My name is Jaime and I am from Florianópolis, Brazil. I started in Game Development more than 10 years ago learning about Game Programing. I have 2 degrees: Computer Science and Digital Gaming. I’ve worked 2 years as an intern in Hoplon, one of the biggest Brazilian GameDev in a team of more than 20 programmers, it was a really intense experience and how my real love for gaming development started. Later I’ve worked 3 years developing educational games in a computer lab in a university (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina).

In 2015, I stopped with games, but in November 2017 I came back with the objective of creating a small game alone and publishing it, this Project focus is to create a small RPG game to see if I am confortable and happy as a solo indie developer and to actually finish and publish my first game, the development part of the project is almost over, I am testing it alot and will start translating it to English soon (everything still is in Portuguese, because my English is not good enough to be used in a game) and I want to release it until May. This experience is going really well, I got surprised about how much I like designing the history, mechanics and levels in this game.
Bleeding Sun
Classic-Style Turn-Based RPG



Bleeding Sun - Gameplay Trailer

I watched this trailer and decided to add it to the game trailers playlist of RMN's YouTube channel. I hope that's all right with you. Best of luck finishing this project!

Thank you! xD


I think that the stairway is ok, the problem is that it leads to nothing. There is a stone wall there, but no floor, I think you should add a 1 tile stone floor in the upper part. This tileset is really amazing, did you make it?


side scrolling rpg maker game, nice!

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

your game looks amazing. the menus are really well made


teenage mutant ninja... humans? hahhaha your game looks cool

Bleeding Sun Review

WOW your review is amazing!! I really expected something simple. What makes me happy is that some of the points you've liked are things that I've really put many hours to get it right. And some things you've pointed as strange or issues are on my to-do list, like the awkward positioning in battle and the tree collision. The battle positioning will be fix with battlebacks taken from the open area of the map, so the battle will be on the same area, but a little to the side so there is nothing on the way of the fight. The tree collision are more annoying because it'll need a full map rework. As this first maps on the game were my first maps in many years without using rpg maker, I was a little rusty and didn't realized some of the issues in the maps. Now that I've got more experience I intend on improving them.
Thank you for reviewing Bleeding Sun!

The Tale of the Beardless Dwarf Review

Thank you for the review. As it was a game jam, I was really short on time and could not make any kind of balance or polishment to improve the game difficulty. At first my plan was to make 2 game modes, one hardcore with only one life and another more casual that you could restart the level at will. This was my firts game jam, so I made many mistakes, the biggest one was that I want to make 20 levels. They get really hard at the end and become frustating to some people, I should have done 10 and focus more and the mechanics polishment, like fixing this death by going in a enemy square that you explained.

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