Hello RMN!!

Hi everyone!

I should clarify this is tecnically a re-introduction, as I joined in 2013 or so, I was sorta active in the community, although I don't think you'll remember me. Back then I was a cringey young boi (I still am) and didn't knew all that much english (I still don't) so if you ever had the misfortune of interacting with me I apologize if I ever came out as rude or something like that.

But past is past, and with that i'll like to say i'm looking forward to interact with this community and make some games (maybe some good ones even?).
Well I don't really have a computer to gam mak with right now, so maybe I'll join some forum games to compensate :p

But yeah, pleasure to meet ye' all ^.^

P.S.: Do people still use the word "cringey"?

Did you ever had a close to death experience?

When I was nine I almost got hit by a car trying to pick up a penny.


What about you?

Hi, I need help making a Sprite!

"The Quest for RMN" - Sign Ups

Guess the number I'm thinking.

The number can be for 1 to 100.

You noticed I'm bored, right?

Who's your favorite VX Ace hero?

Mine is Ernest,
Don't ask why, It's just like that.

Create your own character!

Your favorite game EVER!

Which is the best game you've played?

Mine is definitly Half-Life 2.
For now...


Hello RMN Comunnity!
My name is JJJ7.

Aparently there were other six JJJ...anyway...
I'm from the famous country in the south of America,
no, not THAT country the other one...

My favorite companies are Telltale Games
and obviously Enterbrain...just saying...
making conversation...

Sooooo...nice page...and...that's all,
I'm just introducing myself.

Without love, JJJ.
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