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author=Ashes of Emerald
... 4 or 5 cutscenes and the game will be finished.

Dude, now that's just making me giddy.

Me too... Seriously can't wait Ashes..! :)

Major Update Coming


author=Ashes of Emerald
Hey it's cool. But I feel that I should mention that I was already made aware of "the salting" of "the roads". So I called in some favors and highered a merciless band or rogue ant eaters to lick the roads clean. Heh heh heh. Ant eaters. Making snail chase scenes possible since 1946.

Interesting idea for a battle scene there. Someone having to salt an area to stop the killer mutant snails getting close, as our intrepid adventurers are slowly backed into a corner... Someone else having to kill the anteaters as they try to undermine your salting defences... Hummmmm...


author=Ashes of Emerald
Giant snails! That's the only way to travel you know. ;)
I have the ultimate weapon to your giant snail of DOOM!!!!!!!
.......a spoon of table salt. Mwhaaaaaaa!

Hehe... Oh no, the Council salted the roads encase of snow..! We're DOOOOOOOMED..! XD

Sorry Ashes, I just couldn't help myself..! I do love the thinking outside the box thou, imagining a Snail as a Steed... :)


That is good. I like Landon a lot... I want to help him in the game, not just 'follow' you know..?



Is that... Is that another playable character..?

Or is the new content set at a different part of the Games Time Line..? I noticed you do like to jump around... ;)

(That was a fun poke, btw... Of all the things I like about this game, the masterfully slow plot reveal is the biggest) :)


So very nice... GREAT work... :)


Getting a BOF2 flash back from this screen... ;)


Oh wow... I just LOVE this... :)