Hi all !

I like 16-bits RPGs (especially action RPGs) where you feel the quest behind the lines of code. I also like strategy, puzzle solving, immersive stories, tabletop RPG and LARP.

I'm a hobbyist C programmer who likes to work on custom game mechanics. My very first project was a very basic map generator for Genesia, aka Ultimate Domain

I also want to help developers polishing their projects with my player feedback. So I'll be happy to test your game !

See you around,
Red Balloon of Happiness
Red balloons bring happiness to any home. Any? Are you sure?




Welcome Red.

If you like brain teasing games, I recommend you Account Mu.

On the horror side, Dreaming Mary is a must-play. You could also try Red Balloon of Happiness, a horror/mystery game I built together with 3 other RMN members for an Halloween event.

Download identification improvement

I think has a good implementation with its Platform list: Windows, Linux, MacOS ...

How this work on the developer's end?
When a developer submit a download, he/she selects one or several OS/Platform from a list. The list would work just like the genre tags we use for games and have the rule "You must select at least one genre tag". Like genre tags, OS/Platform tags would use a predefined list of OS/Platforms.

What OS would be associated to the games-list now?
Set all downloads OS to Windows and make a global announcement telling that developers can change or add OS tag(s) to their downloads.

I thought you were talking about how to identify a download for a particular OS in downloads tab of a gamepage, rather than the game-list.
On top of the easy OS search in the game-list, the OS tag(s) could be displayed as OS icons next to the download name in the gamepage download tab.

Download identification improvement

This is a proposal to improve download identification.

When a developer uploads a game download file, he/she would select one or several operating system check boxes (Windows, Linux, ...) to indicates which operating system(s) the download supports.

When a user search for games, the "Download available" box would be replaced by several boxes "Windows download available", "Linux download available", ...

This would make it easy for players to find downloads that runs on their operating system.

Making games? What motivates you?

I like to make games that I can tweak, and freely fix annoying issues. And above all, I want games that runs on my favorite platform: Linux !

Doggy Dinner Time Review

You've built a short but really good game. I can see you put a lot of efforts in your project.

Call for Testers for an Incomplete Final Build

Do you need a Linux tester ?

I'll be happy to test your Linux build !


Well done !


Is this a reference to ...

... Secret of Evermore ?

Does anyone have a working portable Sim RPG Maker 95?

Dyhalto made the awesome Fire RMNblem with it... and posted this link to the engine.

Red Balloon of Happiness for Linux

Yes I'm compiling Linux binaries. If you have a Linux PC, please let me know how it runs.