Fishing System

This looks pretty solid. It seems like it would be pretty easy to modify, as well, to be exactly like OoT or really any other features you could think of to add to a fishing system.

Let's discuss music genres.

In my experience genres aren't particularly informative. I mean, sure, you can define a band as this or that genre, but that's not likely to be true about everything the band ever plays, and will probably change over time anyway. So a lot of times I'll find a band that I like and then look for other bands in the same genre, but I won't like any of their songs. I have yet to find a specific genre of music that I can say I thoroughly enjoy (and very few that I thoroughly don't enjoy), which to me makes genres absolutely useless.

Fun Facts

author=narcodis link=topic=1577.msg24921#msg24921 date=1216793616
you are now breathing manually.

That's so mean... so I'm gonna do it too.

You are now blinking manually. You feel an overwhelming urge to yawn.

Corrupt a wish game!

Granted, but even baby dinosaurs are quite large. You die in childbirth.

I wish I had a giant eagle or a dragon or something else that flies that I could ride on.

Death Drop

I find a bomb on the ground, three of the four wires labeled "Wrong" and the other labeled "Cut This." I whip out my knife, cutting the green, red, and black wires all at once. Amazingly, the bomb doesn't explode. Unfortunately, due to my really quite awful cutting technique, I wind up with a knife in my aorta.

I drop one of those Greek "comedy" masks with the really big scary smile on it.

Long RPG Maker Games

Yes, there are (click here)

I'm sure there are others, too, but I can't think of any others offhand.

Corrupt a wish game!

Granted, but your wish isn't altered at all to penalize you for trying to manipulate the system. You also die within 24 hours.

I wish everyone in the world talked entirely in iambic septameter.

Game Design Discussion of the Week: Status Effects

Case study in too many status effects: The Way.

You had various levels of poison, bleeding, confusion, confounding, sleep, stun, numb, paralyze, soreness, prone, XL-seep, berserk, blind, disable, frozen, burning, freakout, and five different stat reductions.

Most bosses were immune or strong to everything and there was no reason to use any of them on normal enemies (most of those were immune to everything, too, anyway).

Two enemies made you bleed. Two or three poisoned you, one confused, one confounded, one slept, two stunned, one berserked, two XL-seeped, one froze, and I don't even remember if you ever got blinded, disabled, burned, or stat reduced. There were also a number of different skills to cure various status effects. All of them were virtually worthless because you never had the characters who could use them at the right times, and they cost too much XL anyway.

There wasn't any strategy to build around the status effects. If you got put under any of them, well, too bad. You were constantly being introduced to new status effects throughout the game, and you never even got used to the old ones.

Status effects should serve a purpose and not feel like they were just thrown haphazardly into the game. If you're not willing to painstakingly plan out the exact purpose of every single status effect in the game and when and where it will be effective, then at least keep the number of status effects small.

And please don't make every enemy immune to all of them. I'm not willing to spend four or five turns finding out exactly what the enemy is actually vulnerable to.

Alphabetical Order

All of this will be available in RMN3.

Yeah, I agree with both of these things, the games list is virtually impossible to use right now. It'd be great to be able to find completed games, high-rated games, game engine, genre, etc. Genre would be really nice for me, but I guess that's probably not happening.

10 bucks this really is already in RMN3, though.


I only switched to Firefox when I had to download IE7 (IE7 is ugly...), and I found an IE6 skin to put on Firefox and cloned the layout. Sadly, the skin doesn't work with Firefox 3, but eh I've adapted now.

There's really no difference in terms of actual browsing (it's not like Firefox is three times as fast or anything), but in my limited experience Firefox has a few advantages I've noticed:

  • Pretty much everything on the web will work in Firefox. If it doesn't work in Firefox, it's bad web design.
  • Bookmark organization is better (got a new computer? No problem, just export your bookmarks)
  • Firefox is free and open-source, which doesn't affect you at all but makes you feel good to support it.
  • Extensive plugins from the userbase that can do a LOT of random stuff.
  • Type "about:config" into the URL bar. Yeah, I don't know what any of that does, but it's good to have options.

I've never really looked into Opera because Firefox works swimmingly for me. Either should be better than IE, though. There's pretty much consensus on that. There's no really big single reason to switch off of IE, but there are so many small reasons, and that should be enough.