Castles Masterpiece Sequel

So this update essentially consists of improved graphics and sound...

Does anyone else find the new coin sound effect obnoxiously loud?

Castles Masterpiece Sequel

You guys should try out the new version of SMBX.

Huh? Since when is there a new version of SMBX?

[Discussion] Making my own RPG Maker like editor

I´m not super computersavvy, so correct me if I´m wrong, but if the wait command is in milliseconds and not in frames, wouldn't that technically mean that the games run at 1000 fps? I'm not sure if most computers would be able to handle that at all.

Only if you set each frame to be one millisecond, which probably would be ridiculous for most computers. However, I'm guessing that the millisecond is just the smallest time increment that the designer can access, and the frame, which I'm assuming refers to when the game draws to the screen, can probably be set to a certain number of milliseconds (20 ms per frame would be 50 fps, for example).

Note that this is just conjecture on my part, based on my (limited) experience with timers in C#.

[Discussion] Making my own RPG Maker like editor

GM Studio Standard is $50 whenever they're not giving it away for free--about two-thirds the price of VX Ace (although I also took advantage of the free offer).

And gmRPG would be perfect if it wasn't on hiatus. At least that has a complete engine I can still use while I'm waiting for the RPG interface.

I'd say Final Fantasy clones more than Dragon Quest.

Sure, RM2k3 had that ATB system, and the English-speaking RM userbase might be making games more akin to Final Fantasy, but the default (ATK/2 - DEF/4) damage formula and the front-view battle system are both taken from inspired by Dragon Quest.

[Discussion] Making my own RPG Maker like editor

Sadly both can be done with RPG maker and or scripts.

Just about anything can be done with RPG Maker and scripts, but eventually there comes a point where your project is so complex that you're better off using a custom engine/Game Maker/whatever. RM is great for Dragon Quest clones and pretty good for most "traditional" RPGs, but not that good for anything else.

What I'd like to see is a program somewhere between RPG Maker and Game Maker: largely focused on RPG elements but versatile enough for whatever the user might want to create.

To the original question, I'd like to see:
- Pixel movement, or at least the ability to choose between pixel, full tile, or even half tile movement.
- Enough control over the battle system and/or character stats to easily build a custom system, namely on-map battles a la Chrono Trigger or an action RPG combat system.
- Most of all, full control over character stats and battle formulas. VX Ace lets you define formulas for dealing damage, but you need scripting for anything beyond that (critical hit rate, for example), and damage is limited to the default parameters. I'd like the option to, for example, replace the VX Ace ATK/DEF/MAT/MDF/AGI/LUK with the RMXP character STR/DEX/AGI/INT and equipment ATK/PDEF/MDEF if I so choose.

Castles Masterpiece Sequel

I noticed there hasn't been much discussion over world themes, have those been finalized yet?

Castles Masterpiece Sequel

How about the fourth area be a sort of space sky world, and lava world be lumped together with desert?

I'm thinking the lock-and-key system would be reserved only for the normal levels of each castle, used to gain access to the boss of that world. The actual boss levels would end with power stars, to which collecting all of them will unlock the final world.

That makes more sense.

Castles Masterpiece Sequel

Because the star count is global, and you really seem to want all castles available at the start, a potential issue I see happening is where the player will easily have access to a boss level outside of their castle world, so they wouldn't even fight the boss of that world and instead hop to another. I don't think this really supports a system like that, unless we either make the world-progression linear or we only have one, final boss for the whole game.

Another way around this could be to take an approach similar to Super RMN World, where instead of ending the each level with a star, each level takes you back to the main hub, giving you access to a "key" or something which will gradually unlock the door to the boss through use of events/layers. It's a little bit more complicated, but it would make your initial idea work.

Would such a lock-and-key system work with the world map? If not, that should be the deciding factor between hub vs. world map.

And I'm in favor of a fifth "finale" castle after the initial four, to allow for a proper final boss while keeping the main game nonlinear. Not sure about the star count messing up level order, though...

Castles Masterpiece Sequel

No, I mean for all the levels entered for that castle.

I'm not sure I follow. It sounds like you're suggesting that all levels (within a world, or whatever) have the same music, which is going to get tiresome eventually. Wouldn't it make more sense to let the level designers pick their own music, provided it fits the level and/or has a castle-ish feel?

Castles Masterpiece Sequel

Should the entire castle get the same music theme, or just variations of castle music themes?

Just to clarify, are you referring to the hub levels? If so, I suggest a seperate track for each hub.

As for bosses, I say that would be where you need the stars to enter, and someone could either call it or the judges could make them or whatever.

I think there should be a "hub hub". Basically how you get to the castles in each area.
Unless of course you people want to have a more linear approach, for which I am against.

How about a small world map to connect each castle, which will lead to their respective hub areas? All the castles would remain available from the beginning, of course.

Also, what'll happen when you complete all four castles?

we could also do something similar to Yugioh Capsule Monster Colosseum (Wherein you complete all four areas, then a FIFTH area shows up)
and that fifth area is the finale castle that everyone can be apart of.

I'd recommend a full world for the finale just to discourage a colossal marathon level, which SMBX doesn't do well at all IMO.

EDIT: You people should volunteer yourselves for a judging position.
I want that list I mentioned earlier to be filled with more than just one name ;_;

If you don't mind some zero-makerscore sap handling your levels, I'm available for that.
(Judges would still be allowed to submit levels though, right?)