I'm the BilouMaster! :)

A French superstar.
Almost Heroic
Ludum Dare 33, August 21st-24th, 2015, Theme: "You are the Monster"


It's (not) a Joke

Hi, RMN !

I'm Joke, a 23 yr old french Maker and I started in 2003 with RM2000/2003 !

I am "specialized" in graphics, illustration, composition, and event-making.

I am the ex-founder of the ex-BilouCorp (have you heard of the "Event Extender"?), ex-partner FunkyWork (Sympathetic scripters)

Well, I LOVE creation.

Few screenshots of my very first project (2003-2006)
with "hand-made" graphics (When I was between 13 & 15 years old)
... well... canceled :'(

Then, few screenshots of my very last project (2011-now)
with RMVX, "hand-made" graphics & musics.

After ten years between French balls, I'm here to watch a little elsewhere !
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