I had an experience and it worthed 1exp!

(I should probably clarify that I play RPGs significantly less often than non-RPGs)
I actually don't particularly like the traditional EXP-and-leveling system usually found in RPGs. As a player, it doesn't feel to me like a meaningful reward to gain a level after defeating n enemies which I would've fought anyway; it feels too arbitrary, and often the stat gains feel negligible in the next battle. As a designer, it's harder to determine how the strong the player character is, which complicates the process of balancing encounters.

That said, I'm more fond of systems where you allocate points to different areas, similar to what amerk described. At least then I'm in control of my stat growth, which is a little more satisfying.

Finally, I think an ideal system would be one with only money and equipment, but not traditional levels. Money is usually more versatile than EXP; you can spend it on healing items, or new equipment, or for healing at the inn, so I almost always find it more useful than EXP (not to mention that it lets me control how I progress). I also like progression via equipment, because it (usually) provides enough of a gain that I can see it immediately.

Would people be interested in a "general intro to programming" tutorial?

I'm always interested in good programming tutorials. At the very least this could dispel some of the coding-phobia I see every so often.
If I actually learned anything in my classes I might've even been able to help

#1 reason to play new smash here: https://vine.co/v/OKAmitEOwJ1

Pfft…who plays as Kirby anyways?


(Then again I'm one of those weirdos who plays Smash for fun rather than join any "serious" competition, so what would I know?)

Revive the Dead

Which of your games are you thinking about using for this event?

Actually, I'm thinking about using the game I started for last year's Halloween contest (which, in retrospect, wasn't that Halloween-ish).

E: Are demos allowed for the "Revival" or "Rebirth" categories? You said they're allowed in an earlier post, but the rules still state that it needs to be a complete game for those categories.

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

Volcanic regions can be considered deserts, as long as there is little to no rainfall. Davenport's level (probably) fits the definition, just not the desert stereotype established by Super Mario Bros 3.

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

Davenport – Brownstone Castle (v9)
* At the donut bridge in the second room, the top stake appears in front of the ceiling, which I assume is unintentional.
* Aside from that, though, I don't really have any more nitpicks about the stage, so I'm willing to ACCEPT this.

Davenport – Sunken Castle (v8)
* Not much to say here; except for perhaps the background color in the above water room, I think this level is identical to the last version I played. ACCEPTED

Davenport – Brimstone Barracks (v8)
* I see you made some updates since last time. That's an interesting music choice.
* The lead-up at the beginning seems odd, though. Like in Brownstone Castle, it doesn't really fit the 'continuous castle' theme we're allegedly after, and for a desert world there's a distinct lack of desert.
* Otherwise this is still a solid, if basic level; if you address the opening room, great, but I'm willing to accept this as-is.
* One more thing, what's up with the dry bones right before the boss door?

Jackalotrun – Typhoon Keep (v1)
* You have an interesting gimmick here, at least in theory.
* In practice, however, the result is a large amount of time spent waiting for the correct switch block to appear. Further in the level, this is combined with other hazards that operate on different cycles (notably, if I fall off the line-guided platforms, I have to wait for it to come back to the bottom, and hope that the switch blocks are in a position that lets me board the platform).

Master of Mayhem – Shroom Sanctuary (v3)
* Still a pretty good level. I could complain about the music again, but that would just be a waste of time at this point, so I'll ACCEPT the level instead.

Master of Mayhem – Fallen Babel (v1)
* At the end, the platform with the star can be rendered unreachable by destroying the bricks on either side; it's too high for a normal jump, and there's not enough room to gain momentum for a running jump. You can still reach it by flying, but without a leaf/tanooki suit the level is unwinnable (at least with Mario).

Wildwes – Mushroom Fortress (v2)
* I remember not liking the Bowser statue sequence in the second half, but now I don't see what the problem was, so it was either fixed or I was doing something wrong last time.
* Overall, the aesthetics are well designed, the song choice is great, and there's good use of the switch blocks. My only issue is with the lime green color for the castle bricks, but that's a fairly minor detail.
* Final verdict: ACCEPTED

That should be all the levels so far was all the levels, before Jack snuck another one in there...

I'm not sure if we needed anymore for Greywater Ravine, but I need to kill some time while you lot start spitting out updates *wink *wink Honestly, I'm not right struck on either level

Actually, I think Greywater Ravine has the least number of levels.
I'll update my own levels (and/or recycle my factory level)... eventually.

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

Ugh, I can't think of a boss for the water castle.

Any suggestions?

Perhaps a giant frog who spits acidic bubbles and has a severe allergic reaction to vegetables?

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

I just took a quick peek at my own levels; and it looks like tweaking the difficulty might be a good idea.

Skull River has a lot of orange.

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

If this event is really back on, I'm willing to come out of hiding. I may need a refresher on what levels still need judging, though...

I may or may not retool my Heavy Hall level for the water world (or just make a brand new one) in the meantime.

Possible boss creating contest

Then let's plan!

As I understand, the rules so far are:
* Build a boss battle in any RPG Maker, using event pages and/or RGSS scripts.
* The combat system must be turn-based (which I assume includes ATB or similar systems)

I have a few suggestions of my own:
* Sequential bosses, where each phase is essentially a new battle, should be no longer than three phases.
* The entire game must be on one map.
* There must be at least two on-map cutscenes, one before the battle and one after; additional cutscenes (such as a transition between phases of the boss battle) are allowed. These cutscenes can be as simple as a single text box or an animation. (Basically I don't want to walk up to a monster sprite and just start battling)
* The entire game should not take longer than half an hour (though I can't really see any battle take longer than 10-15 minutes and still remain interesting...)
* Any type of boss is allowed, but the player party should appear to be in the mid- to late-game levels.