Super RMN World 2: Yoshi's Archipelago

I just submitted my world 6 level, Target Practice.

TBH I don't care for the name, so if anyone has suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Super RMN World 2: Yoshi's Archipelago

from Event Page
5 Slip Drip Island water/ice Indigo
6 Sky High Island cliffs/clouds Blue

I'd like some clarification on this before I start working on my next stage. Are you saying that World 5 should use the blue flying Yoshi and World 6 the ice one? That's what I'm guessing based on the colors listed, but it makes more sense if they were reversed...

Super RMN World 2: Yoshi's Archipelago

I think I'll play around with SMB1 Bowser if I have time at the end of the month; I have a couple other levels in mind as well as RL stuff coming up, so we'll see.

Super RMN World 2: Yoshi's Archipelago

Jalex's Sinister Crypt:Jalex, I do believe this is the first we've been acquainted, but I gotta say: I really, really like this level.

Thanks. I was a little iffy on this level, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

But it's my job to complain, so...

- Given the number of undead enemies in this stage, I'd stick with leaves as the main power-up. You could sneak an ice flower somewhere inside, though...

- My OCD so desperately wants the hidden 1-up block moved down a tile. So desperately!

- If you're going to have Yoshi sitting out like that, at least put him in an egg.


- The Eerie after the spaced-out donut blocks is a little too rude for W2. Move it further right so it's not such a troll.

- I liked the Eerie 'raft' section, but they look a bit silly generating out of spikes. Maybe just have four of them pop out of two pipes instead.

- The coin arrangement in section 5 looks like it's hiding something. Don't rouse suspicion where none is needed; just leave a normal string of coins.

- I love how the 5th flower is hidden, but the 3-up moon beyond feels like an afterthought. I'd make it so you don't need Yoshi to reach the flower, but you'd still need him to reach the moon. I think that would balance it out.

That shouldn't be a problem.

- I'm fine with the flower above the thwomp, but it looks a bit ugly how it's placed. You can make the passage two tiles wide and uncheck Auto-Align to center the flower inside.

I originally tried a two-tile gap there, but that ended up with the player trapped above the thwomp. Maybe I could carve out some more of the ceiling...?

- I see an unused section in there...was it to be a boss stage at one point? I could see a Dry Bowser re-sprite of SMB1 Bowser working great here, but I understand if you'd rather not go there.

That was originally supposed to be another segment leading up to the checkpoint, but I dropped it because I wasn't happy with the pacing.

I didn't plan this as a boss stage, but I do think it could work atmosphere-wise. I could try adding a boss to the next version, if you want.

Super RMN World 2: Yoshi's Archipelago

I just submitted my entry for World 2: Sinister Crypt.


Nice to see the results finally in. I was pleasantly surprised to see I won a category.

My cutscene placed 2nd?? That's... pretty good for not really knowing what the heck I was doing.

Congrats to all the participants. This was a fun event.

Let's Draw! Galactic Super Police Characters! -Event Over!-

What the heck, sign me up.

THE MVLYMPICS! {Sign Ups Ended}

I've got some free time this weekend, sign me up!