I'm Jonathan Stewart, and I'm a music producer from the United Kingdom. I've been working with music for over 5 years. Since a young age I've been songwriting and writing my own compositions. I took GCSE Music and then followed it up with a National Diploma in Music Performance in which I worked with a number of different artists as a live musician. After leaving college I continued songwriting and also began studying Music Psychology, something that I continue to study to this very day in my spare time. I began focusing my career in music just over a year ago, in which I decided that I wanted to start developing music for games, I started off writing music for my own independent Video games, and after founding my own company SMC Games. I re-discovered the reason why I love writing music so much. However, i'm not just a musician I'm also a father of two, which basically takes up the other half of my life, and I love them all dearly! When I do have free time, which is not as often as i'd like these days xD, I enjoy sitting and playing a wide range of Video Games including Civilization V, Ratchet & Clank and Final Fantasy.
Spirit Timer
If you only had 30 minutes to save yourself. What would you do? Would you try and save all of your friends.Or would you just lie down and accept your fate...



RMN Music Pack 2

I repeat what both McTricky and Cornflake said, thanks for sending me an email again! I'm up for taking part again! It's been a while since I last composed something for Video Games, so I'll be happy to jump in a take part!

Thanks Happy for the email! :)

RMN Composer Introductions

Artist names you are known by:
I'm known by a couple of names: JStewartMusic is primarily what I'm known as, but I'm also known as Jonnie91 on most of the forums.

Link to the best place to follow your work:
There are two main places to find my work my Website and my Soundcloud

Contact information for commissions:
Best way of contacting me would be via commissions(at)jstewartmusic(dot)com

Music genres and style influences of your work:
Most genre's of music, however my favorite to write in would be horror and fantasy. My influences are so vast and huge the list would be endless but they includes people like: Nobuo Uematsu, Jesper Kyd, Jeremy Soule...I'll just stop there for now!

Your choice of audio software:
Presonus Studio One 2

Instruments you play:
Piano, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Ocarina...
Your proudest accomplishment as a musician:
Releasing the JSM Futuristic Resource Pack with Degica and having it posted on Steam as DLC. Greatest achievement of my musical career!

JSM Free Resource Collection

Welcome to my free Music Resource Collection. All music here is available for you to use in your game projects.I've separated my resources into Commercial and Noncommercial. Each individual track will link directly to my soundcloud, through which you can download these tracks.
You are required to add the following credits to any track you use:
Track Title by Jonathan Hillman

Commercial Free Resources
Any Tracks linked here are available for use in Commercial Games. This also includes Kickstarter's, Donation Based Games etc:

Non Commercial Tracks
These tracks cannot be used in any format to which you will gain money. This includes crowd funding, donation sourcing, Google Adsense etc etc. For commercial free projects you are more than welcome! If you wish to use these in a commercial setting, then send me a PM and we can talk it over!

I always like receiving feedback on all of my tracks, so if you would like to see more of one particular track I've written let me know! and feel free to send me a link to your project if you ever use any of my tracks. As it really is a pretty amazing thing when I see work used in other projects!

*Peaks Around the Corner* Hi...

Do you also work for free? *jk*
welcome :)

I actually do have a selection of musical resources that ARE free to use :) which you can find on my website (which is linked in my profile :D)

*Peaks Around the Corner* Hi...

I recognized the username. Welcome (back?) Jonnie!

Yeah, i used to be here a bit more.
also because I recently joined the RM Group and you and I are friends on Steam ^_^ That also might be why you recognize the username :D

[Poll] What do you think about multiple endings?

I agree with Zachcheatscrackers
if you want to have an additional ending, it needs to have a reasoning for it.

If, when you developing your game you go, "ooh I should put another ending in there because it will make my game longer..." then it might be that you are concentrating more on adding bulk to your story when it shouldn't have it...
however, if you are looking at your story which is almost completely developed and you see an idea that would add more to your story and they engage the game further, and provide another way of developing your characters or world without causing more hell. Then go for it :)

just make sure that it is canon to the rest of your story, and it makes sense, nothing worse than an entirely random ending coming out from nowhere and ruining what is a brilliant single ending story ^_^

*Peaks Around the Corner* Hi...

I must declare, I think I signed up soo long ago now, but never really introduced myself properly or become very active :x Truth be told this site was one that is so different from VXAN and RMW I was slightly scared to start posting :x
Anyway, abit about me.

Some will know me from RPG Maker VX which is primarily where I'm active (due to modding and also running the ReStaff).

I have been working with RPG Maker since XP, and took part in last years Halloween competition... Learnt quite abit in that short space and time of a week :x

I am first and foremost, a musician, and have recently had my first resource pack sold on RMW, which was a pretty cool achievement, I also am available to hire for music commissions, and will eventually get around to writing up a thread regarding it! :)

Hope to speak to you all around soon ^_^


You have my interest from the sheer fact he looks like Vanitas.

ooohh! I have never seen him in that light! I think it's the hair, although come to think of it, Akal and Vanitas have a number of similarities!

Slenderman's Army Review

Thanks Tau for the review :) Since you've played it the first time we've actually updated a lot more to the project. Our 7 day attempt at a story was rather...rushed to say the least, which I think both myself and Shaddow will admit. :)

I thank you for the feedback on the maps, We've improved the game alot more than in the version you downloaded.

A recent realization is that...due to the fact that very few people have completed it, you don't know the ending to the story *developers facepalm*

I noticed you got caught by the Door scare, might I ask whether in your version did it freeze? As some people mentioned it over on our Indie DB I was wondering whether you suffered the same fate :)

Thanks again for taking the time to play and review Slenderman's Army :)

Requests for Deckiller to review your game

I'd quite like you to review Slenderman's Army. It hasn't got that much attention. I'd appreciate it very much.
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