Grandma's House

so the monster kept running into the door?
yes there are some issues with the standard pathfinding for rmxp. you have to get just close enough to him to lure him inside the doorway for it to work. RMXP's method consists of the monster constantly walking towards you, even if you're behind a wall, object, etc.

Yes. It's just that I've tried a lot of things before I came to ask about it. I've waited for the monster be be directly behind me, I lead it around the garden a couple of times... I'd walk and not run away, etc. I've even stood directly in the doorway, and the monster would be right in front of me (close enough that if I took a step forward, it'd kill me), yet he still wasn't able to walk through for some odd reason. My sister has tried to lure it through the door as well, to no luck.

Grandma's House

Hi there! I was really interested in your game, so I tried it out just now ( the second version ) and.. I think there's a new bug with the first monster?

I tried to run into the house and bring it inside since I figured that I had to kill it by tripping it into the tub of electrical water, but kept running into the door and wouldn't go through it. ;;
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