Yo, this is JessicaAlbert13! The same JessicaAlbert13 on youtube, Dragon's Den, and the goopendous DQ fan-site Dragon Quest HQ!

I absolutely adore games. And not just Dragon Quest games! Although I am contracted to say no game on earth will ever reach the heavenly heights of Yuji Horii's masterpiece series. I live by the Dragon Quest code.

I am a huge fan of RPGs. I enjoy the Dragon Age and Fable series and JRPGs such as the Tales of series. As a Toriyama fan I've also played Chrono Trigger. I've shot the heads off zombies in Resident Evil and milked cows in Harvest Moon. I even attempted to play the popular Mass Effect game, but got way too frustrated and Seth Green's charm only lasts so long. My favorite games are good old fashion RPGs; become the hero of legend and slay the ultimate evil. I am always open to try my hand at new RPGs.

An RPG has to have a solid story, a meaningful quest, endearing characters, memorable villains, and entracing gameplay. Without the proper ingredients the alchemy recipe of RPG can be a failure. Too often games focus on appearance and leave the players wanting more. The characters may be great but lacking in the necessary story department. Players can be lost in stories that try to squeeze in too much, mostly uneeded, content. On the outside the game may look fun but the gameplay is frustrating and confusing. Creating an RPG takes deligence and a love for story and craft!

I've always wanted to try my hand out at RPG maker so I'll give it a go! I'm new here so I doubt I'll be doing anything major. But hey, I'm always here for fellow Dragon Quest fans!

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