I'm a college student majoring in electrical engineering. Yay, math! :D

My hobbies when I'm not working and paying bills and such are taekwondo, game making, game playing, cooking and reading.

I also devour fun by the barrel. *nom nom*
The King's advisor is tasked with choosing the next heir to the throne.



(2017) RMN Birthday Event Ideas

I like the escape idea or the generic theme event. Oh! We could do another pixel quilt! Those are fun.

Pocket Quest!

Congratulations on the English translation! Pocket Quest continues to look amazing!

Pocket Quest!


I lack in the "italian - english translators" department.

One retired and one is missing in action.

I apologize to Irili for this long iatus.

Sonn I'll find someone else, I hope...

It's all good. I figured you'd hit a bump somewhere. Let me know when you have someone ready! :)

Translation in progress!

Let's do this!

McBacon Jam #1

Prepare yourselves...Winter is coming.

McBacon Jam #1

So bacon is a team effort but root beer is a solo kind of thing? You learn something new every day.
look at my user name, let look at the name of this jam again. It's not a coincidence. root beer is more of a code word for the moment.

Sorry. It was a joke. I get the reference to your name. I guess I'm j st bad at Joking online. :(

McBacon Jam #1

So bacon is a team effort but root beer is a solo kind of thing? You learn something new every day.

McBacon Jam #1

I'd like to be on Reserve/want to be on someone's random team. Go Team I haven't met yet!

Stuff I like:
-Eventing (that shit's my bread and butter)
-Working in the database

Stuff I'm not so terribly skilled in:
-Art (seriously, have you seen me try to draw hands?)

I can work in VX Ace and I can code in C++ a bit if someone wants to make a simple text-based game with limited inventory-type puzzles. I do work full time as well as go to school. However, I've got Tuesday morning's off and usually Wednesday evening's off. Generally I have off either Friday or Saturday morning off as well.

Let's Play: Quest for the Ultimate Cake!

Thanks so much for taking the time to play my game and compose a Let's Play!


Wooohooo! :D