I am... IRON CROC.

All of my gifts and my talents are to the Glory of God Almighty; without Him, I'd be nothing. <3

Hey guys! I know I might seem like a tough guy, but I'm pretty friendly once you get to know me. I'm a Christian, and I'm not ashamed, nor will I shove anything down a throat. Ever. (If you wanna know more, just ask me!)

I'm always down to make new friends, just be advised. I don't trust people easily. (Once burned, twice shy, amirite?) However, that being said, in the time I've been HERE, at what I think is one of the strongest-knit communities I've ever had the pleasure of being part of, I've met some amazing people here, as well as some lifelong friends...

I'm the dude that loves the ocean! I love dogs and puppies... :3

I love tank tops and bandanas. What can I say? I'm in So Cal!

I'm a fellow who loves almost all kinds of music. I also play! I'm an out-of-practice flute player. I came here with a passion to share my imagination, that somebody else may be inspired to do the same.
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