Let's talk about mapping.

In short, I'd like some advice regarding how to make maps look pretty after the design step.

The map in question:

Here I've tried randomly placing decor tiles around, and the result looks like, well, someone littered random crap everywhere. I'm not particularly fond of the result, but I (used to, at least) see this kind of design rather often in VX/Ace maps, and sometimes even lauded as "great" mapping. So I thought we could talk about this particular trend or alternative mapping methods.

(And if the design itself needs work, feel free to mention that as well)

Apparently I come here first?

I really don't like doing these intro posts by the way...

Hi, I am Alexander XCIII, part-time grammar nazi, full-time lurker, aspiring game designer, and one of the eight people out there who actually likes random encounters. Here's hoping for an... interesting, at the very least, experience here at RMN.

P.S. How exactly does avatar uploading work here?
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