I am a YouTuber who plays games, sings songs, does fandubs, and is very interested in voice acting. I am also a fan of Markiplier.




I hope this game will be out soon. After I am done the game I am playing, I hope to play this next.



Yeah, I am currently uploading the video that I progressed in. I didn't want to, but I watched someone else's video of that, and stopped when I reached where I was stuck, and I saw the player move on the ledge. And you actually just have to walk up against the wall, you don't need to push anything.


Like I just said, I have absolutely no clue what to do next. I started to get upset that I couldn't find any clues as to what I am supposed to do. So please don't mind the negative things I said. It's my first RPG game, and I can miss a lot of things when I play a new game.


I really like this game, but after I saw the monster for the first time in that hallway and it disappears, I have been unable to progress. After I edit part 2 and upload it to YouTube, you can see for yourself.

And I am new to playing RPG games, so excuse my stupidity.
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