Hello all, my real name is Jeromy. I'm a video game fan in general, but the way that RPG's make you feel sucked in to an alternate world easily make it my favorite genre (given that the story don't suck.) Aside from that I'm a father and a husband and I work my butt of to take care of my family. I love gaming, but family will always come before anything.

My favorite game... wow, that's a tough one. I'll just list a handful that I really enjoyed in no particular order. Only a handful though, there isn't enough space to list them all.

Disgaea 3 (PS3)
Final Fantasy 5 (SNES, PSX & GBA)
Final Fantasy 7 (PSX)
Dual Orb (SNES)
Breath of Fire 3 (PS & PSP)
Bahamut Lagoon (SNES)
Magic Knight Ray Earth (SNES & SATURN)
Everlong (RM2K3)
Enchanted Arms (PS3 & XBOX 360)
Jade Cocoon (PSX)

Legacy Saga A Tale Of Tw...
Demo for the VX Ace re-make



Did you like the movie "Man Of Steel" **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

Will Arnett was the best Batman though.

I laughed so hard seeing this.

I find it funny when people complain about bill collectors.

Can you really be sure that the reason people don't pay off their bills is 100% due to negligence on their part, though?

Not that I disagree with you in regards to people like that, but even if you are perfect when it comes to planning out how to spend your money and are aware of the outcomes of what, life is still predictable. Things like repair costs, the business you are working for tanking, layoffs, etc. aren't exactly easy to prepare against and can significantly drain your bank account depending on the stability of your income. So... Is it really all their fault?

Oh I know, I never stated its always their fault. I've been really poor and on the other end of the phone before myself. Just from my experiance it's more so their fault. I have friends that are those kind of people, that bugs the hell out of me.

I find it funny when people complain about bill collectors.

I'm currently a bill collector for Directv, my mother was one for Dollar Bank for 22 years and my family has a long line in that field, so I'm aware they can be annoying. Bottom line though, if people just paid things like they are supposed to we wouldn't have to call. I understand things happen, but I know from personal experiance people simply just don't pay their bills. Either they dont pay attention to what they sign up for via contract, or they get something they know they really cant afford.

Example, I had a a customer today tell me her bill was to high. Turns out she's paying for NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA Leauge Pass, HD & DVR plus she has our highest package. She was aware of ALL of them and wanted to keep ALL of them. That put her at 224.97 plus tax a month. I told her unless shes willing to drop some stuff theres not much we can do for her. I told her I can get her a 20.00 discount, but that was all I could pull. She said "Well I been with you guys for three years, I should be entitled to some free stuff." It don't work that way. Plus she has been late 13 mnths in a row now.

I get people like that ALL the time. Maybe not to that extreme, but it still happens. Then you get the people that say "Oh your going to shut my service off because I'm only behind 50.00." Late is late, If I'm behind 50.00 on my electric bill because of my own doing then that's my fault not theirs. Those people drive me crazy. Now all that being said, I'm fully aware some companies can be very bad with their call back polices.

Did you like the movie "Man Of Steel" **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

Daredevil is a Marvel character. So I think he is the first actor that has played a superhero from both big comic book houses.

Also Affleck could make an excellent Batman. Or at least an excellent Bruce Wayne. Which really is the important thing since Batman is just a suit and could be anyone. (and if he is to keep up with Superman I guess he'll be mostly CGI anyway)

Bale was really not a very memorable Bruce Wayne. He did okay as a brooding ninja but not as some kind of socialite playboy.

Wow, he is Marvel. Don't know how I made that mistake. I disagree, I think Bale was the best Batman to date. I know the Michael Keenan fan boys will hate this. I thought Bale did a great job in and outside of the bat suit. He was very good at masking the dark depression he felt to the public eye.

Did you like the movie "Man Of Steel" **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

Yep, enjoyed it very much.
I found it to be similar to the Dark Knight trilogy.

The movies are finally allowing the superheros to be real.
If they must, they will kill the bad goys :) I realized goys was misspelled, should have been guys but then I'm part Jewish so decided to leave goys :) hahaha

I'm a tad upset that the sequel, if you want to call it that. Will be "Batman VS Superman." Even more upset they have Ben Affleck as Batman, not that he's a bad actor. He just don't seem to fit the Batman mold. Also, he was Dare Devil... another DC character. Where's Christian Bale.

I want to review your game demo

Main page for this has been updated, the waiting list is back in order now. There are some slight changes on how this will work, make sure to refer to the main page for further details.

Can someone do a RMVX Ace re-color for me?

How's this? :)

That's perfect, thanks so much!

Can someone do a RMVX Ace re-color for me?

I know re-colors aren't that hard to do, but for some reason I can't get this one to look right and it's driving me crazy. It's a Zack character from Final Fantasy 7 that I found on the depths of the google pages, sorry I don't know who created it. I need the hair re-colored to look like Cloud. Thanks in advance guys.

Did you like the movie "Man Of Steel" **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

Saying something else is way worse doesn't make eating shit any better.
See I don't know about that. I'm sure shit is nasty as hell (never personally had any), but I'd imagine if you throw some ranch on it and even some bacon. It's likley to taste a little better, because bacon makes everything better... even shit.

But hey, if it's shit you guys want...

LOL this has gone WAY off topic, but oh well. Does anyone know who Shit Pickle is? It's a character from the Angry Video Game Nerd.

are there any good voice actors for child characters on her

I also just noticed the title for this topic says

"Are there any good voice actors for child characters on her."

I know he meant here, but still. I'm not even sure how to reply to that error.