Young man...Still try to find his place in the world!



Release Date Announced!

So it April 13 brother


It ok buddy it trial and error but I do love art style!!!


I love the art style but why does are boy look so androgynous is that just your style or there story reason for it?

Lisa "The First" Review

Lisa the Painful play like if Earthbound and Fist of North Star had baby. Then punch in gut emotional.

Lisa "The First" Review

You play the Lisa the Painful it get better. Everything you don't like about Lisa is not there it does trivialize the abuse.

Lakria Legends

When wil game be released?

Shogun 'the mini game'

several path to the shogunate will feel like how to rule as one?

Seraphic Blue (English)

It look like I need rpg maker 2000 to play it :(

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

Could possibly recommend any good character build for lovely red head?

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

Will Each Vol have different cast of main characters or will be the least main pc through out most of the game?