Hello all, my real name is Jeromy. I'm a video game fan in general, but the way that RPG's make you feel sucked in to an alternate world easily make it my favorite genre (given that the story don't suck.) Aside from that I'm a father and a husband and I work my butt of to take care of my family. I love gaming, but family will always come before anything.

My favorite game... wow, that's a tough one. I'll just list a handful that I really enjoyed in no particular order. Only a handful though, there isn't enough space to list them all.

Disgaea 3 (PS3)
Final Fantasy 5 (SNES, PSX & GBA)
Final Fantasy 7 (PSX)
Dual Orb (SNES)
Breath of Fire 3 (PS & PSP)
Bahamut Lagoon (SNES)
Magic Knight Ray Earth (SNES & SATURN)
Everlong (RM2K3)
Enchanted Arms (PS3 & XBOX 360)
Jade Cocoon (PSX)

Legacy Saga A Tale Of Tw...
Demo for the VX Ace re-make



Ponder this? A different, but interesting question.

This thread has really served to further question my faith in humanity. Jparker are you really born 84 and you still didn't know that there were no humans when the dinosaurs lived?

First off, no need to be a dick. If you would have read everything that I typed out. I clarified that I was simply wondering how humans survived and dinosaurs didn't. I personaly feel that they were better suited for long term survival then us.

@eplipswich: I was comparing to what we have today, hell. even a few hundred years ago we had more resources for survival.

EDIT: I do admit I should have read over what I typed before I posted it. That being said, I did clarify that I mainly was curious how humans survived all the hazards and hardships. Which I see a lot of you that replied, over looked that for the chance to attack me for lack of better terms. For one comment I made about humans and dinosaurs living together. Which I do again admit, I should have read over it before I posted it. Instead I tried to justify it and failed, but still.


Hey man, did you get my feedback I sent you in the PM?

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

Hey, I sent you a couple PMs. Did you get them? They were sent from my ancient work PC, so maybe not.

Ponder this? A different, but interesting question.

Actually not all dinosaur species died out. Some evolved and adapted to the changing environment and became avian dinosaurs (birds). And yeah, humans did not exist back then. Some primates might have existed at that time, but they were not humans. They survived and evolved into other species just like the dinosaurs did, but perhaps less drastically.

Problem with having this kind of conversation is that there are so many theories out there. To be honest, my main point of this was how did humans survive the MANY MANY hazards. I used dinosaurs as an example that they are much larger and more deadly, not to mention their numbers.

EDIT: Very nice view point Chu.

Ponder this? A different, but interesting question.

I thought it was merely a myth that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same period? I'm pretty scatterbrained right now, so refute this at will.

As true as that may or may not be, there are lots of theories out there. Which is why I used the meteorite, famine and other examples.

Even to that extent, humans had to brave so many things back then. Hell, we have a hard enough time now let alone when tech didn't exsist. Even if only 10% were with dinosaurs, my whole statement still stands. 10% is more then 0%, that just means less that would have needed to be killed off.

Ponder this? A different, but interesting question.

I was trying to think of a question that could generate some conversation that's a bit different, but will make you think. I hope this does just that.

Dinosaurs, we all know they were long go a long time ago, but take a look at humans. I was wondering how dinosaurs died off, but humans didn't. Sure we're smart, but with absolutely nothing really in terms of resources, the spread of sickness and fending off other desprate humans, not to mention dinosaurs trying to eat them. How did we make it? It's interesting if you think about it, if dinosaurs died because of heat well that don't make any sense to me. They were bigger, more deadly and had higher numbers. So If humans had so many dis advantages, that makes you think. Now the meteor theory, I call bull crap. If that happened, I see no way how it didn't take all the humans as well.

There you go guys. Dumb question, maybe it is. Let's try and have some interestion replies to this.


Hey, lol I'm so sorry that I sent you the same PM like 3 or 4 times. I sent it at work and my work pc sucks. It started bugging out and was refreshing itself a bunch of times, my bad.

I want to review your game demo

I've decided I'm not going to do official reviews. I've tried a lot of demos so far and most of them wouldn't get a high score and seeing as they are just short demos, it wouldn't be fair. Instead I'm just going to private message the creator with tips and suggestions.

Legacy Saga A Tale Of Two Worlds -- VX Ace --

like I said all the games tend to have spelling issues. Too busy making brilliant games to spell....even with a spell checker. When is the next part coming out?

Well that depends. I got a job interview on monday and my daughters bday coming up.

Legacy Saga A Tale Of Two Worlds -- VX Ace --

Was there something wrong? I like the font...very easy on the eyes.
Also what I said about freeszing seems if you approach the tree from above. I went below and everything was fine and the game continued.
A lot of misspellings but thats pretty much par for games it seems.
You should have had a save in part two at rhe end of the demo.
Am I right in thinking nothing is in barrels and we shouldnt bother with them?
A small thing...when you check search something it takes juuuust a tad too long to either find the treasure or find nothing. The black screen could be quicker, if possible. The monsters arent too strong which is a good thing.

Funny that you mention that, I was thinking about adjusting the speed it takes to search for things. About the spelling issues, I know. It was the same thing with my last game.