How important are: PLOT TWISTS?

I have the feeling that in modern storytelling, there always has to be a plot twist either at the end of, or shortly before the end of the adventure. I think that puts a lot of pressure on the game designer because, well that's what's expected! It's not about saving the princess and live happily ever after anymore.

I think this reasoning is based on a fear that the audience has grown bored with the standard formula, so you need something to keep them hooked.

I also think that while the plot twist is not inherently good or bad, a twist that is implemented lazily or just for the sake of having a twist is no better than strictly adhering to formula.

Games do not need a plot twist to be good. A game can work with or without one if both the writing and the gameplay* are good; if I'm having fun then I'm not going to care if the plot never becomes more complex than "Your princess is in another castle".

*I also think games are a unique medium than can tell the story just as well (or better) through gameplay rather than just writing, but I digress.

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

I had an idea for the Redbrick Desert castle's boss,

My idea was basically a re-skinned Mouser as squizzard, what do ya think?
I think there's something wrong with the image; half of your post didn't show up for me until I quoted your post, and I had to paste the URL in a new tab to view it.

And I'm guessing that guy is from Galaxy 2?

E: Of course you catch that and fix it while I'm typing...

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

Seiromem - Greenhouse Garrison (v2)
* First off, I had to edit the filepath for the music in the boss room to get it to work. I think if you placed the .lvl file outside the folder with the custom resources, it would play properly.
* While the castle sizable looks better now, I think that it looks too much like solid ground. You might want to increase the contrast so it's more obvious that it's part of the background.
* As for the block "puzzles", the first one requires you to throw the block from a specific position, and I think it would be nice to have some sort of visual cue at that position. The second one I felt was more tedious than challenging.
* The checkpoint position is much better in this version; the section between the checkpoint and the boss is short and easy enough to mostly avoid becoming tedious after losing to the boss.
* The new boss is less frantic than the first iteration, which I like, but on the other hand it's now a little tedious waiting for the boss to come within attacking position (I was throwing the block horizontally because it rebounded off the boss and I could reuse it). If you eliminate the pause in the middle and have it just climb up & down, it might be okay.
* All in all, I think the level is going in the right direction, but it's not quite ready yet.

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

Yes, time extension, how much do you think we need?
I'd say another few weeks, so around may 15th or something.
Two weeks (the 17th or 18th) might be enough, if people aren't as lazy as I am everyone gets levels in quickly, and the judges leave enough time for users to revise their levels, but it doesn't take into account anyone with final exams, etc. during that time.

E: Also, the amount of participation so far strikes me as somewhat low. If everyone who's signed up now submits at least two levels (and you do all five bosses), that gives us about 35 levels, which is probably enough, but most of the discussion up to this point seems to be between the judges and one or two other users.

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

Getting levels isn't really a problem, as long as around 70% of participants submit a few levels we'll be fine.

Do you think people'll send in enough levels by the 5th? I think a deadline extension is a good idea at this point.

Also, Imma request some ideas for the other three bosses except for the industrial zone.

For the sky world I was thinking of something involving Lakitu (specifically, Lakitu piloting some sort of mecha, but I'm not sure if such a boss would be really cool or really dumb)

Also, I'd like a way to chat with all judges at once. Something like skype. Any ideas?

I don't use Skype, but I could work with some sort of text chat. On the other hand, my free time is limited for the next week or so due to final exams and other end-of-semester shenanigans (I don't know how many more people are in a similar situation, but it's another reason to extend the deadline, IMO).

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

From the RULES:

so that's what I did.

also, it's kentona not Kentona

I just double-checked, and it has the mushroom-flower-star roulette, not the star.

Game Name Game

Multiple people can use the same game name if they want!
Go for it.

Sure, but an entry with the same name, and genre, and similar setting details, without any mention until after the first one is finished and posted is probably going to look suspicious. If I follow through with my original idea, there's no way to prove that I didn't just steal the idea from GoatBoy.
Or maybe I'm just being paranoid. I have no idea.

Game Name Game

Little Lost Star, a 2-D adventure platformer by GoatBoy

Damn it, I was going to do Little Star Lost as a platformer.

Do we have any rules in place for dealing with entries that happen to share both the same name and general theme?

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

* P.S. How did you fix the music??

Exported it out as a new MP3 from Audacity.

I didn't think it would be so simple, but I tried it out and it works perfectly. Thank you so much!

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

Davenport - Brimstone Barracks
Davenport - Sunken Castle
Davenport - Brownstone Castle
* You've fixed all the main issues, so all three of these get an ACCEPTED from me.
* However, for Brownstone Castle, I'm not sure the cave background outside is much better than the previous iteration, but at this point I'll leave that up to Seiromem and the other judges.

Solitayre - Tower of Rain
* Everything seems sorted out here, so ACCEPTED.
* P.S. How did you fix the music??

Kentona - Impastable
* You have the wrong exit type this time (oddly enough, the first iteration had this correct)