Hi all !

I like 16-bits RPGs (especially action RPGs) where you feel the quest behind the lines of code. I also like strategy, puzzle solving, immersive stories, tabletop RPG and LARP.

I'm a hobbyist C programmer who likes to work on custom game mechanics. My very first project was a very basic map generator for Genesia, aka Ultimate Domain

I also want to help developers polishing their projects with my player feedback. So I'll be happy to test your game !

See you around,
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Fear the Deer :: 2021 Gammak Challenge!

Apparently I did integrated a deer in my Seasons game.

Here is a resource I've just found and want to share for you to use in your projects.

Author page:

Please turn these into MV generator parts!

Sooz is right: you don't need to learn to art. You can draw some basic placeholder graphics, use another helmet or find one at

The key here is to find a solution (even a temporary one) and get back to the fun of building your game.

I don't have any art skills and I know it would take me a lot of time to master just the basics. Artists work a lot of time to make art and dedicate an enormous amount to time to get good at it. So I prefer to focus my time on the others aspects of game making (mainly programming).

Bullet hell with an RPG engine – Mission Impossible?

Great read Prifurin !

Thank you for sharing your experience. I like your description of the sub-pixel workaround. A few years ago, I used 1/10th of pixels to improve Lya's projectiles accuracy, and though it was a naive approach. You convinced me that it was actually a good idea.

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

Thanks for your feedback Deckiller !

I tried to build a combat system where you need to accurately time your attack to avoid damage. The recovery time after a gladius swing is apparently too short. The enemy movement code needs improvement too.

You probably killed a few more than 81 enemies. This version of the game has a bug: it displays the number of corpses and forgets to count the enemies showing a dying animation.

Thank you for playing my game Coelocanth !

Indeed, the enemy pathfinding needs to improve. This game is my first time building a melee combat system and I learned a lot from the experience.


Tiled is not allowed and rpg maker only

What a pity ! No mapping event for me :-(

Good luck to every mapper.


Can we map in Tiled and provide a bare-bones engine to move a character around the map?
The judges could evaluate the map but apply the 10 points playability penalty for non-RM engine.

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

Thank you Piano !

It's always good to receive a first iteration of player feedback so we can improve our games before putting them up on a game page.

You can configure the keys to your liking in the "Settings" from the main menu. The game will also save your choices.

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

My game is up !

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

Yeah, I'm doing Gameboy and it seems inconceivable I will have to bump the ROM size up from 64 KB for this game. Even if you include the BGB emulator with that, it's only just over 500 KB.

You could increase your game portability by adding a version of the emulator that runs your game on Linux!

your game idea is too big

The amount becomes crazy expensive when you check multiples boxes. It seems exponential.