Shadow Seeker

Hey, sorry to say but someone has stolen your game / assets and put it for sale on Steam.
Yes, I was made aware of this just yesterday! I was about to post a blog to inform others about what has happened, hopefully I can resolve this


They have replied with a copyright certificate (?):

They also said something about royalties that have been arranged. Have they contacted you yet?

I really hope you can resolve this as it feels very unfair to you to say the least.

Fighting Robots Quest


I just started to play your game! It is really nice and polished, indeed! Is the giveaway system (items and robots) available in this demo? I am really looking forward for that!


[RM2K3] What are the limitations of replacing "Attack" for a skill?

Critical chance doesn't apply to skills. Neither does the way that the default "Blind" condition works. I can't think of anything else.

Thanks for replying. Fine, so I can think of a workaround involving battle events and such for landing criticals and the blind condition (I guess).

Anyone else who wants to contribute?


[RM2K3] What are the limitations of replacing "Attack" for a skill?


Let me explain this further: what are the limitations of having a skill called "Attack" instead of the normal "Attack" command? I have read something that if I do that, my "Attack" skill would never hit a critical and stuff like that.

I hope you can help me out with this.

Thanks in advance!

[Sharing] Give Away Your Extra Programs/Games/etc

ItEmhas claimed my C&C Red Alert 3 and Dead Space 1 keys

And they have worked like a charm! Thank you very much!

RPG Maker 2000 Value! Is now out in English!

This is amazing. The Humble Bundle for this even includes the Luna Engine. Also, if anybody needs Game Character Hub or a copy of VX Ace, I have one extra code for Hub and two extra codes for Ace. I... buy a lot of bundles.


So, how much do you want, buddy? Please, let me know!


The official English 2k3 version is out!

What I'm saying is that it seems to be beyond a simple speed patch. I boosted speed to 8x, and watched it basically break my code. This is more like... the code is cleaner somehow. Love to know what was done here.

What do you mean by "code"? Are you refering to the actual code the program was written with or the "code" (events and such) used to make things on Maker 2003?

I do not think they have touched the code itself because, as it was stated before, EB! lost it so yeah, I guess that every improvement Cherry and Co. have made are just patches and I am really glad they did that to the program.


The official English 2k3 version is out!

The one thing that seriously messed me up about 2k3 (either one) was this.

I had code that used a counter to count to a point, then it would set that to 0 and set a switch on (reverse order, I think). Another variable would count upward, based on hero turns. Kinda a manual Turn-Based override. However, there's a couple problems with this.

This actually works better in new 2k3, despite the code not actually built to turn based. Some of this is because turns are broken up more cleanly, and turn waiting isn't quite as screwed up.

I dunno, can someone explain the new mechanism? It's better, even though they both run on ATB. But I can't really put into words what is different.

I think Cherry and Co. have boosted the ATB a little bit so the battles are running faster now. Actually, I really think that the default battles are very customizable, but in order to accomplish something, let us say, decent, you must work on it very hard. And I am talking about this without taking into consideration patches and such.


The official English 2k3 version is out!


It's probably be a good idea to ask your questions in a thread in the help section of the forums, but you can have a status effect that heals a certain amount every turn. If you wanted to make it every couple of turns you'd have to use a battle event to set it up, though.

I am sorry, I thought it would be OK asking 2k3 things here. Thanks for helping me out, guys!

By the way, is there an approximate date in which the new update is going to come out?

Thanks in advance!

The official English 2k3 version is out!

Hello there!

like the first one. Every action by any actor (be it monster or hero) counts as a "turn"

Thank you very much! Where is the "Thumbs up" button here? lol

Jokes aside, is there any way to heal every, let's say, 1 or 3 seconds? Or we just have to do it like "Heal every 2 or 3 turns"?

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