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I kind of like the idea I won't lie I was thinking of making a game and a typical fantasy setting just about a normal. And the nature of a guildsman careers from apprenticeship to mastership. Maybe they go for higher offices in the guild and maybe in the city government. With the Ultimate go to retire as a gentleman to a country estate.

A game based on historical person or time period

If you're going to argue that it's for the art, man, then I've got nothing. That's one of the things art is used for.

But what you're talking about isn't relevant to Andrew Jackson. You might be able to classify him as a hero at some point for his military achievements, but as a statesman, he was a calamity from start to finish. One of the worst Presidents in the history of the US, right up there with Woodrow Wilson who brought in the Fed and foisted the US into WW1, and it's not something you can sugarcoat because his reasons were all nothing but populist demagogy.

It's currently fashionable that Trump is the worst president ever but, to his one credit, he hasn't actually done anything, and thank goodness because all of his and his associates' ideas are terrible.

I'm still researching it and on the biographical and he's about to get into the first Seminole War. From what I recall about my US government class and my American civ class. Which are combined eight months ago some little rusty. So where should I begin he was one of the founding members of the democratic party it's actually where they get the jackass from as thier emblem. He was the first official to get any type of inclusiveness done. Which is ironic for so many reasons I can't even go into it. Through his constituency he literally did represent them. He did balance the budget. He was actually incredibly skilled at getting his agenda through Congress and enforcing the executive. And one of his Plus to his presidency is how him and clay both are able to team up and stop to nullification crisis.

Jackson's I daresay Public Image downfall. What is utter devotion to his country and in turn the people he felt he represented and the national interest. All that during the early 19th century. Which today would not always be the most political correct thing to say the least. At least as I see men with during his generalship and he didn't really do so much their combat, but during negotiations being one of the most active actors or should release agents of America expansion.. through his treatise to pacify the South and to remove the tribes and hit the encouragement of settlement. Which she genuinely believed was a good thing the tribes either move away and preserved our nation and culture where they get 650 acres of land and become American citizens. And you seen in his actions personally he adopted two indigenous children. He did not want to see the tribes destroyed at least as a people he wanted them assimilated. Because it both neutralize the enemy that he grew up wrestling with along with his countrymen. It allowed for peaceful coexistence of them as a people. Mind you the results have varied and it deserves all the Contemporary criticism it garnishes.

But this is the 19th century perspective of not just Jackson but many of Americans during that time period. And that aggressive dedication to America interests and it would be in his view the nation safety and need for prosperity. Is what made him villainous.

There's no valid reason to ever put him in a positive light.
Nobody is all good or all bad, and stories based around viewing a person who does bad things in a positive light make up an entire class of fiction called "the antihero." Even the worst people in human history - Adolf Hitler, Ghengis Khan, Mao Zedong, Ivan the Terrible, Osama bin Laden, Joseph Stalin, Justin Bieber - were trying to do the right thing. You can absolutely paint any of them as heroes without being incorrect at all. It's simply a matter of having the dramatic music at the right times, of showing the relevant events with the right framing. I think showing someone like that as the hero of a JRPG story, and leaving the player to figure out on their own that the only thing making them seem heroic is the way the story is told, creates a very powerful metanarrative about the nature of right and wrong.

However, tracing Jackson's descent from hero to villain in a tragedy, like the story of Macbeth, would probably be a more interesting approach to me, just because of how unusual it would be. It's almost impossible under normal circumstances to create a video game with a story that is a classic tragedy. Because in a video game, the player has to win, right? They have to overcome challenges, that's what games are, and if they don't overcome them then they try again until they do. Then they have to be rewarded for their actions with victory music and good feeling, so they know they did it right. But if it's a true historical narrative, one where the player goes in knowing from the beginning that the main character is not a hero and never succeeds, then I think you can get away with subverting that. You might have to establish a different kind of "win condition" for your game, like "bring this battle to its historically accurate conclusion" instead of "win this battle," since the game will end with Jackson's death. Presumably his death will be caused by the player, rather than simply a cut scene, because the last thing you want to do in a game's ending is make the satisfying conclusion of your game's primary conflict be something that happens outside of the player's control. And if that's how your game's climax works, then that's how the rest of it should work too, building up to it. It's an issue that you'll have to deal with very differently from normal RPGs due to your game's historical nature, but I think that will let you create a game that really stands out.

...Why isn't this in the game design subforum? We're talking about the design of a game.

Literally one hundred percent agree with you. Koei loves making games about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Nobunaga or even in the earlier. Like Genghis Khan. when you least if you look at the fatality of their actions well their own Darkness they've done far worse. Koeu handle that by simply ignoring the darker sides over there character they are letting us play as. For example look at Genghis Khan, a man that had a literal rape culture against his enemies. And would cause countless Innocents to die for the sins of view. At the same time detergent for that I would judge him for what actual positives net positives of the Mongol Empire.
Or look at nobunaga's successor and the tragedy they cause to their enemies and their families enemies.

And surprisingly stark contrast Jackson with all his vanity could easily let go power because the only hold on to it for Duty's sake
And every action he did as a general or as a president he felt and specially more so as a president he did on popular mandate or for National Defense. I made this is a guy that literally almost died before they were a teenager for the idea of this country. They're going to be zealous about it.

We need to get the player into mindset of what would you do in this position from the background and how do you reinforce it in gameplay.

A game based on historical person or time period

A game based on historical person or time period

On the note of "knowing the plot in advance" though, that could be a fun way to play with themes of disenfranchisement or insignificance of man. Not the most feel-good of themes but then a lot of history isn't.
It might be, but it seems to me like the sort of thing which would be really tricky to do well. Like, Final Fantasy XIII is extremely linear, with much more limited ability for the player to influence the flow of the game than in most RPGs, and it reinforces the themes of predestination and finding meaning in what you do even if you have no choice in the matter. But the fact that it reinforced the narrative's themes didn't stop it from pissing off a lot of players and not being very fun in my opinion.

So it's the sort of thing that seems to me like an interesting idea, but maybe difficult to actually make into something enjoyable.

The thing is Jackson doesn't come from one of the older first families of Virginia and Maryland. We literally have a hard time knowing anything about his father who is a really invisible to history where we really don't even know who he was before he came to the colonies. Same for his brothers and mother all we know about them are little information he told us about them and some small oral tradition among the family of his cousins. Jackson himself was invisible of history especially for the first 21 years of his life. He was incredibly lucky not to be another casualty of the revolution dying in a prisoner of smallpox and his Wounds.

So there's a lot of wiggle room to flesh out the personalities and what type of people his siblings are and his mother. It's also opportunity to presenting Jackson in a way that he's never really See has. Scared scrawny redheaded powerless boy,least at the height of the revolution in the Carolinas backcountry.

So I'm wondering if I presented from the perspective of his Mother Elizabeth. From the decision to leave northern Ireland with her husband, to her fateful choice to care for the wounded and sick in prison ships. Should I make it like princess maker or feel like in a Otome, or bit of both. When you send on chores and errands show the doing the work?

Historical fact rather than fiction starring real people strikes be as a bad use of the medium, because you're using an interactive framework to convey events which won't vary with player choice, where the player is probably already going to know a lot of the plot in advance. I don't think it'd be playing to the strengths of video games. You'd probably end up with a lot of railroading, with a lot of players specifically trying to avert the historical events they know would occur in an accurate depiction, which would be bad for getting players invested in the narrative.

The game I'm currently working on is actually also inspired by a history book from around the same time period, but the setting and narrative are purely fictional, and I think it makes for a better way to convey the elements that inspired it in video game form.

You are a brave fellow for both going to such an interesting place but potentially an incredibly dark one.

A game based on historical person or time period

I'm not familiar with the details of this part of American history.
A more interesting game would be about the outcome of the war of 1812 :)
from are embarrassing attempt to take Canada. Turn on and off victories on the water mostly losses. To how the English were arming enlisting runaway slaves as Royal Marines. Sweet Harney about that one that did not get the same courtesy in the deep south. The war that gave the origin to our national anthem. The interesting thing about the war is that historians say nothing changes because literally the borders stayed the same as they were prior to the conflict. The actual results and this is weird it was actually a win for America even though it's so embarrassing. The English then have the interest to back up their treaties with the tribes which was in turn to give back the creek land how it was prior which contradicts the Treaty of Fort Jackson. They stood by and did nothing when the American government allow Jackson to enforce his treaty. I'm in the war gave Jackson such political Capital he was able to invade Florida without official permission or orders to and not get reprimanded. They actually gave him the governorship of territory. But pretty much the War of 1812 had the unofficial effect of the English stop messing with the United States in the southern and western territories so there are no longer had any interest of enforcing which wasn't in illegal purchase of Louisiana by Jefferson from Napoleon. Because Napoleon did that he was supposed to give it back to Spain. Madison was actually scared during the War of 1812 that the English would enforce that.

But yeah Jackson's of real life example what happened to the kid hero archetype once the war is over and everyone they love is dead.

A game based on historical person or time period

Also the scorched-earth tactic was common on both sides. No one's innocent of that because they have a good couple years to build up a deep animosity towards each. For the tribes you have these strange people they don't stop coming taking our land. For the settler why did you kill my family when I was gone at the market.

A game based on historical person or time period

The entire Early Republic period is vastly intersting. You can easily make a game about one of the men under his command the free men that were in the City of New Orleans the English during The Invasion, one of the tribes fighting on our one of the tribes fighting on the English or the American side. You can talk about the craziness of the Second Great Awakening a fusion of religious Zeal with romanticism. The market Revolution.

Also his anger against the banks was a fusion of his personal fear bankruptcy, an incredibly ironic perspective of how the institution stops social mobility and enslaves Men. Trust me it's deeply ironic considering he is a slave owner. Well that was the contradictory position of many Americans. Look up his speeches about the banks it would give the American left a hard on.

A game based on historical person or time period

Jackson was principled, the Burr conspiracy was he generally thought he was innocent. That was kind of like how ridiculously loyal he was to friends. Also he was a Westerner so of course he wanted to kick out the Spanish. That wasn't just his perspective that was many of the people in Tennessee. He was most physically Brave presidents. He also time and time again would relinquish power or command soon as he thought his duty was done. He go to ridiculous lengths to keep an army together, especially under the supplyone. At the same time he'll never abandon his men. I'm not going to denu he was vain egotistical of social climber an utterly unaware of his own hypocrisy. Justin Jackson did a lot of ironic and stupid things and is on personal life. For example he was Hardcore for states rights but simultaneously expanded the power of the executive like to know the president before him.

A game based on historical person or time period

Reading up on the different indigenous tribes I tried a break away from having a monolithic view of them and view them individually as separate groups of people and Nations. Depending on the region there could be decades if not a century of animosity between the settlers and whatever tribes in the region. Also during that time. These tribes were not a broken people.American Collective perspectives where very different. If you grew up in the environment in the area that Jackson did particularly any place I was considered the frontier West. You had friends that got killed vibrating tribes. That was a fact of life Life shootings are in Chicago. What got Jackson involved fighting the creeks in the first place. Was the massacre of Fort Minh killed over 400.people many of them were women and children. You also the point perspective many of the tribes are inter mixing both with marriage and culturally by this point. So there was a lot of being guidance killing among the different tribes either from ancient feuds or them siding with the wrong people.

Also Jackson literally grew up with both Wars both as it practically a child and then when he was a general with the very real threat of the Spanish and the English arming the different indigenous tribes. Now if you are government that's a security risk if you live in those areas that's an existential threat.

I don't judge America harshly for how we fought the different tribes because the brutality was quite equal between both of us. Both when it came to the burning of villages and the massacre of civilians everyone did both side pretty actively. Even the removal acts I can see the utility in them. Which was this one during that time. You want the tribes far away from you for security reasons another which is more vital is that you can't stop watching expansion they knew it then. We didn't have the Armed Forces to stop squatters from coming and breaking treaties. And it was at least City choice and not many good options to have the tribes move away versus having another War. At least that's was the justification for the people that were pushing the Removal Act and if that is the case. To stop conflict then their choices ethical. Not the execution of that this is one of the great sins of American history. Least from the categorical imperative that was Jackson's justification and of that was his reasoning personally as well then he was in the right.

That's just one way of looking at though. And I would damn well not as all jocks enough to slow as he was a social climber he was a glory Hound, he was foolishly hot temper at times and sometimes far too stubborn for his own good where do you think the jackass comes from the Democratic Party. Simultaneously he was completely duty-bound he would give up absolute power as easily as he had it. He was utterly giving and compassionate to his friends and supported them in all endeavors that were in his power. Love his wife like no other.

Simultaneously Jackson's view westward expansion wasn't just his perspective that was the country's perspective going back before we were even a nation and amplify by Jefferson. You got to remember to the end of the Removal Act was a bill passed to Congress. This is a popular perspective of the American people. For the great sin of the Trail of Tears that falls on Van Buren the generals and soldiers in charge and Chief Ross himself for allowing his people to get into a position in the first place. America's greatest sin with the Native American tribes was not our Warfare or even necessarily our policies it was how we had the incredibly nasty habit of constantly breaking/ignoring treaties.

Guys this is another thing that perspective all the Southeastern tribes that wreaks the Chickasaw the Cherokee xcetera especially the ones that quote on quote got civilized we're slaveholding societies they were involved in the slave trade the plantation system and cattle slavery. These tribes are still invested all Five Civilized Tribes side with the Confederacy in the Civil War.

Also Jackson was the first person to the push for inclusiveness in any type of political conversation. For he did plush for all male suffrage.

Let me give you an example of how Jackson's full of contradictions. Is a man that built his wealth on land speculation, along with some other Mercantile interests, concluding dabbling with the slave trade in his youth. Like his counterparts Chief Ross. But simultaneously when he was in command of New Orleans he raised two color battalions of the free men. When the Louisiana legislature told them they are scared for their lives because he was arming black men he told them to shove it and he didn't care what their skin color was. The kicker is too is he gave them the Bounty you give to every regular. Which I'm not mistaken it's like a hundred and fourth dollar 125 acres of land.

If you want even get more personal and silly he helped many of his younger friends of lope with their significant others when their parents is disapproved. Which damaged quite a few of his friendships least with their parents. Things a man that would duel you over insulting his wife. He has the social economic background of a Backcountry cracker does able to go and make himself a Country Gentleman, Annalise when he was alive an American hero of that no one would talk poorly about unless you were his direct political rival.

You also understand the cultural view of him up and told like the last 40 years especially when he was alive Jackson was viewed by the American public of ending the War of 1812 because they got the news of the Battle of New Orleans and the Treaty of Ghent within days of each other. and this was a depressing War Frost the capital burned and we lost quite few major battle. I want to be out of line to saying Jackson was the best American general in the War of 1812 but that's an incredibly low bar. Where is still lives with his Charisma and his will and his ability knowing when to fight and when to hold the line. And keep his army actually organized and together.

I don't want the game to be from Jackson's perspective though. I wanted to be from the perspectives of people that were close to him specially and his young youth his mother his brothers his cousin's that he grew up with that were like his brothers. Because he got to remember up until when Jackson move to Tennessee for all intensive purposes he was just an invisible of history that should have died 10 different ways before that. The perspective of his mother and brother to be interesting particularly, considering Jackson was the youngest. Hr literally had the archetypical attitude of a stereotypical Sh┼Źnen hero. Culturally an image why since we have the round the view we have of Jackson ranges of a older grade haired man dressed as a general or as the politician being the president. With steel blue eyes and being tall and slender twist like a Hickory Stick. Not the Jackson when he was a child nor when he was courting his future wife. And the whole situation with his wife is not for a atome game. And another interesting perspective is his wife for she loved him the most pain when he was gone she had intense abandonment issues, from her previous marriage. But she's also the one that manage the plantation she was the Lady of the Hermitage. Which is something is rarely talked about not just with her but many other of the earlier presidentials wives. From Washington, Jefferson and Madison. All the major slaveholders. But the thing is many of them are hardly home their wives where the one that managed the estate.

Another even wild and mention two is Jackson had three adopted Sons. Two of them were indigenous. Sadly one died young a new one only in his teens. The interesting one about the one in his teens is he literally picked him up during the creek campaign. He wanted to get him into West Point that just got established, so you can attend with his brother. That didn't happen because Adams as president and had a grudge against Jackson. And the poor boy died at 16 of tuberculosis. That definitely could have been an interesting perspective if you lived considering he grew up and a major Planters household on top of the fact is own people we're also invested in the slave trade heavily. Along with his conflicted loyalties as he would get older. And I wonder if you would have face racism in the West Point. And what I mean by that is America had a very complex view of the tribes they are all for cultural assimilation on top of the fact he was Jackson ward/son. In the American mind Jackson was legendary war hero they were no way going to go to hard on him that respect.

But yeah I'm considering designing game from the perspective of his family and his early life and his wife throughout his career up until her death.

A game based on historical person or time period

I've been reading slowly a three-volume biography about Andrew Jackson America's most I dare say controversial president before Trump. He literally walking contradiction that is the American idea and dream. Literally there's a period of History named after him is called the jacksonia age the age of Jackson or Jackson democracy. Is one of the most influential presidents of The Early Republic period by beefing up the power of the executive and being America's first populist president. but he also architect and pushed for the Indian Removal Act. Interesting enough when you have to find his justification for it and also take into account historical perspective of the age it has almost a tragic villain View.

On top of that he's literally both a hero and a villain depending on who you are. And was the instrumental person for pushing American expansion into the West. Even more strange she was the American equivalent of a retired emperor. He did a lot of backseat governing even when he was out of office. He had enough political Capital to get both his right-handed man elected to the office and intern his right hand protege as well. Wish I could argue spreads out the collective guilt that all Americans share when it came to the trail tears.

So why would I bring up such a controversial figure. Because he's literally every jrpg protagonist every main character of every suikoden game. Because in his Youth and I'm talking barely a teenager 12 13 years old. The Jackson brothers and cousins fought both and the militia and in partisan bands during the revolution. Remind you the war killed both the Jackson brothers and his mother. By the time he was 14 he was a pow a veteran an orphan. But I think could be a compelling game to play from the perspective of his mother and siblings maybe a year or two prior to the war growing up in the back countries of the Carolinas as immigrants from Ireland. I wanted to be a cross between Harvest Moon and a raising Sim. But once the war starts you'll see the world slowly Fall Apart.
It would be interesting from her perspective of both his mothers and siblings to see the future Hero New Orleans or to The Creeks Sharp Knife and Pointed Arrow as a young scrawny Charming bullying and insecure fatherless boy before the world scarred him and before he fill the hope and courage in the hearts of men destroyed the lives of others.
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