Delays Again

Don't worry bout it!

You take your time and rest, health always comes first.


Can't wait to see that in-game, that mister looks like an interesting fella xD

Arbiters From Another World

I finished this a few days ago, so i wanted to leave some of my random thoughs here:

- First thing i see when starting is a test, dang it! Glad the game answered the questions for me cause i totally didn't study for that.
- I like the new world map, is pretty neat.
- Combat is all about mages now! There are no physical abilities, and the basic attack is pretty much useless, though skills like poison, stun etc. seem to be more effective than in the first game (actually, they might have been useful there but i didn't really use them all that much)
- Grinding wasn't as present as it was on matsumori days, i only felt the need to do so at one point where i was a bit underleveled, and even then i think i could have avoided that by making better use of my skills (like sleep, which was pretty damn useful)
- Shirai is back, and this time he gave me a run for my money, not to mention he earned my hatred in the process.
- On a side note, we should have that one bull fist monk girl take care of saving the world considering she almost beats the crap out of my entire team the first time we fought.
- When fighting Vatma I actually though i was supposed to defeat him, so i was a bit suprised when he started moping the floor with me, luckily i didn't restart the game or anything so i realize it was a fight i couldn't win hehe.
- I liked how in the end you tied stuff in with the first game.
- Overall this was an upgrade from Matsumori Days and also the one game i liked the most from the matsumori trilogy.

I also finished Konae's investigations, so i'll probably leave feedback on that later too. :3

The Hero of Legacy

Not the why it happened(that was pretty clear), but the way it was executed, to be precise:

I felt that Cassius assimilated things pretty quickly, I suppose he was remembering as the flashbacks were shown, but i couldn't see his expression or any dialogue that confirmed that, so the transition between the end of the flashbacks and him crying and apologizing felt a bit sudden.

Not sure if i made myself clear but, again, it's just me nitpicking on silly stuff.

The Hero of Legacy

SPOILER, this message is directed at JJJ7:

Did you get the ending without using the core at all? It's the true ending, and the ending that will explain everything.

Now i did, and i'm proud to say i didn't die even once! Not to mention it was far more entertaining to have an actual challenge than to one-shot every single enemy xD
Cassius's reaction to the reveal did felt a bit odd, but that's just me nitpicking. Good game.

Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]

Well, that was an interesting finale, flavor text was great, especially the part where i shot demonlord in the face.
I could have played better but i just suck at not being suspicious.

Is true that the game had it's issues but at least it was pretty entertaining.

The Hero of Legacy

This was a nice little game, i assumed that there was going to be some sort of twist but i still was a bit suprised when it actually happened.

I'm pretty sure i got the easiest ending i could get because i used the core in every single fight :p

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

So far I'm really enjoying the demo! Art style is great, i love those characters designs, mapping is also good, gameplay and mecanics are both on point as well that skill tree in particular is so neat that i'm gonna have to steal that idea hehe
But the part i liked the most were the dialogue and the characters, specifically, Alicia, who is my favorite type of MC.

But yeah, i really like this game!
I'll definitively be looking forward to the full thing :D

Everything is under control. Situation normal. We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?


Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]

@psy_wombats the only suspects i have are due to discard.

For me, you and demon are pretty much confirmed townies. Piano and Jeroen don't look particulary scummy either. Not entirely sure about cave, the ones that im most suspicious of are cap, aneko and gourd but i don't really have a lot to say about them other than what the others already said.