the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is

Let's take drugs and go to war.

Follow the story of two survivors after an infection has spread across the USA.


[RMVX ACE] How to remove or change the color of the empty space in the menu?

Hello, back again!

I'm basically wondering how to remove/make transparent or change the color of the empty space in the menu, like under the command window/above the gold window bar.

I thought it had something to do with the windowskin? But what I'm trying isn't seeming to affect it.

Help will be extremely appreciated as always! Thank you :)


[RMVX ACE] How to make full screen on start up?

Basically I'm looking to make it where when you start the game it is in fullscreen. I've been looking around and all I seem to find is things that make it fullscreen on start up without black borders. Am I missing something?

I'd rather the game start on fullscreen and if the player wants to alt+enter to make it windowed that's up to them.

Greatly appreciate any help! :D

[Poll] What is your favorite universe and why?

Among all worlds and themes, what is your absolute favorite? From books to movies, tv series, comics and games, what captures your attention and love beyond others?

And most importantly, why?

Does anyone know of a Select Skill script?

Hey all, so I've been having a hard time finding what feels like it should be a simple thing. So what I'm looking for is at the start of the game before player controll the ability to choose Starting Skills from a list.

I've looked into Yanfly's Learn Skill script and of I can't find anything else I guess I can go with it, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. I basically need a super simplified version of it. Does something like it exist or can it be done with eventing or something along those lines?

Looking for something like-

Please choose 3 Skills:
X- This skill does so and so

And so on, with 8 choices or so.

Am I being totally blind to something simple? Please help or point me in the right direction! Thank you ^.^

Who's who to you?

Hey RMN! Just a fun little thing I thought would be interesting to see how everyone views actors and the roles they play. And that is for those actors who have played many different roles, who is the actor to you? What was their best role or more importantly the one you most connect them with?


Steve Carell to me is Micheal Scott from the Office.


Tommy Lee Jones to me is Woodrow Call from Lonesome Dove.

Both of these actors have been in many things but those are the roles that I best identify them with. You could know and like Tommy Lee Jones the best from The Men in Black series. but to me he's Woodrow Call.

So, who's who to you, RMN?

[RMXP] Anti-Lag Script that has a demo available

Hey RMN! I'm in need of some help finding a XP Anti Lag script. Normally it wouldn't be a big problem but I dont have internet at the moment and the scripts I found don't translate through my phone well to put on a desktop. It's a very old computer that doesn't even have a Word program lol just notepad.

So if anyone can point me in the right direction of a XP script that has a demo available to I can get the script off of or if you're awesome and nice enough to put an anti lag script into a project and give it to me that would be greatly appreciated.

I'm away from my main computer but I have XP to keep me entertained while I'm away. Doing a fun little project :D

So, thank you for any and all suggestions or help. :)

Do you pretty much test as you go or after a build up of development?

So, normally I do a bunch of work in VX Ace and then go through test it all and write down notes. Messing with XP or rm2k3 I find myself checking my work as I go after scenes or battles. Is this just me? What method do you prefer or do you have a different style?

Having testers help of course but I'm interested in seeing how others go about testing their games!

[RMVX ACE] How to set a picture to not follow player movement

Hey RMN!

So, I've always been kinda bad at variables with pictures location so not sure if my problem is related to this or not.

What I'm looking for is for my "lamplight" overlay to stay where it's at over a lamp and not move with the player. It hasn't been an issue until now because I've been using the default map size for interiors but now I have a 22x13 map size and it's making the light move with the player. So I want it to stay where it is no matter where the player moves to.
I'm still learning so much with lighting effects, I don't use them often so I need a bit of help here!

I can provide the overlay graphic if that's necessary, and as always I really appreciate any help that's given.

Thank you!

[RMVX ACE] Need Help with a Play Movie problem!

Hey RMN!

I'm looking for help with a Play Movie issue I'm having with VX ACE.
I've been messing with video converters all day and nothing is working for me and I'm getting quite frustrated! After following tutorials I still haven't gotten anywhere.

So, I'm asking for help with changing the video size and converting the video's file extension to OGV so it can work in VX ACE.
You can find a download to the video in question in my Locker!

I would really appreciate the help and I can give you credit in game or play one of your games and leave a comment for payment.
Thank you for any help :)

[RMVX ACE] Regain MP over time

Hey RMN, I'm in need of help again with something I'm hoping is an easy fix.

I want to restore MP, or in this case AP over X time or X steps as a passive, always happening thing. (except during combat)

Is this something easily done? Do I mess with states or skills to get this working or is this something I can do through a common event or along those lines?

Thank you for any help or a point in the right direction!
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