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Resonate ~call out my an...
A girl and her newfound friends must grow a tree to return home.





this is giving <3

Rubi: Fire Spirit

this is finally out ToT thanks Ocean!!!! Working on this was an absolute delight and it remains one of the favourite things I've ever done!!!!

I really recommend playing the original Rubi and playing this one (in either order), though they're closer together in release date than this is to 2023, it's not everyday you get a remake like this of a 2k3 game (on 2k3!)

It's lots of vibes. Ocean is great at vibes. And it's a small, self-contained game that knows it's small and self-contained, much like Mystic Sunrise. It takes a level of control and vision I've yet to grasp to achieve this.

ProjectROSE Review

I think there's two main elements to that, one that unfinished projects are a natural part of any creator's journey and are a sign of development -- for each 1 project there will be 10 scrapped or unfinished ones, after all (that's a made up statistic but ya get it)

then there's some people that develop the skill to finish things systematically, and some people that don't / haven't yet, for a multitude of reasons.

Back when I was younger I used to be very ambitious and disorganized with my projects. Now I'm just disorganized, but no longer ambitious. I just want to crystalize some of that which I filter through my eyes, ears, brain and fingers into a shareable experience -- the act of creating culture.

but still, being disorganized doesn't help with that. Still, you can look at all the "unfinished" old projects as finished, I think. In the sense that they deliver a certain experience, a certain fraction of the author's experience to the audience. You feel something, even if it's just a laugh at an empty rtp map with a bad joke.

Still. I wanna learn how to properly finish things.,..

ProjectROSE Review

I can't believe this got a review in 2023 lol, thank you!
I like to think my English has improved, and while it objectively has I still feel it's awkward at times. But yeah, looking back at the stuff I've done I feel like most fall down into "Me throwing sh- paint at a wall and seeing what Pollocks" and me trying to make gameplay centric dungeon crawlers. This falls squarely into the former. And it's from sooooooughdt long ago!
I have leaned more towards the latter as the years went by, but given my recent interest in psychoanalysis, I really have been itching to look into my characters and exploring the common themes through them, in Project ROSE, in Resonate, in Provolone..

But eh. Will I ever get to it? Whoeth knowsethdeth!

Thank you for the review and for making me remember this fragment of my creative past

Boulevard of Broken 2k3 Dreams

yo did craze just type "the frozen world" MARRY ME!!! dude!!! (no homo.)


finally a category where i can just spend needlessly long with graphics and broken systems and upload an empty gamepage and NOT!!! feel bad about it!!
although how funny would it be if i failed even THAT and had a playable game by the end...


I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW I GOT INTO THIS EVENT PAGE BUT I DID weird link redirection^??????? but now im bewarezz...

If you guys don't engage with me imma start making Top 10.topics again. (This is a threat)

Legend of Plank

hey! august's just 3 days from now ^_^


see thats what im talking abt.
visiting craze's gamepages is like a gacha where you never know which events are playable and which ones aren't ! ! !
rmn should make it so that walling downloads reduces your makerscore by 12%, which is then directly donated to charity