Piracy, Why?

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I said you must be young because you seemed to not know what democracy or capitalism meant, and you said that Britain wasn't capitalist- which it is.
I didn't understand the difference between a social theory and a political theory.
I assumed that capitalism and conservatism were the same, the same with democracy and socialism. For someone who doesn't study politics or economics, I think it is a forgivable mistake.

Piracy, Why?

To be fair to Kazaa, it used to be the only program to use. That and napster I think, but Kazaa was the better choice of the two.

Limewire is certainly the best peer to peer program I have used, ( I haven't used frostwire, so I can't comment ) but peer to peer has been outclassed by torrent software. Torrent software is safer, easier and a whole lot faster.

Plus, you can find quite rare things on Torrents, that you probably couldn't find very easily on a peer to peer.

Piracy, Why?

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Reasons for pirating seem silly. It's sort of like people first pirate, and then think of ways to justify it so they're not doing shitty stuff.

Scientist have proven that the part of the brain that registers rational thought only activates until AFTER whatever the person has done, so any rationalizing someone does is to give the person a reason why he DID it. Unless you actually think about it, you never come up with a reason beforehand. This relates to all parts of life, so people pirate because they want the music, but only come up with the reasons (such as the ones posted here) afterwards, and usually they tend to use that as there base AFTER they have come up with it.
We can't help it, in other words :P

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The dude from England who posted about politics/the economy must be really young.

I'm 17, why do you say that?

Piracy, Why?

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Well, the USA is a democracy, and they're quite capitalist (except for their financial system lol!)
oh ok im sorry i didn't know :S I always thought USA are quite right wing. But... OH I DUNNO!

I don't understand politics that much. I guess I like to pretend I do.

I'm pretty sure my point is still right even if you take out all that capitalism bit.

Piracy, Why?

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Capitalism is an economic theory. Democracy is a political theory. I think you are thinking of Socialism (as an economic theory).
I suppose I do, but don't socialism and democracy go hand in hand?
Thinking that a capitalist society does not affect the politics is a bit naive. No offence.

Piracy, Why?

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Why NOT pirate stuff?

With the exception of situations where the product is obviously free public domain (like really old games, or songs by long dead musicians) piracy hurts. Professionals rely on money to buy things like food and shelter, much like the rest of us, as we live in what's called a capitalistic society, where people make money for the goods and services they provide. :P

Not all of us DO live in a capitalist society, for instance I'm in england, which is Democratic (there are a lot of arguments saying that it isn't anymore, but thats a different story). And I would argue that what you describe is much closer to democracy than to capitalism. In a capitalist society such as yours, the whole system is geared hugely towards big companies, which is a good thing in many situations, but once people start pirating from independent american companies (i am assuming you are in america) then you really are damaging them. It doesn't matter if you steal pirate a game like Halo 3, because Microsoft are HUGE they make so much money and will keep doing that no matter how many copies of that game sell. But If you pirate Uplink (made by Introversion) then you are hurting their earnings. For them, every sale matters. I don't think they quit their jobs for a very long time after they released Uplink.

BTW this aint a rant against you, heh. I'm just stating my point and unfortunately using you as a target.

EDIT: Oh wait, uplink is an english company :s my bad. My point remains though.

Piracy, Why?

I pirate music because CDs and the like are kinda expensive, and a college student like me can't afford to buy much. If I actually want to support a band, I'll buy their album on vynil, or go to see then at a gig.

As for films, I rent the DVD when it comes out and rip it :D so I'm supporting it, but just not as much as other :D

I think the only games I've pirated are abandonware, like others.


yeah, i'll get on it.


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