The game is so beautiful! The characters too, even with the "darker" parts of their personalities, I'm sure everyone has something they don't wanna show. Hey, that's probably why they are in Arcadea in first place.

And Maisie is an angel, she is so cute...

At least she will until she finds her brother, let's see how her determination to rescue him clashes with her brother desires. Oh man, I can't wait

Birthday Kid

Looks interesting!

If Rpg Maker games taught me anything is that birthday parties are the worst part of your life and you're lucky if you get out alive


So, are there multiple endings, or is there just one ending? Can you tell me what happened in the ending if there is only one, JEStaff?

Sorry for the late reply.

Well, as far as I know there's only one ending...

After you find the princess Chroma, you have to lift her spirits, and convince her to come back to the castle. When you do that, you and the ghosts of the shards owners forgive her for destroying the crown. In the end the game tell us that the princess Chroma came back to the castle as the ruler of the land, and the color came back to the kingdom. Also Paletta is appointed as a advisor accompanied by the spirits of the shard owners

That's all I know, the game creators can correct me if I'm wrong.


The game is nice and cute! But it became seriously darker as I went forward, at some point I was sure I was heading to a bad ending.

There's only one ending right, because despite what I did, the ending I got can be called happy.

Anyway, this was a good experience, the art is good, the story and the music too, and the gameplay had some nice tricks. Also...

I'm weak for stories with a not-really-evil child villain (or "villain", this time it barely was one)

Night of Marian

This looks rather promising.

Highschool Contracts REDUX

Finished the demo.

Gotta love the triggers of evilness of the MC.

I'll play it again and this time killing Elizabeth


Thank you!

Downloading this new version.


Wow, you chose very dark themes for your game, it's like playing with fire. But if it works, it will be great.

Suscribed, for the risk alone your game worth it


Looks really promising! I'm sure the story will lead to know the uglier or darker side of some characters.
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