Star Stealing Prince Review

Suppose I go to amazon.com and buy a $40 toaster. (Just put aside the fact that the example uses something that costs money... that is not relevant here.) The toaster gets to my house, I unpack it, put it in it's place, and the next morning I wake up, and go to have my breakfast. I plug the toaster in, I put the bread into it, put it down... and nothing happens. Okay... maybe it's a temporary problem. Try again. Nothing. Try a few more times. Nothing.

All right. I go to amazon.com. Go to the toaster's page. Go to the review section. Give it one star. Tell the story of what happened. The toaster I got of this model from this company didn't work when it arrived. Yes, I'm upset. After all, it was $40. But I try to stick to the fact that it didn't work, instead of resorting to calling the company names, and alleging they're frauds, which is usually not the case.

Does this hypothetical toaster come with a hypothetical instruction manual?

Your review keeps talking about how the game is unplayable even though many people have been able to finish it (and I doubt that your one copy of SSP is defective), so it seems to me like the problem is from you the player. Not to sound like another 'you suck at reviewing' comment, but the main criticism I have of the review is the implication that your bad experience equates to a bad product (whether that experience was your fault or not).
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