Hello all, my real name is Jeromy. I'm a video game fan in general, but the way that RPG's make you feel sucked in to an alternate world easily make it my favorite genre (given that the story don't suck.) Aside from that I'm a father and a husband and I work my butt of to take care of my family. I love gaming, but family will always come before anything.

My favorite game... wow, that's a tough one. I'll just list a handful that I really enjoyed in no particular order. Only a handful though, there isn't enough space to list them all.

Disgaea 3 (PS3)
Final Fantasy 5 (SNES, PSX & GBA)
Final Fantasy 7 (PSX)
Dual Orb (SNES)
Breath of Fire 3 (PS & PSP)
Bahamut Lagoon (SNES)
Magic Knight Ray Earth (SNES & SATURN)
Everlong (RM2K3)
Enchanted Arms (PS3 & XBOX 360)
Jade Cocoon (PSX)

Legacy Saga A Tale Of Tw...
Demo for the VX Ace re-make



I need help with a statistic based skill in RPG Maker VX Ace

To have a 5% gain to Max MP, set the condition's MMP to 105%. To have a 1% loss in health each round, set the condition's HRG to -1%. To make it last eight turns, auto-removal would be set to probably Turn End (Action End might be close enough) with a duration of 8 rounds minimum to 8 rounds maximum.

Does this sound appropriate?

*Edit: Wait, am I reading a 5% gain to Max MP each turn? Uh, no, setting the MMP isn't going to do that. Ah... hrm. Damn, I'll have to look into this later.

Yea... I am baffled how this was SO!!!!!! easy in 2K3, but in Ace it's a headache.

I need help with a statistic based skill in RPG Maker VX Ace

I'll re-phrase my post. The skill is called "Magic Drop" when used on a character, it will cause a condition (to the target) that will cause a 5% max MP gain per turn for 8 turns, but will lose 1% max HP per turn. In 2K3 this was simple, all the options were pre-coded into the condition database.

I need help with a statistic based skill in RPG Maker VX Ace

Ok, so in the RM2K3 version of my game I had a skill called Magic Drop. That skill would cause a condition that would increase 5% of the characters MP over time, but would decrease 1% of the characters MP over time. I can't figure out how to do this is Ace and it's driving me crazy, please help.

Has anyone ever played "Brave Story New Travler" for PSP?

I bought a copy about 5 years ago. My PSP isn't working at the moment though so I'm unable to finish it. I found it enjoyable, but my beef was that almost every single NPC just talked about the game's mechanics--no flavor text to expand the world or the setting, just tutorials and tips.

I must've played it for a good 15 hours, so it's not like I didn't leave the first town or anything. I have the same complaint about Star Ocean: First Departure.

I thought that to. It's almost like the game expects us to be dumb and not remember anything.

I want to review your game demo

Thanks everyone, I got plenty of projects to take a look at I can't wait.

@Unity, I am doing that. Just haven't edited the lineup yet.

I want to review your game demo

For fun and profit (mostly fun): Okiku, Star Apprentice

I'd like to note that this demo doesn't technically "end". Explore as much as possible, get into a few encounters, use the Wand everywhere, etc.

Wait. I don't have anything regarding how to use the Wand in the manual, or anywhere in the game proper. Oh boy. This... could be bad!

Ok :) you are spot number 4. No more requests for the time being thank you guys.

I want to review your game demo

Well hey, knock yourself out if you want!

Added you to 3rd on the lineup. There's one more spot left for now, then it's closed up till I do atleast two of them.

@Link: I signed up, if demos are accepted then yay for me lol. If not, not to big a deal, I got the 360 version.

I want to review your game demo

This certainly is incentive to get my demo done sooner :D

Great, looking forward to it. I already have a few that I really want to review, I'll be putting a few on my lineup later today.

I want to review your game demo

What kind of review is it going to be? Is it an official review that you would submit on the game page? Would it be rated? ;)

They will official reviews for the site and yes I will be doing ratings, but obviously I'll keep in mind that they are demos.

I want to review your game demo


1. Marrend, Okiku, Star Apprentice
screen shot review - DONE -
gameplay review

2. Unity, Luxaren Allure
screen shot review - DONE -
gameplay review


Milennin, FADE
UPRC, Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy 2


I will not be taking anymore request. I have a list of 7 games that piled in. After that I will stop the reviews so I can spend more time on my game. There will be two active ones at a time. It will be a two part review. 1) A screenshot review, I'll look at your games pictures and present thoughts just based on that. 2) A gameplay review, I will then play the game and provide feedback on how the game runs as a whole. After the review is done all together, I can still provide feedback just keep in mind I have other peoples reviews that will come first. I will take all requests as they come, If I decided to put a halt on the requests I will let everyone know.