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BilouConcept - Bilou3D

Yes, it's only pictures, variables and fork conditions... And because I made this on the old Rm2k3 (not the steam version) I've had to deal with the 50 picture limit and the fact that I had to use "move picture" only all the time and "show picture" only one time at the beginning due to the poor performance of it in order to get that smooth behavior :D

The displayed x, y position is function of a virtual x, y, z position, with x and y square by square and z in pixel... The order of display is done by checking the x/y position and doing "move picture" to set transparency equal to 0 or 100, you can assume the graphic of the level is splitted and displayed considering all x/y cases just for that hell of display order... Each collision is done with the good old "a > b > c"... for x, y and z. On the final map you can see I managed to darken the player while he is into a shadow area, even below the shadow of the mobile platform... I checked indeed how to make slopes and mobile platforms, and even a pushable box on the first map! The overall gets an experimental smoothness power up due to the fact that all the "move picture" are done in 0.1s instead of 0.0s... done all the two frames (2*0.0s) if I remember well.

It was very fun to do and enjoyable to see the result but... What a hell of fork conditions and brain f... xD

Maybe I can get more flexibility now with the steam version but it's still the LESS flexible thing I have ever made, haha!

I'm glad you enjoy it. :)

BilouConcept - Aircraft3D

Thank you Tw0Face and Eggbertx :D

This is really cool! I didn't think it was possible to do anything remotely like this in a traditional RPG Maker engine, especially 2003 (and by extension, EasyRPG since this won't run in Linux)! Great job! This gives off an old school arcade shoot 'em up vibe.

I didn't do all that great though unfortunately.
Have you tested it with EasyRPG? I tried to make a web version out of this project but it result in FPS drop. :')

This project is old but I managed to do something I wanted to do since years: making procedural levels! That means the gameplay and level is exactly the same, but the obstacles/stage will be different (random) each time you play! :D

I will share the update soon! ;)

Maybe one day I will be less lazy and make real new levels, but the randomisation of the stage will already make a big up in replayability!

This may result in two modes:
- One where the stage takes two minutes to end, but obstacles are random, you will still have to catch the same amount of Life and try to get no shocks
- One where the stage is infinite, without extra Life showing up, and you will have to try dodging the longest time you can.

To keep the thing entertaining, dynamic and challenging and not plain random, I will try to make the difficulty progressive in function of the time.

Also the current difference between two modes of difficulty is just how fast the obstacles are coming, but it changes nothing on the timing, the time spent between two obstacles is exactly the same. Thanks to the new "easy procedural" level generation I will be able to reduce the time between two obstacles by the factor I want. And make the level twice harder, mwahaha. >:D

The challenge here by making the level random is that I must make sure that the level will still be doable by the player all the Time, leaving no random situation where it would be too much hard or impossible to dodge the obstacle.

I will release that soon, if you have some ideas you can share.

BilouConcept - Aircraft3D

hmm, nice idea!!

Thank you EgyLynx! :D


But I'm disheartened to find that the website is now dead D:

The site isn't dead, the url still work or have been fixed.

I've had issues with it but vgperson in person (lol) fixed the program so I can tell it works well even with the last version of rpg maker 2003

For those who are using Visual Studio Code I have made a vscode extension for RPGRewriter. :) It adds syntax highlighting for message commands / RPGRewriter commands and a preview panel for line length checks (text without message commands + 38/50 character limit shown in background, live while editing)

EasyRPG had also made a multi language feature on its player, and the lcftrans program can extract all the texts for it. Just it can't recompile LMU files back, it's for making a language folder and then make the game support all the different languages with a new language option on the title screen

Enjoy your translation!

Almost Heroic Review

Thanks a lot for the review!

You are right, there is no alternative ending but we wanted to do it (in a very hidden way... xD). :) We had to rush the last part in a half hour, in fact! :D

Rather than alternative ending, we focused on the "collectable" aspect of the final scene composition. Unfortunately, this aspect is diminished by the small number of hidden/alternative things (actually 5) we would have liked to put more, to encourage the player to start over and look everywhere for the complete ransacked end. :)

Maybe we will do so in a post-jam version! :)
Also focus on making everything preventable <or> deliberate. :)

Thank you for the remarks and advices!

Almost Heroic

Submit the download to the site! You can use the very own link, even, but do it so your game is treated as downloadable by the system.
This looks like a great game! Also, I've never heard of RME before! Sounds like it's worth checking out!
I searched everywhere ... I finally found!

Thanks! :)

RMXP: Swap variable values (solved)

def var_sawp(var1, var2)
  temp1 = var1
  temp2 = var2

  var1 = temp2
  var2 = temp1


def var_sawp(var1, var2)
  var1, var2 = var2, var1

EDIT : My bad, sorry, pete_mw has already proposed this syntax...

v = $
v[21..30], v[41..50] = v[41..50], v[21..30]

It's (not) a Joke

I have to seriously ask how you learned so much as such a young age.

Well, I drew comics strip since I was 6 and I always wanted to touch everything and learn by myself. What I've always done. :D

"Learning" is not important, I think... I have not learned. The most important is to love doing eatch little thing you can do, even if it's not **glorious**, disregarding quality and opinions, just loving what you do because it's your own creation, something from yourself. Passion is the true quality of something, the true way to progress. :)

When I discovered RPG Maker 2000 it was just stunning to know that I could make as I ever dreamt of : Do my own game with my own graphics, then, SO easily! <3
That feeling, to see my own drawings take life in my own scenes... So many chills when I started!

Thanks a lot, everybody!
I'll kick myself! =)

It's (not) a Joke

I'll be like a cursed weapon, you can't remove me! :p

It's (not) a Joke

Hehe, thanks a lot!

I'll try to improve my english! :D
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