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what would be a good fictional or fantasy artisan craft or trade

It apprentice journeyman master

Guild regulate price and quality of the craft/skills and most and most journeymen have to pay dues travel and produce a masterpiece on their own time to become master them selfs with right to run there own business.

at the same time these list are great and equally comical.

what would be a good fictional or fantasy artisan craft or trade

I am laughing my ass, of but I need something that would fit into the late medieval early modern guild system.

what would be a good fictional or fantasy artisan craft or trade

the center act of would base on this with guild costume/uniform included.

of course the guild the tentacle massage therapist is pretty damn funny.

maybe the guild of musical/ jazz wizards give me idea!

Keep them coming guys.

what would be a good fictional or fantasy artisan craft or trade

you guys have any idea on or good sources?

some advice on game base on this concept

How about aging up? Like during apprentice you're a kid, then become a teen and finally an adult.

Actually, this could be cool in a Harvest Moon type of way, where you get to raise your character and interact with the town, growing relationships over years and eventually becoming a Journeyman who leaves to become a Master. Hell, you could start with the raising simulation (think Princess Maker crossed with Harvest Moon/Rune Factory) then have a more RPG pokemon-esque (in that you travel different places earning badges or something on your journey to become the best there ever was a Master in your field) and end on returning home to take over from your previous Master, get married (dependant on who you got close to when growing up) and having a family.

That'd be pretty cool, but a lot of work.
Learn/work under several masters return home settle then compete with your master former apprentices to see who masterpiece is the best and be made a Master. Now how to do that gameplay wise?

some advice on game base on this concept

I huge fan of history I was originally planning take place 30 year war in the holy roman empire/first Reich as location and backdrop. But type fantasy setting could work good too give it a harvest moon vib. Now I just need to figure out how represents the learning years/apprentice period, any advice on that guys?

some advice on game base on this concept

"In medieval times the apprentice was bound to his master for a number of years. He lived with the master as a member of the household, receiving most or all of his compensation in the form of food and lodging. An apprentice could not charge a fee for his day's work (the French word journée refers to the time span of a day). After the years of apprenticeship (German: Lehrjahre, literally "teaching years") the apprentice was absolved from his obligations (German: Freisprechung, literally "free pronouncement"). The guilds, however, would not allow a young craftsman without experience to be promoted to master - they could only choose to be employed, but many chose instead to roam about.

Moving from one town to another to gain experience of different workshops, became an important part of the training of an aspirant master.

In the Middle Ages, the number of years spent journeying differed by the craft. Only after half of the required journeyman years (German: Wanderjahre, literally "wandering years") would the craftsman register with a guild for the right to be an apprentice master. After completing the journeyman years, he would settle in a workshop of the guild and after some more years (German: Mutjahre, literally "grit years") he would be allowed to make his masterpiece (German: Meisterstück) and present it to the guild. With their consent he would be promoted to guild master and as such be allowed to open his own guild workshop in town

Kill me for takeit straight from Wikipedia. I have some questions for this should I have a historical real place setting or a fantasy one. and two should I base it on really trade or official one?


I grade 15 fighter 12 sorcerer 12 healer and I can't beat the demon wizard any tips?


Can beome Cliche dark Lord with Evil tower? lord over village with Evil Mnions?

PS idea for evil lord you have tower as test for strong hero ever time you defend strong hero you get stronger in turn summon more more powerful monster unlock new power transformtion etc.

I want to make game about character learning and mastering trade

Guys it about traditional crafts such carpenter, goldsmith mason painter etc Go through stages knowledge form apprentice where learn the trade to there traveling Journeyman year work under different master of craft. And then when they become master themselves after masterpiece run there own worship with very own apprentices.

PS love idea haggling system for merchant trying make money and become maybe come lord mayor the city.