Young man...Still try to find his place in the world!


[RMVX ACE] (request) need good artist faces portraits and spiter

I need artist that do character facial portrayed, and sprite art work as well for body animation. The design of character is wondering German craftsmen/journeymen. The link will give you better idea what I looking for Your text to link here...

what appeal of the 2XP

What the appeal of 2003 over newer rpgmakers?

level cap

How make level cap in game let's at 6 or ten?

how do I make the student/apprentice period fun to play?

Most time I see it done in games it skipped or Is done in a montage. I want make it the interesting adolescent period of character life. Does any one have advice to make this fun or playable in game, at the same time showing the passing of time?

Life/Raising Sim

I want go about this but little lost in how does anyone have idea where to start I want make along line of Cute Knight expect learn a career choice is much indepth to become that chosen career, game not over once you lock into profession. There special gameplay/mechanic for each job and rise career? So any idea how to go about this?

How to make raising sim

Similar to princess maker or cute knight, expect follow number years of apprenticeship. SO how will go about that?

I want to get game based on the old chivalryand sorcery rpg

would anyone have any advice how to convert that system over and make that world real in RPG Maker?

what would be a good fictional or fantasy artisan craft or trade

you guys have any idea on or good sources?

some advice on game base on this concept

"In medieval times the apprentice was bound to his master for a number of years. He lived with the master as a member of the household, receiving most or all of his compensation in the form of food and lodging. An apprentice could not charge a fee for his day's work (the French word journée refers to the time span of a day). After the years of apprenticeship (German: Lehrjahre, literally "teaching years") the apprentice was absolved from his obligations (German: Freisprechung, literally "free pronouncement"). The guilds, however, would not allow a young craftsman without experience to be promoted to master - they could only choose to be employed, but many chose instead to roam about.

Moving from one town to another to gain experience of different workshops, became an important part of the training of an aspirant master.

In the Middle Ages, the number of years spent journeying differed by the craft. Only after half of the required journeyman years (German: Wanderjahre, literally "wandering years") would the craftsman register with a guild for the right to be an apprentice master. After completing the journeyman years, he would settle in a workshop of the guild and after some more years (German: Mutjahre, literally "grit years") he would be allowed to make his masterpiece (German: Meisterstück) and present it to the guild. With their consent he would be promoted to guild master and as such be allowed to open his own guild workshop in town

Kill me for takeit straight from Wikipedia. I have some questions for this should I have a historical real place setting or a fantasy one. and two should I base it on really trade or official one?

I want to make game about character learning and mastering trade

In classic medieval sense. So should I just change term around in battle system to reflect that? make mini game any ideas?

Or should I get rid of entire leveling thing all together Since are guy is not hero running around fighting.

So idea least for battle system, the character will go different part of his work shop that lead to battle event, where *using his tools and skills* he make his pieces item he need to make finish product each part of the shop product different pieces.

Any idea guys?
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