Musician - Looking for photoshop artists and/or a little $

RPG maker is fun to mess with but for now I'd like to make a friend or few that are good with photoshop / 3D modelling would be a huge plus.

I'm working on some science fiction novels and I'd really like some good photoshop art work to accompany character design concepts and settings for my stories.
Would love to trade rights to soundtracks of mine, or even pay through paypal if we meet on a price range mutually reasonable, for usage rights to good image artwork I'd like to use commercially for my novels.

Also, if anyone likes soundtracks I got up and would like to use them for their projects, whether commercial or not, I'm open to sending the non-tagged version through email or dropbox or whatever method seems good for us both but for a small price.

I'm not giving up my ownership rights or any rights to what I've made, but for a small price per soundtrack I will give out rights for others to 'use' commercially what I've made .

So typically looking at like $1-$3 per track.
See not so bad :P.
College student trying to stay ahead on paying rent ;p any extra money helps.
And in my free time trying to get going on these novels but lacking the visual inspiration I have in my head, hoping a photoshop artist could help draw that out.

Need to get ahold of me? The most direct best way is through my Jolt Eagle facebook page, though naturally I will be watching email notifications of this post and my youtube as well. also works

As far as if you're interested in producing some art work, I'd like to talk to you individually not on blast here, my writings are very personal and original so not going to share out in the open. Basically it's science-fiction, think of futuristic vehicles, infrastructure cities, and energy-armor/energy-weapons. All other details through PM. If interested in any of my soundtracks and want to use for your non-commercial or commercial projects, pm me as well and we'll discuss it there. I don't *have* to sell anything, if I like you a lot then free-use. PM? Hit me up on my facebook, youtube, PM on this site, or my email I provided.

Thanks have a good one. ^.^
Oh and final note: I'm a huge fan of Gundam and Fate
and the favorite soundtrack of my own I've made is Impulse Keeper.
There's plenty I haven't uploaded though.

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