.



Release Something Weekend Feedback!

RSW is all about feedback so here goes~
-Right away after character choosing problem with sprite cropping: A black line appears at the top of the player.
-The graphics are…odd. The mix is mismatched with resources from all over the place, which makes the overall style disjointed and a bit odd. I’ll suppose this was just as placeholders and not really intended to be the real material of the game (or simply no time due to deadline)
-I have absolutely no idea of what I’m supposed to be doing. Are mushrooms “mp”? Why can’t I pick up more things in the room with three numbers? What is my goal?
-I died and got a BAD ENDING on my second fight. Okay…?
-I’m building “Sp”, whatever that is. What does that even DO? There is no instruction to the battle basics at all.
-Went another way with the guard class and…died after finding a glove. I think I’m about done.

What can I say? I’m not entirely sure of what was the INTENTION of the game. It lacks any sort of direction, combat advice, or, heck, a save feature or any direction at all. If this was done for “challenge”…it does not work. Challenge is not the same thing as a hideous lack of information.

Mapping is inexistent, resources are mismatched. I had no idea of what the effects to skills actually were 90% of the time, so combat was not really enjoyable. Lack of health restoration (when I needed it) did not help.

I can’t tell what this game was aiming for. If this is supposed to be a very raw prototype, that’s one thing I could accept. If it’s supposed to be this way to be “hard”, then it goes about it the wrong way. At east some bare explanation of combat basics is needed, otherwise you’re just stumbling around in the dark for no reason, since there’s no plot or anything else going on either.

Now after writing these notes I saw your actual game page (I’m playing them all brind so no biases arise) and…well, the plot in the demo certainly does not exist, and it’s nowhere as exciting as you plan it to be. For one, dungeon randomization is pretty baldn when all rooms are basically squares with a thing in the middle. Havign to choose between different chests when you DON’T KNOW what the contests are: never fun.
Overall I understand the general direction you wanted to go, but it just…doesn’t work right now.

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