Hi all !

I like 16-bits RPGs (especially action RPGs) where you feel the quest behind the lines of code. I also like strategy, puzzle solving, immersive stories, tabletop RPG and LARP.

I'm a hobbyist C programmer who likes to work on custom game mechanics. My very first project was a very basic map generator for Genesia, aka Ultimate Domain

I also want to help developers polishing their projects with my player feedback. So I'll be happy to test your game !

See you around,
Red Balloon of Happiness
Red balloons bring happiness to any home. Any? Are you sure?



Captcha for posts?

Could you send me the unsorted list (or a dummy list that has the same data structure if you don't want to disclose the user list). I'll try to build a program to do the sorting for you.

Captcha for posts?

Editing posts is not the issue. The problem is having web links in the original post or the edit.

Is there a way to automatically detect and remove web links in posts or edits made by new users ?

Captcha for posts?

I like narcodis idea "No captcha for users with 100+ MS".

To prevent a new account to set up a bot, the captcha for new posts and post edits could be something like:

Solve this equation "here is a simple math question as image file", add the cube of two to the result and type the answer in roman numeral.

With just a few variations in the math question image and the written extra operation, you'll give a really hard time to the bot.

Reminder: If we catch you farming buzz, we will deplete all of your buzz and remove the offending object. Second time will lead to your gamepage being downed. Please don't try and cheat the system. Thanks!

Someone tried the ol' "Let's put this image up, no let's delete it and put it up again, and now let's delete it and put it up again, yay I'm on front page. Time to remove and put it up again!" trick.

It didn't work.

How can one reorder the images of a game page ?

The only way I managed to do it is by deleting then reuploading the images. I don't want to farm buzz when I change the order my images appears in.

Don’t Throw Away That 2k3 Just Yet

There are a lot of great 2k and 2k3 games. And EasyRPG makes it effortless to run them on Linux. Games made in other RM engines are troublesome to run and often makes me give up.

goto Die;

Common programming wisdom recommends using the "goto" statement sparingly. Consequently I very rarely use it and thus I had to check its syntax. So I ran a search on my old projects with the "goto" keyword. This is the result I got :

goto Die;

I laugh so hard because it's probably the only case such answer is actually helpful !

Chronicles of Tsufanubra

Your screenshots are very helpful. We should first make sure EasyRPG runs correctly. Here is a zip file that contains a small game to test that.

1) unzip the file
2) use your terminal to go to "Games/0" of the created directory
3) run the following command:

If Dread The Rabbit starts,
4) download Chronicles Of Tsufanubra and extract it in the empty folder "ChroniclesOfTsufanubra"
5) use your terminal to go to "Games/0" of the directory created at step 1)
6) run the following command:
./ChroniclesOfTsufanubra .sh

If Dread The Rabbit doesn't start, show the error message that displays in your terminal.

Technical explanation:
EasyRPG uses SDL2 and needs some SDL2 shared object files to run (those .so. files). I develop my games using SDL2; consequently all SDL2 shared object files are available on my machine and I can't identify the ones you need to run EasyRPG from the ones you don't need.

Needing some basic advice and information.

You could also check Aurora Wing, a great turn based strategy game made with RPG Maker 2000.

Chronicles of Tsufanubra

Here is a step by step list to run the game

1) create a directory named "Games"
2) download this zip file into the "Games" directory
3) right-click the file "" and select "Extract Here"
4) create directory named "ChroniclesOfTsufanubra"
5) go in the "ChroniclesOfTsufanubra" directory
6) create directory named "MP3"
7) go in the "MP3" directory
8) download "Chronicles of Tsufanubra (MP3 Soundtrack)" file into the "MP3" directory
9) extract the game archive. If you use 7Zip in the terminal (by pressing "F4"), run the following command:

7z x COTMP3.lzh

Your directory structure should now look like this:

Games/ChroniclesOfTsufanubra/MP3/ "... and all the other files from the download"

10) go to "Games/0/"
11) press "F4" to start a terminal within the current folder
12) type the following command then press "Enter" to run the game:


Lakria Legends

You can run Lakria Legends just like I explained in this post. Simply add this file to your directory structure so it looks like this:

Games/LakriaLegends/ "... and all the other files from the download"

Note: You'll have to press F to "run".