I'm leaving

My 8-Year Old Brother is currently in a coma. I'm not sure what happened yet but I'm going to be at the hospital with him until he returns to normal. I'm sorry if this made you sad but this is all true.
Goodbye RMN I enjoyed my stay.

RMN Dissidia Community Project

What is rmn Dissidia?
RMN Dissidia is a Community Project where you people send me your main hero or main villain from your game and I shall create an Action RPG using the communities characters. It will be 10 Heroes and 10 Villains. In story mode you will play through each of 10 character's story lines. After you beat each character's story they all join together. You can't have all 10 Character's fighting at once so instead you can have 3 characters active at a time. There will also be a versus mode so you can pick a character and fight against another character.

Is there are template for character submissions?
Yes the template will be listed below.

Special Ability:
Face Graphic:
Character Graphic:
Game Name:
And what your character looks like when they die.

What about graphical style?
I'm using the Coming of Age Day tile set. For characters I would like them in RTP style. Face Graphics I really don't care.

Current Heroes
Vance-From my own game.

Current Villains

P.S. In story mode you can only play as the heroes.


Hey What's Up! My name is J0k3r. I found this site by Google searching a RPG Maker Site and I found this.

About Me: I make games in RPG Maker VX. I draw but I'm not good at all. I've never actually completed a game before! I've been using RMVX for about a year now. And that's about it.
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