Hi all !

I like 16-bits RPGs (especially action RPGs) where you feel the quest behind the lines of code. I also like strategy, puzzle solving, immersive stories, tabletop RPG and LARP.

I'm a hobbyist C programmer who likes to work on custom game mechanics. My very first project was a very basic map generator for Genesia, aka Ultimate Domain

I also want to help developers polishing their projects with my player feedback. So I'll be happy to test your game !

See you around,
Red Balloon of Happiness
Red balloons bring happiness to any home. Any? Are you sure?


AI design

Recently, I noticed MinST appeared among the highly rated games on RMN front page. So played it. And to my surprise, I could predict the AI next moves although I didn't play it for more than a year.

Do you find the AI predictable?
If so, how could one make AI less predicable?

How do you give maker score to someone for his media?

Guileless87 made a letsplay of Red Balloon of Happiness. I added it as media for the game and apparently, I'll get MS points but not him. Is there a way Guileless87 receives the MS he deserves?

Can decoration tiles confuse the player?

I drew some wall tiles for my strategy game to allow units to climb stairs and stand on defense walls. But rendering a unit on top of a wall is not visually practical so I ditched the idea. The tiles that have stairs look like good decorations and I want to use them. But they might confuse the player. What do you think?

Scene without decorations:

Scene with decorations:

Copyright-free midi tracks

Hi, I'm looking for copyright-free midi tracks. If you have some or have links to them, please pots them here.

[Poll] How do you like to run in ARPGs?

They are many ways you can implement running in ARPGs, some more practical than other. Share your running experience!

Image fonts

I'm looking for fonts that are in image format (.png or .bmp) but my searches led to truetype fonts (.ttf or .otf).

Do you know where to find fonts in image format ?

Do you know tools to convert the truetype format into image?

Transparent background in PNG with Gimp

I want to improve a gamepage by making the background of some images transparent.

Here is a typical image where the cyan color must become transparent:

I use Gimp 2.8.18 and do the following:
Select Layer > Transparency > Color to Alpha... --> set color to "00FFFF"

The cyan becomes transparent but other colors of the picture get altered.

Do you know a way to turn the background transparent and preserve the other colors?

I'm glad my gamepage submission got denied!

A while ago I submitted a gamepage that got denied. Sounds familiar?

At first it feels frustrating. And you want to contact the submission approving person...
To do what?
1) Send a rage message? Definitely not a good reaction: not constructive!
2) Explain why the submission doesn't meet the requirements? The approving person's reply is already clear about it.
Anyways, the approving person's identity is unknown. Which turns out to be at good thing: it prevents you from doing the 2 above waste of time actions. At this point, your time is better invested at improving your game and its presentation according to the submission reply.

I think the way RMN handles submissions and the anonymity of the approving person make it a very good incentive system.

We must raise to the submission standards and not lower the standards!

How to navigate a hex grid with the keyboard?

I'm working on a game where the player navigates a hexagon grid with the keyboard. And players often report the control as not intuitive. So I'm looking for ideas on how to make keyboard navigation of hex grid intuitive.

Hexagons can be staked horizontally (a.k.a Pointy hex) or vertically (a.k.a Flat hex) to build the grid, so make sure you mention which staking your idea refers to.

- Horizontal staking (Pointy hex) - - - - - - - - - - - - Vertical stacking (Flat hex) -

My game uses vertical stacking but feel free to also make suggestions for the horizontal stacking. Some developers, me included, might use it someday.

Image ordering in game page

Hi all,

Is there a way to choose the order in which the game images appear in the image section of a game page?

On the MinST image page, I want the images of maps during play to appear first then the images of the map editor help and a map being built.
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