Hi! My name is Jaiden and I'm currently making a game called Legends of Astravia!

You can follow the game's progress here, on my itch.io page, and I occasionally post updates and bonus content to my personal twitter.

You can find me on Discord, too. Join the official Legends of Astravia server here: https://discord.gg/astravia
Legends of Astravia
Mend a divided world before the Cataclysm brings forth another age of ruin.




Very slick way to make some REFMAP-appropriate battle backdrops. Nice.

Thank you! Finding a way to bridge the gap between the REFMAP overworld and the more high-fidelity battle system was tough, but this was definitely the way to do it. My colleague Fangsoft made the 3D backgrounds, it was all thanks to her talent here!


Thanks Ozzy!

2023 Year-End Summary

Glad to hear and see that so much progress has been made! You and Legends of Astravia have come a long ways since 2017, keep at it Jaiden, I know you can release a great game!

Thanks Ozzy!


Love the work on the background, very nicely done.

Thanks! I felt that the 3D version of the 16 bit maps was the easiest way to tie the "higher fidelity" battle scene with the overworld; glad to hear it works!


Thanks Ozzy! The refmap tiles were really the push I needed, I think!


Game denied due to screenshots being too large? Try this code!

Happy to help! I hope it's useful to others :)

Secret Santa 2022

So orochii made my gift! I really thought it was WaKa because of the art style. Thank you so much for the art!

As for Jaiden... I'm honestly not that great at non-pixel art. So I was thinking of making a game for them, but I wasn't sure if they wanted one. In the end I created a couple of pixel art avatars for them, which could also be used as RPG Maker 2k faces if they wanted. Hopefully you liked them.

I did, they were super cute! Thank you :D

Secret Santa 2022

I got some lovely pixel art versions of my profile picture, thank you Santa! :D

1000 Follower Thank You Art

Congrats! Oliver looks so sweet here!

Thank you! And I agree, he really does :')