A game based on historical person or time period

I've been reading slowly a three-volume biography about Andrew Jackson America's most I dare say controversial president before Trump. He literally walking contradiction that is the American idea and dream. Literally there's a period of History named after him is called the jacksonia age the age of Jackson or Jackson democracy. Is one of the most influential presidents of The Early Republic period by beefing up the power of the executive and being America's first populist president. but he also architect and pushed for the Indian Removal Act. Interesting enough when you have to find his justification for it and also take into account historical perspective of the age it has almost a tragic villain View.

On top of that he's literally both a hero and a villain depending on who you are. And was the instrumental person for pushing American expansion into the West. Even more strange she was the American equivalent of a retired emperor. He did a lot of backseat governing even when he was out of office. He had enough political Capital to get both his right-handed man elected to the office and intern his right hand protege as well. Wish I could argue spreads out the collective guilt that all Americans share when it came to the trail tears.

So why would I bring up such a controversial figure. Because he's literally every jrpg protagonist every main character of every suikoden game. Because in his Youth and I'm talking barely a teenager 12 13 years old. The Jackson brothers and cousins fought both and the militia and in partisan bands during the revolution. Remind you the war killed both the Jackson brothers and his mother. By the time he was 14 he was a pow a veteran an orphan. But I think could be a compelling game to play from the perspective of his mother and siblings maybe a year or two prior to the war growing up in the back countries of the Carolinas as immigrants from Ireland. I wanted to be a cross between Harvest Moon and a raising Sim. But once the war starts you'll see the world slowly Fall Apart.
It would be interesting from her perspective of both his mothers and siblings to see the future Hero New Orleans or to The Creeks Sharp Knife and Pointed Arrow as a young scrawny Charming bullying and insecure fatherless boy before the world scarred him and before he fill the hope and courage in the hearts of men destroyed the lives of others.
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