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Theatre of Strings: Chapter One - The Grief Princess

accha, thank you very much, and yes, you're right. I'm actually thinking about changing the opacity of the menu is the best way. :)

Theatre of Strings: Chapter One - The Grief Princess

Zealconis. a Demo called "Overture" will be released before the end of this month. :)
A estimated date for the complete release of the game is still unknown, sorry.

Charon's Sabbath

Hello your game looks really cool but remember the rule number 7 of the contest
"All files required to play the game must be included in the download. This includes graphics (such as RPG Maker’s RTP), music files, read-mes, and so forth" if you don't have the RTP that can be a problem and good luck.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Hello! How are you!!!!! I came here because I need some help with the description of my game, so I hope you can help me with this, thanks


" ... And then He walked to the edge of the abyss and with the desire to give end to his existence, He jumped into the dark"

While he was entering in a thick fog, Joseph recalled part of the story that his grandfather had told him when he was just a kid , for some strange reason, He recalled the fairytale, perhaps the mysterious letter that He received days after his grandfather's funeral made ​​him remember many things that he had forgotten with the passing of the years, and for a moment he thought that maybe He might find many of the answers he had sought for so long in the place where he grew up, The Black Rose Orphanage, located just outside of town and abandoned for years.

And just maybe there, Joseph will find the answers to his strange amnesia and the hidden meaning of the mysterious book that He had received along with the letter from his grandfather, a very old and dark fairytale called "The lonely Prince "

A Survivar Horror Fairytale


Joseph Walker: A 26 year old man tormented by visions and voices that whisper always the same words "Come back with us, Oh! lonely prince"

the fairy tale is divided into several chapters each of them with their characters and enemies, this fairytale will possess a dark and sinister atmosphere in conjunction with disturbing sounds and music to create an intense experience.
and of course a lot of deadly traps.

This story possess several features, some of which are:

"Escaping or Hiding"
Joseph can’t fight the enemy directly, so you must use the surrounding environment to escape or hide from your enemies, and when the time comes, You'll have to fight them in a specific place.

"Pursuit Mode" and "Physical Stamina Meter"
There are two types of enemies in this fairy tale, both of them will activate the "Pursuit Mode", a way to force you to get away from them or you will die if they catch you.
During this mode the " Physical Stamina Meter " should be your top priority, why?, Is simple, during the "Pursuit Mode", your endurance will decrease rapidly which will reduce the speed of Joseph and forced him to enter a recovery state and during this short period of time Joseph can’t move, so you'll become an easy target for your persecutors, so keep that in mind.

"Stalker Mode", "Predator Mode"
retaking the issue of enemies these have two modes, "Stalker Mode" and "Predator Mode", each of these has its own characteristics, in the "Stalker Mode" the enemy will follow you for a certain period of time, it is also much easier escape or hide from him, however, this doesn’t mean that the enemy can’t catch you, on the other hand, we have the "Predator mode" in this mode the enemy will follow you until he catches you, so hide from it will be useless, however, this mode applies only to enemies like "Boss", cataloging these enemies as the most difficult of the story.

"Mental Health Meter"
This fairytale possess a meter for the mental health of Joseph, who will be affected with every action you make during the course of the story, if this meter reaches zero, the outcome of the story will be fatal.
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