It's been a few years since I've been on here. Recently working on getting my certificate as an IT Support Specialist. When I'm not working on that, I'm doing the usual of working on my video games, stories, music and other things.

For video games, I'm currently working on an Evil Dawns MV version. It won't really be a remake. Same game, but done better since MV allows me to do so. Long ago I started work on making Evil Dawns a 3D game. Oddly enough, I seem to have fewer troubles making that game on UE4.

Upcoming Games:
Dark Night Series: Dark Night - The Lonely Cat
Evil Dawns MV
A Dark Mysterious Horror game. The first game in a series.




Map looks fine to me in size. If anything, it looks a bit small, but I would definitely say add more things, I hardly see any details. I suggest adding a rug somewhere, definitely a few pictures on the walls and maybe a shelf with books or whatever would make sense to the map.

Goodbye, Academy

I read words like, Psychological, Horror and Adventure. Sounds like what my game will be like once I can upload it. For that alone, I'll subscribe to this.

Divinity Fatum

I've been playing other horror games as of late, but I'm thinking on playing this game again. Of all the RPG Maker-made Horror games, this is the one that motivated me the most to make my own game even better. You also inspired me to make my own art... well, just a tilest and only for the streets in my game, but still that's pretty cool seeing as I can't draw that well at all.
Just thought I'd give you some encouragement and let you know I'm still liking your game. Hopefully one day soon, you'll get to play my own game as well :)

Divinity Fatum

Alright, I just played it or what I could play of it. It would only let me play the first act. And reading the previous comments, it makes it sound like there is at least 3 Acts. Anyway, here are the things I've noticed so far. I will do the things needing Fixing first, Ideas second and my Overall Comments, last.

  • Splash Screen with the warning.It's not long enough and I couldn't read it all. In fact I kept starting the game over to just read that, but gave up after a few times. Also, of what I could see about the warnings, it seemed moot since I didn't see any of those in the game. Maybe it's in the later Acts of the game.
  • Tutorial.Spelling fix - "For a better gaming experience, play in dark, with your headphones on." ---> "...play in the dark..."
  • Getting Map.- Not sure, but I think I saw "U..." instead of "You..."
  • Princess Girl Cutscene"However,she was forbidden from leaving the tower, as if she would leave a throne room and there would be noone to watch over the kingdom, it would go to ruin." ---> "...leave the throne..." , "...would be no one..." , "...then one time..." not that --- "ran" down the stairs, not run. "to" not into ruin.
    "...no matter how long she walked around..." --- "...giving up on all her hope..." --- "from once again..."
  • Sophias Diary.- "I can't take it anymore. No matter how long I try, I just can't fall asleep. I give up on trying. Perhaps, the only kind of sleep I can have, is that of the dead ones..."
  • Stairs in Tower.- If you try going back down the stairs, you glitch into the stairs and can't move. GAME BREAKING
  • What kind of world are you wishing for?- "They may love each other, they may sometimes hate each other, but they would always bethere for each other..."
  • Clues Descriptions- Mirror - "Showed me what I..."
  • Dude in White Room (Street 19)- "...why did I have to end like this?"
  • Scene With a Guy after "I love you" message- It won't let me continue following him after this. Maybe I need something. I'm not sure.

  • Map - It would be nice to press Q to exit map also, instead of having to press Enter.

||Overall Comments||
*In Game Menu Screen is really cool!!
*The stairs in the game look real awesome with how you can walk up on them,
*Good art!! Cool!! There's a map!!!
*Really, really, really good art work!!!
*Awesome music!!! It fits the games atmosphere!!
*Cool and Creepy Storyline, so far!!! Really liking it a lot!!
*Really love the idea of the intuition!!
*The game has replay value!! I already wanna play it again!! (written 8 hours after I finished it...lol)

Well, I'll continue testing it later, if I can find a way to talk to that one dude. I played on easy, so maybe I have to play on Normal. I'm not sure.
I'll wait for the next version update you have. :D

Divinity Fatum

Okay, just downloaded the game. I will be spending the whole day playing this game or until I finish it, whichever comes first. Not only that, but I will be getting my pen and paper out and writing everything down that needs to be worked on, that way it can be refined and all that good stuff :)


Oh wow. I love the Silent Hill vibe. I like your artwork as well.

Divinity Fatum

Subscribed and I will wait, like you suggested in your blog, for your next release. Then I will test that when it comes out. After reading all the comments here and the game info you have, I think this might become one of my favorite indie games. Maybe it will even help me out with my own Psychological Horror game. :D

Looking for editors and testers! Very urgent!

A Psychological Horror game? Hmm, sounds good to me. I'll definitely help you out with this. All I need is, everything that you are looking for help on. Also, somewhere to get a hold of you, to let you know what things I found that needs fixing.

Oh and to let you know, besides testing out my own games and my best friends games, this will be my first time testing a game. But I got to start somewhere, hope you don't mind that :D

Greetings, to all

Thanks! I have a feeling you are correct about the "fitting right in at RMN" :D

Greetings, to all

Thank you, I'm glad to finally be fully apart of RMN.