Artist, writer, designer, programmer.


CHAIN OF RETRIBUTION - Mechanics designer, Mapping, Co Writer

RUIN FRONTIER 0 - Lead Designer, Story, World Design, Programming

RUIN FRONTIER - Story, World Design, Character Design

Chain of Retribution
A rivalry between sisters threatens to tear down a nation.




Thank you for the review and the generous rating! We made this game in about 3 weeks and I'm happy to receive any feedback so we can improve it for its hopeful eventual return as a proper complete game. As I mentioned in another review, I think the art team did an amazing job with bringing this setting to life and I'm happy to see that come through for you.

The final dungeon was definitely a big problem that was a casualty of the approaching deadline and I definitely agree that it needed to be handled better. With regards to my commentary on that (spoilers):

The intention of that dungeon was to serve as an unwinnable one where you're supposed to try to get as far as possible before running out of resources being and being defeated as a sort of suicidal charge. In this case I think I didn't communicate that properly and I also failed to account for the possibility that someone might actually try to beat it so that resulted in a frustrating experience. That probably would need to be redesigned into a proper balanced final dungeon that perhaps ends in a cutscene as opposed to being a badly concealed unwinnable scenario.

The enemy density is definitely a problem we'll fix in future iterations and I think this would be a good situation to go for an approach of less but more meaningful battles. The dialogue errors unfortunately are another casualty of the short time and the auto advancing text has proven to be a bad choice in general. I'm happy to see that you liked the story though as while it was a relatively small part of this game I still considered it a very important part of it. The Ruin Frontier setting has a lot of content and world building to be explored and we hope to be able to give it a proper chance to shine in a complete game one day.


Thank you for the review and I'm glad that you enjoyed your time with it. Definitely huge props to the art team for doing so much heavy lifting in the presentation side of things as well.

Since this was a 3 week game that we're eventually looking to expand further the feedback helps a lot and the rating is very fair in that regard. I think more time in the oven could have probably smoothed out more of the battle system issues (especially the broken combos you mentioned) and just as you said, more content would go a long way. The story and world building for this setting is pretty extensive but that did take a bit of a back seat in this case since we wanted to focus more on the gameplay and the "gimmick" of it being essentially a randomizing dungeon crawler. There's definitely plenty of meat to be added there, and one day I hope to be able to show a proper and complete Ruin Frontier game experience.

Chain of Retribution Review

Hey there, thanks for playing! I'm happy to see that people are still enjoying this game years later!

I think a large factor in what made our chain game different that really took it that extra step further was that we didn't really treat it like a normal chain game, in which each person made a piece and they were connected together or put in sequence. Instead, whoever had the game had full control over it and could do whatever they needed or wanted on any part of it, with no real limitations. At the same time, we didn't impose restrictions on how much or how little work each person could do on their turn, or the amount of time they needed to work on it.

On paper that sounds like the recipe for disaster and drama, but our team worked well together and communicated constantly so it ended up working effectively. It was also efficient, as whenever the game was in the hands of someone who couldn't work on it (RL interference, etc) they could easily just pass it to someone else. As a result, every time someone added something, they could also go back and change, adjust, rewrite, or re-balance previous parts to ease the transition. On the few group projects we can work on nowadays we do still make games this way, though being able to do so really depends on having a good team.

I'm also happy to hear that you enjoyed the battle system as that was probably the most experimental element. From the feedback we got, the game tends to be on the hard side but it sounds like you did just fine. That's the part of the game I spent the most time on as far as balance and testing so it's always satisfying to hear that it paid off.

Anyway, once again, thanks for playing and thanks for the coverage!

Chain of Retribution

Geez i grinded a lot but the green haired mercenary woman still wrecks me. The worst part is that i saved at a point before i got to her battle and now i can't go back to grind some more.
Geez i grinded a lot but the green haired mercenary woman still wrecks me. The worst part is that i saved at a point before i got to her battle and now i can't go back to grind some more.

Hey there, thanks for playing the game! I know it's been a long time but I wanted to respond anyway in case anyone else encounters issues with the boss.

Octavia has an enrage trigger when both of the heavy knights are defeated which makes her extremely fast and damaging. The enrage only occurs after both knights die, however, so the safest way to go about the battle is to take out one of the knights, then Octavia, then the last knight, as she will still be on the defensive in that situation. Alternatively, if you are tough enough or have the damage output, you can go straight for Octavia. As long as she isn't the last to fall you'll do fine.

Stolen RMN Games on Steam

author=Sgt M
Should this be circulating in the gaming press? Absolutely.

Are gaming outlets going to care enough about RPG Maker games to write about this? Unlikely. And therein lies the challenge.

Yeah that's what sucks about all of this; our side of the industry is so small compared to others that this kind of story would get overlooked for more "newsworthy" things. To put it more cynically, there's not enough money at stake in all this for it to blow up like we'd hope it would. I suppose we'll just have to remain vigilant and try to spread the word where we can, and definitely watch out for all of our projects in case it happens to us.

Stolen RMN Games on Steam

We're aware of it and dealt with it as much as we could, however due to the fact that most of these devs have been gone for years and that Steam doesn't accept proof unless it's given by the devs themselves we can't exactly do much more than we already have.

I've talked to the Steam staff and they are not willing to bend on this, so there's really nothing that we can do except keep an eye on your own games and jump up if any others are taken. I've emailed the devs in question but alas, I doubt we'll see this guy taken down.

Pisses me off to no end.

Based on how it's going for Ocean it sounds like it's a pain in the ass even if the actual developer tries to make a case, since an individual like him can't make the sort of legal threat that would get the attention of someone higher up. I've known for a while now that Steam is pretty awful at managing and taking action on shady games but it's something else when you see it happening so close to home.

Makes me wonder if slapping a negative review on it would help, at least potentially warding off anyone not as well informed of rpgmaker games as we are from buying it. I hardly interact with steam communities and have never written a review so I'm not sure.

Stolen RMN Games on Steam

Hey everyone,

I apologize if this isn't the right board for this, but I wanted to make you all aware of a "publisher" on Steam who is selling some of the games on this site without the permission of the creators. I first saw this when Ocean pointed out that he found his first game, Island Sky, on steam, a game that he of course had no intention of ever selling. We then found another three RMN games being sold by this publisher; based on what happened with Island Sky I'm fairly certain these aren't legit either.

Here are the steam links to the games we found so far:


For convenience, here are the corresponding RMN pages:


EDIT: Some non-RMN games courtesy of Seeric

Infinite Road/Branches:

Energy Nodes:
Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/935030/Energy_nodes/
App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/id871041093?mt=8

This is of course extremely scummy; stealing aside, it's even worse when someone tries to make money off of a free game you made for fun as was the case with Island Sky. My friends and I have flagged Island Sky on Steam but I'm not sure how long any kind of action will take, as it's still up after a week. Nonetheless I wanted to make everyone aware of this as this seems like exactly the kind of thing that might fly under the radar on Steam. I'll be sending PMs to the creators of these games to let them know as well.

EDIT: Updated with the additional games Seeric found below

Forced Recall

reminds me of that jennifer lopez movie...

Tough Puzzle runner game with 4 types of puzzles of 3 difficulty levels each. Timer acts as HP as well. On my first run I decided to try and get the toughest ones (spikes and godzilla) out of the way first, unfortunately those two combined took me down to 12 minutes. Then the hard ice teleport puzzle single handedly took out all of the 12 minutes. Ended up with a 9/12 bare minimum for the good ending.

Maybe will try for best ending again in some other unspecified time... but these puzzles are tough as nails and I need a break.

I don't know anything about any Jennifer Lopez movies let alone how they tie in to this, but I will take your word for it, lol.

Thanks for giving this a try! Looking back, a lot of the puzzles were pretty trial and error which doesn't exactly do anyone any favors in a timed format, and some of the puzzles are pretty unbalanced (such as how the first two town puzzles were easy but suddenly that door puzzle is hard). Nonetheless I appreciate you sticking with it all the way to the end!

McBacon Jam 4

Aethers and I are always plotting mecha shenanigans but unfortunately we can't do that for this event since we did that in mcbacon jam 1 already. Oh well that's what the Ruin Frontier games are for I guess.

Edit: dammit Ocean you stole my post

Edit 2: I've now been recruited into the team "Just Supernormal". Good luck everyone!

McBacon Jam 4

Hey guys, wanted to cast my name into the pot if anyone needs an extra team member. I tend to be a solo act or leader but I'd like to try working with others in a different capacity.

Engines I have:
- RM2k3
- RMVX Ace

What I can do:
- Writing (world building, setting design, plot, dialogue so-so)
- Event Programming (I can make most anything with events, ranging from CMS to dungeon randomizers)
- Mapping
- Drawings (traditional or digital, you can see my work here and judge if I'm what you're looking for: http://jihaus.tumblr.com/ )
- Character and Mechanical Design (pretty much everything in the above tumblr link is original)
- Pixel Art (primarily characters and sprites and animating said sprites, I don't have that much experience with tilesets)
- Mechanics/Testing/Balance(making sure mechanics/designs make sense, are balanced, etc)

Send me a PM if you think you can get any use out of me. I'll be happy to discuss any of the above as needed, but you can probably get an idea from the stuff in my profile.