Theme Roulette 2

I've got some free time coming up. Count me in.

Theme Roulette

It appears stuff happened while I was away.

Joining because why the hell not?


Just did a quick pass of my levels, and they look good. A few things, though:

Not a fan of the SMB1 coins in Sinister Crypt; even though they're from the same game as the castle tiles, I feel they clash with everything. (In actuality I'd prefer YI coins in all my levels)

In Lakitu Rampage the camera event in the second half is a great move (and something I wish I knew about when building the level), but I'm disappointed that you replaced the YI lakitu; I feel he has more character than the SMB3 version in addition to keeping with the YI theme of the event.

I love the new ending to Picante Pass. I don't love how you removed the volcano lotus that gets pushed by the skull raft.

Again, Map Limit. Which way to go?

Alternatively, it might be possible to make the overworld map as either 1 or 4 maps (broken into 4 quadrants if MV can't handle the map size) then lock the camera in place until you hit the edge of the screen, whereupon the camera moves to the center of the next screen. That should give the illusion of non-scrolling areas on one large overworld.

I just tested it out in MV, and it is possible to do this by locking the camera onto an event in the center of the screen, then moving that event whenever the player moves a certain distance away from the event.

SRW2 Beta is Here!

I'm certainly honored to hear that, especially coming from you.
Really though Picante Pass wasn't really designed so much as thrown together at the last minute.

SRW2 Beta is Here!

I was attempting to jump off, but it was like Mario was stuck to the pipe. I think it's just SMBX layers being dumb, 'cuz I've had the same thing happen in one of my levels for the Castles 2 event.


With a bit of tweaking I bet Brain Drain could pass for a yoshi skull.

SRW2 Beta is Here!


(That was a reference to Frogge's video, I actually did like your level)

SRW2 Beta is Here!

Just finished World 7, I'm not going for stars right now, though I'll go back once I complete World 8 and then I'll take notes on individual levels then as well.

Right now though I want to point out that in Devastation it's possible to be killed by the warp pipes receding into the ground.

Other than that I've been enjoying (most of) the stages so far, even Giga Funklen.


I'm pretty sure the time at the top is adjusted based on your computer's time zone (mine says 6:00 pm)

This seems as good an excuse as any to dig up the Gameboy-styled project I've been planning.