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Ascending Dreams
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Rissa Review

Hey thanks for the review! Good read, a couple little errors though ;)
Glad you liked the game!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Not an RPG, but I'm sharing anyway because I love you guys ;)

Lasting Dreams Review

Thanks for the great review. I appreciate the feedback. Glad you liked the game!

How has RPG Maker inspired you to learn?

How has RPG Maker inspired you to learn?
I found RPG Maker 95 when I was around 12 (1999-2000). I was easy to pick up, input some things, change some things around, which got the ball rolling. I spent maybe 5 years dabbling in rpg maker game dev after that, countless projects, artwork, music, html websites. It provided a reason to do those things.

I think it helped develop logical thinking, problem solving, and perseverance though trial and error. It helped show me I can learn without a teacher.

Did you go into a certain major or pick up a new skill?
I didn't pursue a career in gamedev, or computer science, which I sometimes regret. But I think that had more to do with not knowing that that path was something I was actually capable of. I didn't grow up around anyone like that, no one recommended it to me, or if they did I didn't believe I could do it.

Did you discover a passion for animation or writing outside of gamedev?
A few years ago I got back into gamedev. I made a couple more rpg maker games, then moved into Unity. I learned some Ruby with RPG maker VX ace, which made C# a little easier to learn when moving to Unity. (Ruby sometimes feels 'cleaner')

At this point, I kind of feel like a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. Standing on the shoulders of the giants who created these computers, engines, and software, I can make my own games with no other outside help. Art, code, music, sounds.

Now on twitter, I only follow gamedev. I love pixel art. I like to see people working on cool things like animation, or funky gamedev tools or tricks. And it all started with rpg maker. (well, maybe it started with an NES as a 3yo)

[RMMV] Whole map versus Room-by-room?

I don't want to be a downer here, but I feel like you should reconsider your project's scope. If you have to ask "how can I do this", and don't know how/where to start, you're probably not ready to make the game you wanna make. But I guess it could be good to try, and fail, because you're going to learn some stuff along the way.

Should I design a whole map, or create a unit by unit map (where a unit = rooms and hallways).

I never used MV, but in ACE I made 1 big map as a guide, then copy and pasted its chunks into separate maps. That allowed the maps to connect and be cohesive. It can be extra steps to manage, because when you make edits, you have to keep the adjacent maps in mind.

If I choose unit-by-unit, can I reuse these rooms yet still keep track of where they are in the big-picture map?
I'm not sure I totally understand this question. My way of splitting my main map into smaller maps was to keep a coordinate system which followed a chess board. Again, if I made edits in the units, I had to make them in my 'big picture'.

If I choose unit-by-unit, can I add and remove unique features via some method (global events?) to prevent visual repetition?
Again, not totally sure what you're asking. Do you want to randomize some things? Like the placement of treasure or rocks? Or just have permanence after an event, like all the red blocks are destroyed when the world's red switch is pressed? If you're trying to go full-PGC (or even partial), I don't think Rpg-maker will make it easy. You may want to consider learning a different engine. You could probably do it in rpgmaker if you invest the time. But you could also invest that time into another engine, and have a more versatile skill set when you're done. And there are probably more tutorials for rouges using an engine like unity or game maker, than you'll find for rpgmaker.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I like to stop in and see what cool stuffs people have been working on.

This is my latest.
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Ascending Dreams

Loving this game, so addictive! But I ran into an error when I try to enter a particular part of the map. Please help.

Uploaded a new version that should stop that crash. Thanks for the feedback!

Anybody got tips on how to stay focused on making projects?

One of my biggest problems was turning every idea into a new game that never got finished. My tip is to try and incorporate any new ideas into one project, rather than starting a new project for every new idea/concept.

In my rm2k3 game Lasting Dreams which used RTP graphics, I had the urge to create an 8-bit atari style game. Instead of starting a new project, I added a house in the game where the player can use a PC to boot up an atari style mini game.

If you have some new story you want to tell, maybe it can be a side quest or different chapter rather than starting a new project.

If you're not motivated to work on a project, then you're just not motivated. Who cares? As long as you didn't take a bunch of money from a Kickstarter campaign or something like that, then there's no reason to "work" on anything. I don't think you should have to force yourself, or turn game making into a chore. Just have fun, make goofy little projects. Start things and never finish them. As long as you're having fun, that's all that should matter.

[RMVX ACE] Quasi plugins!

Thanks for responding. I no longer need the plugin, but I guess it could be helpful for someone else.

[RMVX ACE] Quasi plugins!

Quasi made tons of VX ACE plugins that seem to be lost in space. His old website is down, and his old github is gone.

I've google searched for maybe an hour trying to track down his ABS plugin, specifically the path finding plugin which is compatible with his pixel movement plugin.

If anyone happens to have these preserved, or knows of a project that used them, I would love to have them!