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The Mirror Lied Review

It's not the sort of game I'd review imho. It...isn't really a game. I don't know what to call it, but it isn't really a game.
Why not?

no random battles


are we all gonna be gay about this because it's solitayre is that the prime objective

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i liked this review. i'm going to print it out and rub it all over my body. ALSO can the creator just inform the unwashed masses of what the twist is. I need to know oh god I need to know

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that's a pretty good comic book guy impression

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That's not really the point but:

Yes you can. Here is an analogy.

*opens up twilight/dan brown/whatever bad book is popular these days*
"Wow! This first chapter is pretty awfully written! I highly doubt the author got hit by a car and became a genius after this so I'm going to say this book is bad!"
This is especially true for a game, which is much more involved than reading a book. In the case of a game that last 100 hours, 1% would be one hour. If I am not having fun for a full hour when I am playing a video game, I am not going to play it anymore.

I judged your game after watching the opening intro.

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You're talking about pre-teen? I find it more amazing that a grown man like yourself (or whatever you think what that means) is bitching and moaning about my games on several websites for a really long time already. Nothing else do to in your life?


I don't know how I met the guy has anything to do with it. It is completely besides the point.

If you don't like the game why the hell are you still posting here, better play some other games instead.

This is a funny post considering your reactions to a bad review

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I find it a bit sad that when someone enjoyed my game he's almost implied being a idiot. These are people who beat my game and really know how it is. And maybe soon there will be more people that will beat my game and might write a review. How much have most of you play? Not even 1%, you have no idea how the game is you even though you think you do. It almost looks that some people are jealous that other people enjoyed my game. Really sad if that's the case.

If you don't like my game, fine but don't get all crazy on people who do like it.

And lordsummon is someone I met on vacation and then I introduced the game to him. (hes a veteran rpg player). And because he liked it I asked him if he would like to write a review of my game.

i don't care if this guy is your friend or your wife or you from the future or whatever. my beef with this review is that it is so incredibly vague. There is no detail anywhere except for a comparison to Breath of Fire 3's desert of death (!!!!!!!!!) and for a game that has been touted to be 90+ hours or whatever (with the action starting 20 hours in or jesus christ who cares) this is bad. Basically, I haven't played the game and really know nothing more about it after reading this review. My apprehension about it increased, I guess. The worst thing said in this review is that I might have to play the game twice to understand the story. I am sorry, no matter how convoluted and 'deep' the plot of this game might be, if you cannot clearly express yourself in 100 hours there is a magnificent problem at hand.

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the desert of death!!! I Love it!!! great work capcom!!!

this entire review is a lot of words to say "good game" and not really describe anything in detail

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention Review

I still don't know why Vanquish was in the game.

Space Funeral Review

Let me clarify, because I think some people are making an incorrect assumption: I think this is a joke game but I enjoyed it anyway.

Joke game =/= bad game.

okay but I don't understand what you mean by joke game.

Because I thought the main usage of that phrase around here was "a game that was made as a joke," not "a game that makes a joke."