Castles Masterpiece Set 2

kentona - Impastable
* It's possible to zip in the boss arena after the ice munchers disappear, by duck-sliding under the spikes.
* There are a number of assets in the level folder that don't appear to be used, and can probably be removed.
* That said, I think this level can be ACCEPTED

Ratty524 - Tired Towers
* I still don't think that "tired" is an appropriate adjective for this level, but aside from that I don't see any real issues with the level.
* Final Verdict: ACCEPTED

I already updated the spreadsheet.

How important are: PLOT TWISTS?

You're absolutely wrong.

Prove it, then. Convince me that you are objectively correct despite three pages of discussion implying that it isn't as black & white as you suggest, not to mention countless works with "plot twists" that most people agree aren't ruined forever.

How important are: PLOT TWISTS?

I was kidding by the way, plot twists are cold porridge. Boo to plot twists! They never, ever, ever work.

That's just about as BS as your first post on the subject. Obviously plot twists can and do work, otherwise writers wouldn't still be using them.

Games based on World Cultures

I've always wanted to make a game themed around Native American culture, specifically the Pacific Northwest area, but I'm currently at a loss as to how to make something that won't come across as racist.

Regardless of the culture, I suppose the most important question is whether you want to make something that is highly accurate to the original culture or something that just has the general flavor (I believe the Kid Icarus series is a good example of the latter). Or you could take the Disney's Hercules approach and (at best) annoy the audience every time they recognize a reference.

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

Maybe have the boss pause at the bottom and top, but not in the middle. I still don't think the battle is too frantic, since the most you have to dodge at any point is one spiny and one fireball, and the boss is remains in throw-block-at range for plenty of time to hit it at that point. Or maybe I found an easier way of fighting it than Ratty did...

How important are: PLOT TWISTS?

The more plot twists, the better. Plot twists, make the story. Without plot twists, your story is a granny story. Sorry, but it's the truth.
Having plot twists just to have plot twists, huh?

... Hideo Kojima, is that you?

My money's on M. Night Shyamalan.

games like Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy VI, have little-to-no plot twits and there all coincided to have good stories.

I thought "Sheik is Zelda" and "Kefka destroys the world" were pretty big twists, or do those not count because the spoilers for those games expired years ago?

How important are: PLOT TWISTS?

Um...are you talking about how all of them are just super-sized normal enemies?
Yeah, I was referring to how they were all magicked to become bosses (except for the frog boss, which is another good example of my point).

How important are: PLOT TWISTS?

How exactly can you be against plot-twists, though?
I mean - the important thing is that you as a player want to know how the story continues, right? I mean unless you only play for gameplay.

As a reader, I want to know how the story goes.
As a moviegoer, I want to know what the characters will do next.
As a player, I want to know what the designers will do with the level design and gameplay mechanics.

Moreover, you can still surprise the player through gameplay without any "plot twists". For example, the final boss of Yoshi's Island (not an RPG, and kinda depends on you playing through the entire game to work, but the best example I can think of right now), which uses the same gimmick from every other boss in the game, but ramps up the intensity beyond where players' expectations were set.

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

Heavy Hallway:
<?> I wonder why you use a drop-down type of exit in the first section, instead of a conventional warp pipe? It's no real biggy either way, though.

That's probably a holdover from my original idea for the level, which used a sort of bait-and-switch from a basic castle theme to a more intense rock-ish track at the transition to the second room. The song is even still in the level folder.

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

I already saw the picture from earlier; if I hadn't, I would've assumed it was somehow related to Squidward...

author=My past self
For the sky world I was thinking of something involving Lakitu (specifically, Lakitu piloting some sort of mecha, but I'm not sure if such a boss would be really cool or really dumb)

Since I'm probably insane, I decided to whip up a quick mockup of a Lakitu-piloting-a-mecha boss:

It's based on the notion that Lakitus are the mechanics/engineers of the Koopa race, which I honestly have no idea where I picked up.

So, is this a good idea, or really stupid, or perhaps better suited for Industrial Zone?