Yggdrasil Chronicles - A...
Yggdrasil Chronicles - A Tale of Cindrivia is a turn-based JRPG, set in a fantasy world named Cindrivia. This game is made on RPG Maker VX Ace by Ryan Entertainment Studio.



Yggdrasil Chronicles - A Tale of Cindrivia

Nice to see it here. I still have to beat it on the harder mode( i think i must build my chracters a little different for that), i`m gonna try that once i finished the new demo and some games that i have on my :To play list.
EDIT:I`m happy that your partner will help you with work of the skill animations, because these was one of the best i`ve been seing.

Thanks. But just try the Hard mode, but I will not recommend the Deathwish one. It is kinda a "troll mode" which made the game ridiculously hard.


Thank you for your interest in my game.

I played this awhile back and the game always crashed around the end of the boss fight with the bandit girl leader in the throne room of the capital city. Unfortunately it took me a very long time to get to that point and I will probably not try to play this again. However, this is a pretty fun game all in all, and of all the things to have in this game there are love live songs. It's a nice game.

Thank you for trying it and sorry for the inconvenience you experienced. I also acknowldged this issue, but it was so random and so hard to reproduce, so I cannot provided a proper patch for this. The workaround for this is just to save the game frequently and cross your fingers that the battles will work fine. This was my very first RPG game so there were inevitable issues. I promise my next game will be better than this one. I hope to receive your support more from the future.
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