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Resonate ~call out my an...
A girl and her newfound friends must grow a tree to return home.


The IGMC is back! [Indie Game Making Contest: Rebirth]

As unnoficially threaded by moi me'self! E-eek! But, the hypest, most emotionally intense, laborious and fruitful RPG Maker Jam / Competition is back!

Birthing such legendary fruits as the forever iconic 2014 classic Remnants of Isolation, to massive pop appeal hits like OneShot, the IGMC is back here to play with everyone's little fwubby indiedev hearts. And that's as much I'll write on the subject before nonchalantly copying the text from the official jam into this thread and calling it a job well done!

The Indie Game Making Contest has lain dormant. Defeated by great evils, it rested for 3 years, but now, it has been rejuvenated. It is time for the IGMC to once again venture forth, and it needs many stalwart allies. Make the best game you can make with any Maker Engine and join the quest!
You have 5 weeks to complete your task and become part of the legend of IGMC: Rebirth! Join and compete for over $10,000 in Cash Prizes!

[Poll] RMGame Hacks

I made a thread on RMW which is more verbose since the community there is a bit broader and y'all vets here so I'll go straight to the point.
What do you feel about "Rom Hacking" when applied to the RPG Maker community?
Do you remember any time it happened? Do you fancy the idea of indulging in it yourself, or of someone creating derivative work based on your own?

We are all indies, so barring you wanting to mod a 2002 game whose author has last been seen in 2008, we don't have to do anything illegally. PMing and asking permission is fine. Stating in your description that you're mod-friendly is fine, too.

So yeah, hopefully this can be a fun discussion. I feel like if this were more normalized and happened more often we'd have some really interesting projects flying around, but I don't know.

[RM2K3] Removing battle UI?

Does anyone here have any idea of how to patch out the battle UI? Like, literally just move the Actor Status window('s rm2k3 equivalent) 100 pixels or so offscreen

With the Maniacs patch now giving access to BATTLE common events that occur EVERY FRAME, it's very easy for anyone to make their own custom RM2k3 battle UI and override the default one.

This is very useful for lots of reasons: You can very accurately display status effects now, for example. You can even display the characters' statuses in real time. You can easily make an Enemy Status Window just like the actor one. Etc.

But... Right now, if you do that, you're forced to use the Battle UI Mode 3, so you can completely occlude the previous UI and not have any trouble with overlapping with the command / skill windows. If it was possible to hide the UI, though, you could display the new, picture-based UI on a layer BELOW the actual battle UI, and when a character's turn comes on their window would properly occlude the (fake, picture-based) Actor Status window.


SC Monster Pack - RMN edition! (Free Monsters)

Recently I've been planning to release my previous asset packs on, starting by a much improved version of my very 1st monster pack.

However, doing only these by my own isn't as fun or engaging as it could be. So I decided to test this out: I want to make a 20-monster pack that's free for everyone to use, and I need your help! Hopefully I can do more stuff like this.

Monsters made so far:
#121 Succubus:
INFO: A fearsome demon that feasts upon humanity's most basal instincts.

#122 Fluffy: $35DONE! / $75
INFO:Only an unfathomably sick mind would create a creature that's this... Cuddly. And weird. It's literally an EYE why'd you make me wanna pet it?!

#123 ????????: $0 / $75

Now, the part of how you can help!
I'm shifting this from being a sold pack, which I have been doing for a while to something you guys can donate to help.
This is inspired by those livestreams I did way back, working on RM2k3 facesets. But this isn't a livestream so I'll have more time to make something better!
I really want to be able to make more free stuff but I'm very financially stressed so I think this might be a good middle ground.
Every $75 in donations will allow me to release one monster, and they take a week to make. (Meaning if a goal is reached on the 23rd, the monster will be released on the 30th.)
I'm accepting suggestions from everyone, prioritizing suggestions of donators, to my discretion.
Additionally, if you donate over 75 USD, you can request a monster as if it were a commission! Of course, it'll be made available to the whole community for free, so it's not exactly a commission. You also get an itch copy of SC: Monster Pack 1.

All SeraphCircle monster packs feature at least 5 different variations of each monster, and are designed to be compatible with both sideview and frontview battle systems, sometimes with edits to make that happen -- so no need to worry about that.

And if you can't, it's ok, I hope you can make something nice with the free monsters at least, and I'll be looking forward to checking it out. :D

So, what sort of monster would you guys like to see next? Hopefully this can be a fun, productive project! :D
I'm really looking forward to getting monster requests and have the roster expand!

Donation Timeline:

11/27/2019 - $10, $10
12/03/2019 - $25
Total: $35

RPG Maker Gacha

It just crossed thru my mind that an RPG Maker gacha would be super fun, actually. Like FF Brave Exvius/Record Keeper, Fate Grand Order, Fire Emblem Heroes etc.

I don't think we'll ever get this, but I'm making this thread as a Pitch Your RPG Maker Gacha Units thread! The idea is to post characters from RPG Maker games as if they were units for this fictional gacha game. Though... First we kinda need a ruleset, yep?

I was thinking something like:

NAME: Name, CLASS: <that character's role>
Overdrive: (that character's signature / strongest ability, mechanics on how to unlock are relevant to discuss)
Skills: Character's active skills.
Passives: Character's passive skills.

With that in mind I made an example:

Name: Rubi Class: Black Mage
Flaming Wish - Deals Fire damage to all enemies, lowers their Fire resistance, recovers Party's HP by a small amount every turn for 3 turns.
Wispy Friend - bestows a Fire Wisp to one ally: While it is active, it will follow up every of that ally's actions vs an enemy with a weak fire attack that scales with Rubi's MAG. When an enemy hits that ally with a physical attack, the damage is mitigated by 50% and the enemy takes damage, equal to 2x the enchanted attack; the wisp is then consumed.
Summer Heat - Damages all enemies and delays their next action.
Friend of the Spirits - Auto-casts Wispy Friend on self at battle start. If Wispy Friend is expired, has a 1/3 chance to recast it every turn.
Summer Soul - Deals 25% more damage with Fire abilities and attacks, resists Fire damage by 50%, takes double Ice damage.

IDK if anyone feels like participating, either submitting their own games' chars or someone else's... The only rule is, the character must be from a pre-existing RPG Maker game :PP

Jo's Flash Commissions [PAY WHAT YOU WANT!]

Hey there! I'm in the middle of traveling and can't work on my regular digital stuffs, as I don't have access to my equipment. But I'm doing a painting course next week and i've brough all my traditional materials!

So I invite you to comission me and...

(plus optional global shipping that goes for around $5)


I can do work with markers, gouache (starting next week), simple lineart and BY BORROWING CROWNOS MATERIALS watercolor lol

Pls DM me if you`re interested! Im looking forward to be given cool characters and stuffs to draw s2

PS: I only have my horrible phone camera with me now so picture quality is blurry, but once i get home by the 4th i can photograph artworks with my professional camera for those not interested in global shipping!

Alternate Map / Dungeon Systems

So I've been thinking on the new possibilities brought up by RPG Maker 2003's latest 1.12 patch, and with the new picture functionality (and better pictures in battle!) eventing suddenly became a breeze.

Makes me think about exploring new ways of doing dungeons and map exploration.
Which games you played have a distinctive form of exploring maps? Do you have any ideas of your own? Which do you like and dislike?
I'll start by citing some I remember.

Riviera: The Promised Land features an interesting system where each screen is a image, and you can interact with it in two ways by pressing the corresponding directional buttons:

In Move mode, you can move between maps, limited to the options the game assigns to the buttons.
In Object mode, you can interact with objects, sometimes expending a limited resource replenished in battles, TP. These interactions will often results in new paths opening up, especially in rooms where there were no paths beforehand. They may also result in finding treasure, triggering battles, traps and a Plethora of other effects.
I like this one and I can't quite point the fact why, but I was always on my toes while exploring new maps. It helps that the way maps are drawn without minding collision or tiles makes for very cinematic pieces.

Wizardry & other first person dungeon crawlers.
You explore the map in first person, more often than not moving tile by tile while triggering random encounters and revealing a map. The maps are very much tighter than average RPG maps and due to perspective you can only see so much in any given time, giving it a very noticeably different feel during exploration.

Pocket Quest

A delicious board game. I's been ages I played it but the way you explore the "dungeons" by rolling a die and wrestling the potentially dangerous results is really fun and makes each playthrough unique. I can only imagine mixing this up with customizable, semi-random equipment could be interesting too.

Sacred Earth: Promise (and other node-dungeons)
I didn't know this game had a download. I thought it was kinda vaporware lol. But everything Sacred Earth is awesome so I'm downloading it RIGHT NOW.
I'm sure there's lots of ways the gameplay on a node-based game could be really fun, although I can't quite conjure more ideas in my mind than Final Fantasy X.

Anyway that's what I know, plus Roguelikes and early Zeldas with their screenscrolling (which makes each screen a self contained mini-dungeon or battle with a specific objective, usually the role of a room as in regular rpg dungeons)

So, do you know of any other interesting exploration systems? : D

JS NPC Portrait Pack

Heya guys!
I just created a portrait pack with quite a few different modular parts (in the PSDs) plus 12 different premade characters (from 5 different bases) check them out!
They span adults, kids and the elderly, all with 5 different expressions, perfect to flesh out the character of these NPCs that normally only spew one ominous line about the demon lord while smiling eerily.

Formatted for RMMV and RMVXA use. Higher resolution, 256x256 versions available as well. I'm working on converting to 2k/2k3 (which takes a long while) and updates may come in the future, depending on how much it sells, adding new premade variants, new hair parts and expressions and acessories such as hats and earrings etc.


Duet System -- Help me design ability combos!

Hey! I'm working on a short new game named Duel SaGa (gamepage impending, as the name suggests it is a homage to the SaGa series, albeit with fully customeverything except music)

The custom battle system focuses on the two protagonists, Levin and Noah, and their ability to chain abilities together or even combo them into an unique one.

There are two main ways in which abilities interact with eachother:

-Chain: The first spell gives their After traits to the second spell, whose effect is changed based on its Inherit traits.
-Combo: Traits are completely ignored and a new spell is executed in both other spells' places.

The characters always act together (so there's no SPD stat), the order being defined by their battle order (which can be freely swapped anytime in battle)

What I need help with, and would love to implement your neat ideas, is in coming up with nice skills that make good use of this system! <3

Instead of MP the game uses an AP system -- you can have upto 5 ap regaining one per turn.

There are 6 ability types:
-Basic -- they perform very basic functions like guarding against attacks, light healing or charging up AP. They cost no AP and are very useful when paired with other spells to spread their effects with little AP cost.

-Weapon -- They cost HP and have no after traits, but are very useful at inheriting traits from white and black magics.

-White magic -- heals, buffs, costs AP and mixes with itself, weapon or basic skills.

-Black Magic -- damages, debuffs, costs AP and mixes with itself, weapon or basic skills.

-Forbidden Magic -- unusual, powerful and high AP costing skills that significantly change the tide of the battle. They can't mix with other skills.

-Combo magic -- the result of sucessful spell combinations.

Here's the current ability list (which I feel is very standard and not very creative)

Basic Ability:

01. Provoke:

Calls attention of enemies for one turn.
After Effect: None
Receive Effect: Strong/Self

02. Guard:

Cuts damage received by 50% for one turn.
After Effect: N/A
Receive Effect: Strong/Self.

(Guard + Guard = MightyGuard)

03. Cheer:

Raises party's ATK, DEF & INT very slightly for the remainder of the battle.
After Effect: N/A
Receive Effect: Normal/Party

04. Pray:
Heals party's HP by 20% of the missing health.
After Effect: Healing (Small)
Receive Effect: Normal/Party

05. Focus:
First ability next turn will deal double damage. Take increased damage next turn.
After Effect: Strengthen
Receive Effect: Strong/Self

06. Charge:
Sacrifice half HP to earn an extra AP.
After Effect: Charge
Receive Effect: Strong/Self

Weapon Ability:


01. Slash:

Deals physical damage to a single foe.
After Effect: N/A
Receive Effect: Normal/Single Target.

02. DoubleCut (24 HP)
Attack an enemy twice, each attack dealing 75% of the damage.
Receive Effect: Medium/Single Target (twice)

03. Featherstrike (30 HP)
Attacks an enemy, dealing 80% of a normal attack.
Receive Effect: Strong/Single Target

04. Windslash (48 HP)
Damages all enemies, dealing 80% of a normal attack.
Receive Effect: Small/All Enemies


06. CautionBlade (24HP)
Attacks an enemy, dealing 80% of a normal attack.
Guards to reduce 25% of incoming damage afterwards.
Receive Effect: Medium/Single Target

07. FabulousBlade (48HP)
Deals 4 random hits at random enemies, each dealing 50% of a
normal attack.
Enemies are likely to target Levin this turn.
Receive Effect: Small / Single Target

08. BlessedBlade (80HP)
Deals very high Dark-elemental damage to one enemy.
Combos with many white magic spells to create status inducing spells
Receive Effect: Medium/Single Target

09. Parley (48 HP)
Deals half damage to an enemy, prevent them from acting next turn.


11. WickedSword (80HP)
Deals very high damage to one enemy.
(combos with black magic to create various status-inducing abilities)
Receive Effect: Medium/Single Target

12. MowDown (80HP)
Deals variable damage to one enemy, potentially enormous.
Receive Effect: Medium/Single Target

13. ChannelingSword (120 HP)
Deals normal damage against one enemy.
Receive Effect: Very high/Single Target

White Magic

01. HealingStar (2AP)
Heals a single ally.
After Effect: Heal (small)
Receive Effect: Normal/Single Target.

02. HealingWord (2AP)
Heals all allies.
After Effect: Heal (small)
Receive Effect: Normal/Single Target.

03. Regen (3AP)
Gradually restores health.
After Effect: Heal (small) (status effect: regen)
Receive Effect: Strong/Single Target.

04. Protect (3AP)
Halves physical damage taken.
After Effect: (status effect: Protect)
Receive Effect: Normal / Single Target.

(Protect + Attack = Armor Break)

05. Shell (3AP)
Halves magical damage taken.
After Effect: (status effect: Shell)
Receive Effect: Normal/Single Target

(Shell + Attack = Mental Break)

06. Esuna (3AP)
Removes negative status effects.
After Effect: Esuna
Receive Effect: Strong/Single Target

(Esuna + Attack = Cursed Blade)

07. Reincarnate (4AP)
Fully heals an ally, even when reviving.
After Effect: None
Receive Effect: None

(Regen + Reincarnate = Angelica)

08. Blink (2AP)
Target evades the next two attacks.
After Effect: Blink (0-1-2 charges depending on strength of Receive Effect of next spell)
Receive Effect: Normal/Single Target

09. Bravery (2AP)
Increases damage dealt by 25%.
After Effect: Cheer
Receive Effect: Normal/Single Target


Black Magic

01. MagicMissile (1AP)
Deals small damage to a single foe.
Hits twice.
After Effect: None
Receive Effect: Normal/Single Target

01. Scorch (2AP):

Deals small Fire damage to a single foe.
After Effect: Damage. (Fire) (Small)
Receive Effect: Normal/Single Target.

02. Frost (2AP):

Deals small Ice damage to a single foe.
No variance.
After effect: Damage. (Ice) (Small)
Receive effect: Normal/Single Target.

(Scorch + Frost = Antipode)

03. Jolt (2AP)

Deals small Thunder damage to a single foe.
High variance.
After effect: Damage. (thunder) (Small)
Receive effect: Normal/Single target.

(Frost + Jolt = Hydroshock)

04. SilverWind (2AP)

Deals small Wind damage to all foes.
After Effect: N/A
Receive Effect: Normal/All Enemies.

(Scorch + SilverWind = FireTornado)

05. Virus (2AP)

Deals medium damage to a single foe.
Inflicts Poison.
After Effect: Damage. (Status: Poison)
Normal/Single target.

(Frost + Virus = VirulentBlue )

06. Drain (2AP)

Deals medium damage to a single foe.
Heals for at least 1/4 of the damage dealt.
After Effect: Drain. (Small)
Receive Effect: Normal/Single target.

07. Mjollnir (3AP)

Deals high thunder damage to a single foe.
High chance of Paralysis.
After Effect: Damage. (thunder) (medium) (status: paralysis)
Receive Effect: Normal/Single target.

08. Death (4AP)

Deals high damage to a single foe.
20-80% chance of instant death.
After Effect: Damage. (medium) (effect: 1HKO)
Receive Effect: Weak/Single Target.

09. Flare (4AP)
Deals extreme damage to a single foe.
After Effect: Damage. (high)
Receive Effect: none.

10. Ultima (5AP)
Deals high damage to all foes.
After Effect: None
Receive Effect: High / All foes.

Forbidden Magic

1. Bolster (3AP)

After Effect: Bolster (Increases the next spell's effect x3-5, depending on Receive Effect.)

2. Overclock (5AP)
Party gets a second turn.

3. Giga Flare (?AP)
Deals high damage, increased by the amount of AP left for both characters and how damaged they are.

Combo Magic:

Antipode: (Scorch + Freeze)
Deals high Ice and Fire elemental damage to one foe.
2x the combined totals of the spell.

HydroShock: (Freeze + Jolt)
Deals high Thunder and Water elemental damage to one foe.
2x the combined totals of the spell.

Angelica: (Regen + Ressurect)
Fully heals an ally and bestows Regen + Auto-Life.

VirulentBlue (Virus + Freeze)
Deals high damage to one foe, inflicting Poison.
2x the combined totals of the spell.

UnholySword (Ressurect + WickedSword)
Deals extremely high dark-elemental damage to one foe.

A few interesting combos:

Charge + Pray will play out as follows:
-Party receives 1 Ap from turn
-Char A receives 1 Ap and loses 50% HP
-Party recovers 20% HP and receives 1 AP
This is a great combo that will result in accruing 3 AP in a single turn for character A, but leaving them vulnerable in the meanwhile.

Flare + Ultima (very AP intensive and not a combo spell) will play out as follows:
-Flare deals extreme damage to one foe and set up its effects to be inherited.
-Ultima deals extreme damage to all foes.
-Ultima inherits Flare's effects and deals damage to all foes again.

Hopefully this is an interesting setup! Hope to turn it into something good! : D

Duel mechanics / Single character RPGs

I'm fairly sure we've done the single character RPGs topics a few times, but this time I want to focus on the duel aspect of a single character RPG.
Specifically on scenarios where you only ever face one enemy at a time.
Such scenarios tend to put emphasis on a constantly-at-risk tide of the battle, where every turn is a potential chance for the enemy to turn the battle upside down in a single action.
I don't, however, know many examples of one-on-one RPGs, and thus I'd like to invite you to discuss these mechanics.

The two that immediately come to my mind are RPG Maker games, perhaps for a sense of scale, as turn based 1 character RPGs are much of a rarity to begin with.

The first is Helen's Mysterious Castle, which uses a really interesting mechanic where Helen herself has no stats, and instead relies on the stats of her equipment -- effectively her actions -- to act in battle.
Each action comes with a set of three stats: Power, Defense and Wait. Upon selecting an action Helen will wait for a number of ticks equal to the Wait stat to perform the action. During this time she is susceptible to attacks launched against her, and her defense is equal to that action which she is preparing. Likewise, as she attacks the enemy's defense is based on the action they're preparing. This creates an ebb-and-flow dynamic where the player is constantly dancing around the enemy's attack patterns, predicting what they'll do as to mitigate damage with more defensive actions then strike when they're the most vulnerable.

The second game is Standstill Girl, which uses a similar Wait based turn mechanic. Alice, however, has three stats herself -- HP, power and speed (but no defense at all)
She can equip actions she learns through the game, up to a maximum of five. Actions cost Emotion Points, HP or both, and she gains 1 Emotion Point per turn (importantly, the enemy uses Emotion Points as well)
This makes it importantly to time the use of Guards and cheap skills in order to unleash the most powerful skills in the right time, once again creating this dance-like rhythm of preparing, defending and attacking.

What are other mechanics that you think would be at home in a game like this?

I for one can think of a "tide meter" that both the player and the enemy can affect with their actions, changing their stats accordingly. So the player can choose to let go of the tide meter to unleash a powerful attack, in exchange of having the enemy become more powerful for the next few turns as the bar is on his favor.
Status effects as well wind up being tremendously more impactful on these games, so there are plenty of interesting things that can be done with them as well.