It's been a few years since I've been on here. Recently working on getting my certificate as an IT Support Specialist. When I'm not working on that, I'm doing the usual of working on my video games, stories, music and other things.

For video games, I'm currently working on an Evil Dawns MV version. It won't really be a remake. Same game, but done better since MV allows me to do so. Long ago I started work on making Evil Dawns a 3D game. Oddly enough, I seem to have fewer troubles making that game on UE4.

Upcoming Games:
Dark Night Series: Dark Night - The Lonely Cat
Evil Dawns MV
A Dark Mysterious Horror game. The first game in a series.

First Impressions! games :: a playlist on rpgmaker.net

All games I plan to do a First Impression of will be listed here.

REFMAP game in production for almost a decade!
Fear Society
Four different horror stories involving murder, ghosts, and urban legends.
Chaos Rising
The tale of a boy intertwined with fate
Chains of Fate
A classic-style RPG focused on choice-making and decisions!
Nightmare School
The Nightmare Begins
An RPG made in 9 hours, with 9 maps, 9 characters, 9 items, and 9x9 maps.
Mystery Dorm 2
Help Mizuha finds her final year project and got out from the dorm.
The little game about a girl who gets into an unknown world for her.
You play as Daniel on a quest to find the lost engagement ring and propose to the love of his life! Puzzles, riddles, and jump scares await. A few spooks can’t get in the way of true love… Right?