Again, Map Limit. Which way to go?

Alternatively, it might be possible to make the overworld map as either 1 or 4 maps (broken into 4 quadrants if MV can't handle the map size) then lock the camera in place until you hit the edge of the screen, whereupon the camera moves to the center of the next screen. That should give the illusion of non-scrolling areas on one large overworld.

I just tested it out in MV, and it is possible to do this by locking the camera onto an event in the center of the screen, then moving that event whenever the player moves a certain distance away from the event.


Nice to see the results finally in. I was pleasantly surprised to see I won a category.

My cutscene placed 2nd?? That's... pretty good for not really knowing what the heck I was doing.

Congrats to all the participants. This was a fun event.

Let's Draw! Galactic Super Police Characters! -Event Over!-

What the heck, sign me up.

THE MVLYMPICS! {Sign Ups Ended}

I've got some free time this weekend, sign me up!

I had an experience and it worthed 1exp!

(I should probably clarify that I play RPGs significantly less often than non-RPGs)
I actually don't particularly like the traditional EXP-and-leveling system usually found in RPGs. As a player, it doesn't feel to me like a meaningful reward to gain a level after defeating n enemies which I would've fought anyway; it feels too arbitrary, and often the stat gains feel negligible in the next battle. As a designer, it's harder to determine how the strong the player character is, which complicates the process of balancing encounters.

That said, I'm more fond of systems where you allocate points to different areas, similar to what amerk described. At least then I'm in control of my stat growth, which is a little more satisfying.

Finally, I think an ideal system would be one with only money and equipment, but not traditional levels. Money is usually more versatile than EXP; you can spend it on healing items, or new equipment, or for healing at the inn, so I almost always find it more useful than EXP (not to mention that it lets me control how I progress). I also like progression via equipment, because it (usually) provides enough of a gain that I can see it immediately.

Possible boss creating contest

Then let's plan!

As I understand, the rules so far are:
* Build a boss battle in any RPG Maker, using event pages and/or RGSS scripts.
* The combat system must be turn-based (which I assume includes ATB or similar systems)

I have a few suggestions of my own:
* Sequential bosses, where each phase is essentially a new battle, should be no longer than three phases.
* The entire game must be on one map.
* There must be at least two on-map cutscenes, one before the battle and one after; additional cutscenes (such as a transition between phases of the boss battle) are allowed. These cutscenes can be as simple as a single text box or an animation. (Basically I don't want to walk up to a monster sprite and just start battling)
* The entire game should not take longer than half an hour (though I can't really see any battle take longer than 10-15 minutes and still remain interesting...)
* Any type of boss is allowed, but the player party should appear to be in the mid- to late-game levels.

Possible boss creating contest

Allowing both events and scripting is the only way that makes sense to me, and given that the scope of the event is (theoretically) a single battle, I think 1-2 weeks is plenty of time.

How do you make random encounters feel welcome?

Actually, random encounters originated on a system that had no trouble at all with large numbers of enemies: Dungeons & Dragons. And frankly, 9 out of 10 justifications I see for touch encounters boil down to "Don't force me to deal with the core gameplay mechanics", while a discussion on how to make random encounters work has been going on for five pages now... Which of these was the afterthought, again?

Possible boss creating contest

author=Skie Fortress
I don't think you need to worry about scripts vs events... Let people use what they know best to create the greatest experience they can.

That's pretty much what I'm trying to get at. We should allow both scripting and eventing in order to create a level playing field for all the participants.

Possible boss creating contest

I think it should be with eventing. That was my basic idea in my head anyway. Scripting is cool and all but leaves a huge, unfair advantage if you know a lot about how to script.

I think the only limitation to it should be eventing only, and it can be with any RPG MAKER.

I'd like to add that I don't think a 'no scripts' restriction, for the reasons you've listed, is a good idea. Taking away the "unfair advantage" to those who can copy & paste (which I assure is how anyone would use scripts here), and giving it to those who who've mastered the ins and outs of eventing, just doesn't make sense to me, especially after suggesting that everyone uses a patch...