the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is

Let's take drugs and go to war.

Follow the story of two survivors after an infection has spread across the USA.



Resident Evil : Road to Raccoon City

Aww, sorry to hear about the game's cancellation.
It's all good, buddy! I don't have a lot of time these days for gam mak and this project kinda hit a wall anyways a years back. Most if not all of my projects will probably not get finished at this point. Thank you and everyone else though that continued to follow. :)

Stat Spam

Yay! Stats!

Yeah, I can guess why you had to remove them. He sent me a PM that made accusations about Liberty. And that's probably all that needs to be said.

At any rate I'm number one in makerscore again. Though how long that's going to last remains to be seen.

You too, huh? I sent a screencap of mine to Libby.
I did a screenshot too because I thought it was funny XD

Monster Design - Mirror Maniac

I like how unity did it a lot and I think beyond visual cues you could make their move sets different. Maybe they react to each other or have backwards abilities, something like that.

Stat Spam

lol look who's number 1 for posts this month.
Yeah, that kinda makes me mad lol

edit: Was looking at a different bracket but still the same with Marrend. They post a lot and that's understandable! But I feel cheated XD

*shakes fist at Marrend

I'll get you next time.


Alright, that sounds way better. I'll do that instead! Thanks for the suggestion! ^^
No problem! :)


Maybe change "this is the bracket you can be able to participate in" to "this is the bracket you're qualified to participate in"

[RM2K] Escape / Row Bugs or Corruption?

Use the edit button, doctor.

So something about not wanting me here or something or other?

Wow, how embarrassing that everyone's inbox mails have been leaked and that everyone wants everyone else gone. Ooooops?


Looks fun and Sooz has always been talented with battlers. Those things bend my mind.

I may be a thot, but I don't want you to go! If you know, you know...

Besides already being suspicious of them I would never think anything of what some rando said lol!

We all know it's because you or someone reported their post

Love y'all too! <3

Edit: and damnit, just thot of this,'re so thotful :) <3