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In Search of Immortality
The Alchemy Guild sends an expedition to retrieve the Elixir of Immortality from the sage Tarneu's tomb.



Abyssal Shine: Nevermelt Review

Tl;DR I had to cut a LOT off the ending. I forget all the details, but basically that's the bad ending, and there was going to be a better one if you finished certain sidequests. Maybe someday *faraway stare*

HOLY SHIT FIVE STARS! Thanks, really. The thing about releasing a game for the IGMC is that unless it BLOWS UP it's really weird about feedback.

We (though maybe it's more me, I'm terrible) suck at scope bloat. Like, in a big way. This time the game wasnt TOO broken, which was the bane of Sunken Spire (the balance had very mixed feedback there). Here, the content suffered because I tried to cram so much in. Some areas really need a lot of streamlining and the plot really needs finishing but that's what you get in a month :T

Thanks for the review, it means a lot to get positive feedback, specially on a game that went durign IGCM "oh it's basically ok nothign special".

(also the art is totally Makio Kuta's. It's just some pre-made face bases fixed and edited, but still her style)

Abyssal Shine: Nevermelt Review

Thanks for the review! It's more than fair.
It was a really hellish month of grind, which is why it got made at all, but it always feels like a drawback because there's no time for polish and we just want to move on to new projects rather than come back to old ones. Maybe someday...

Star's Favour Review

Nahh, it was cool. Was I supposed to cringe? I've read a few reviews of yours long ago, can't remember if they were particularly harsh, is that it?

Star's Favour Review

Of...of all my games to be reviewed by a legend, why this one. WHYY *cries*


Well, that wasn't SO bad. It's not a good game, I have no excuse. I pulled it out of my ass in a week just to regain some dev practice when I was stagnant and the first time ever I handled gameplay at all. So the fact that it's not a complete trainwreck will have to suffice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It is true that I initially wanted this as a much longer thing and left it open. I'm not sure it'll ever come to anything since I already have so much in the "gotta finish this someday" shelf, but who knows.

Thanks for the review anyway! It could have been so much worse XD

Sunken Spire Review

I honestly have no idea how you can write one of the most coherent and generally positive reviews we've had and then give it a 2.5...Thanks anyway?
(Sorry, it's a bit shocking and upsetting since it's our baby and all. Good review tho)

Nice to see you liked the mapping and exploration (my job!) It's true that due to time (one month for IGMC 2014, the nightmare...) some aspects had to be rushed (the puzzles on certain areas are kind of a joke. By far the aspect that suffered the most was balancing the gameplay, we were SO rushed to the deadline we had literally NO TIME to fully test the combat. It was that close (and we got knocked out of the contest due to a last minute bug so there goes that XD) Being disqualified at the last minute like that kind of soured our drive, so we never got around to re-releasing a rebalanced version.

I do agree the story came off rather weak. Since the game was initially meant to be a short thing, just "climb a thematic tower, no need for fluff" meant we didn't think up anything too extraordinary, and it came to bite us in the ass.

One thing I have to protest on, tho: the dash isn't being disabled. The ENGINE does walk speed with a Dash on button press. We already changed the default to a toggle (so you don't have to keep pressing it at all). Putting that on us is kinda unfair, of all things :<

About the Arum Universe: there were (unobstrusive, I think) cameos in quite a few places, but outside knowing more about characters (Alma and Elsa have their own games) it didn't influence the game at all.

Anyway thanks for the review. A pity the balance at least couldnt be a bit less rough, but it is what it is.

Subject Review

*picks jaw off the floor*
*hides blushign face*
Thanks for the glowing praise! Honestly people get such mixed receptions with this game (I agree with a lot of their complaints, mind) I'm honestly very happy you picked up on a lot of the stuff I set out to do. Not everyone had the patience (or frame of mind) to look into things past what was spelled out, and the game came out rather vague as a result for some.
Thanks for the excellent review, it's more than I deserve m(_ _)m

April was a Fool Review

I'm curious on what you thought of each character route (but then again I'm nosy and a rabid fan of this game). Still, approve Kent as example of "OH SHIT" XD

Rootbound Review

Thanks for the review, Kylalia! Glad you could enjoy the game in some capacity. I'm fully aware it's rather messy. What with the crushing time threat and no real plans it's a wonder I finished it at all XD

Born Under the Rain Review

Hey, thanks for the great review! Specially happy you enjoyed the mapping so much (which took me forever, stupid pyramid). (Backstab was also my fave skill XD)

Demon Hunter Review

It is still unfit to be a review on the site, it's not informative and a 4.5 star rating is not justified (Note that I have not played the game at all, but the review does not point to that in any way).
It's unfair for this to pass when so many other people do their best to review things in an appealing way, cmon :/ If it has a 4.5 score at least explain why. It gives a really bad impression on outsiders who read this. It looks like fixed favoritism or similar, which I assume isn't the case.
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